Famous Presidents That Consulted Psychics

People have a fascination of the mythic and the unknown since eternity. From common masses to high profile people, a psychic reading has benefited everybody. In our life, we try to do best in everything we do but sometimes life throws in circumstances that confuse us and we seem to lose track of the correct path. In such circumstances, we often turn to the mysterious and the unknown, known to us by several names like psychic readings, clairvoyance, tarot reading, astrology and others.

Our curiosity regarding future prompts us to seek psychic consultancy. Did you know that online psychic readings are sought after not only by normal people but also by famous people like presidents and politicians? Ask any psychic reader and you will know how business persons and even CEOs of top-notch companies come to seek help from psychic mediums to guide them regarding important business and corporate decisions.

Throughout the US history, many of its Presidents have been a loyal follower of psychic readings. They have consulted powerful mediums in times of great distress, both politically and personally, and we must say, the decisions they took ultimately were beneficial for the country and their personal life as well. Eager to know who those Presidents are?

George Washington

President Washington knew of the birth, development and the future of the United States from the apparition he had seen of a mysterious woman who told Washington about United States and its journey in the global world. George Washington revealed this in 1778.

Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln was perhaps the most active participant and follower of psychic visions. In psychic realms, he used to partake in diverse realms and see visions as well. It is believed that President Lincoln experienced a vision in which he saw his own assassination.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Roosevelt took guidance from psychic readings regarding political matters before and during World War II and post World War II, his psychic reading guidance were usually focused on International Relations.

Ronald Reagan

President Reagan and his wife, Nancy Reagan, were strong believers in psychic readings. His presidential term of 8 years was filled with political scandals and assassination attempts, and it is believed that President Reagan survived all the scandals with the help of a psychic named Joan Quigley, whom Nancy Reagan used to consult on a daily basis. Evidence of this is the person who was a White House aide during President Reagan’s tenure. The aide says that every major decision and move was first consulted in "advance with a woman in San Francisco". 

Woodrow Wilson

President Wilson used to consult psychic mediums regularly to know about predictions of his death.

Thus, we see, from political matters to concerns regarding their own longevity, famous United States President’s never left a stone unturned. They were so fascinated and eager to know about their as well as the future of the country they ruled. If they can believe in psychic readings, why can’t we?


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