What to do if you’ve been scammed by a Psychic

Ok first things first, don’t blame yourself. Too many people blame themselves, and it’s not your fault. Most psychics take advantage of people when they at their most vulnerable. That is how the scam works, believe me I’ve been there.

Here’s what you need to do immediately…

Stop talking to the scam artist, or communicating with them in any way.

This is important! If this means you have to change your phone number then do it. If you are still communicating with the scam artist then there is very little you can do.

Cancel any checks you have written that have not cleared the bank yet.

If you gave them your credit card number notify your bank to deny any charges from them. You want to try and recover as much money as you can.

Contact your local police department.

Give them as much information as you can. I made the mistake of not calling the police when I was scammed, learn from my mistake. Most of the time the police can file charges. These are called "crimes of confidence."

Be sure to mention that phrase to the Police. Sometimes the Police won’t be able to help you immediately, but please file the report anyway as it may help someone else in the future, or help the Police put them in jail for a long time when they finally do catch them.

Contact the Internet Crime Complaints Center, if you met the fraudulent psychic on the Internet.

Also tell them what happened, where you found their website and any other information you can recall. Also contact the Federal Trade Commission. If you don’t report it other people just like you could get scammed. These are important steps as it again helps bring these criminals to justice.

Don’t blame yourself!

Con artists are very good at what they do. It’s their "job" after all. All of us need a little advice and understanding once in a while, it’s human nature. Not all psychics are scam artists, many con-men and women use astrology and the guise of psychic ability to fool unsuspecting victims. Most psychics truly want to help you on your journey through life, so keep searching for that psychic you have a connection with.


Angela Moore started Psychic Review Online in 2008. After being ripped off and deceived by a mother/daughter team and then having her life completely turned around by a real Psychic, she has dedicated herself to helping people avoid fake Psychics. Angela provides tips, reviews, ratings and more on her website Psychic Review Online


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    Joel July 26, 2015

    what about break up spells and love spells are they real?

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      Angela December 10, 2015

      Hi Joel. No spells are real. I’m sorry they just aren’t. People have a God given gift called Free Will. No spell or potion or words can make someone love you or make them love you again. Free will trumps everything.


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