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June 25, 2013

British Columbia Psychic Arrested On Theft Charges… AGAIN!

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Written by: Angela
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Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office placed a scheming psychic named Lecia Urich on house arrest June 11th for an outstanding Kenner warrant she had.

The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office is working with the Kenner Police Department to punish Urich for the scams she put people through. The Kenner Police Department asked the Plaquemines police to arrest Urich in her Belle Chasse home and to transfer her to the Kenner Police Department. Both legal teams are investigating Urich and they are asking residents from both areas to contact either station if they have done business with Urich and feel that she scammed them.

“People shouldn’t be embarrassed to come forward. We need the public’s help,” said Eric Becnel, Commander of the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Department feels that Urich may have swindled a number of Belle Chasse residents out of their money even though she has only been living there less than a year.

This latest arrest is not her first confrontation with the law. Back in 2006 she received a two year suspended sentence and had to be on probation for two years for being found guilty of scamming several clients in the Jefferson Parish area out of tens of thousands of dollars. Urich was convincing her clients to give her large amounts of money so that she can banish evil curses and supposed illnesses they were suffering with.

Also in 2006, Urich received a separate one year suspended sentence and one year of probation for attempting to swindle $5,000 from a Slidell businesswoman. Urich told the woman that she had a curse on her and that if she did not take immediate action she would die a horrific death. The woman was told that in order to fix the problem, she would have to give Urich $5,000 so that she can perform a ritual on it and then bury it in a cemetery. The victim thought this extremely suspicious and did the right thing by letting the local police department know what Urich was up to and reveal her as a scam artist.

When the police received this information from the victim, they began investigating her and together with the district attorney’s office they decided they had enough information to arrest her, and so they did. Urich carried out her sentence and then opened up a psychic business called “Mrs. Lisa’s Palm & Tarot Card Readings” in Belle Chasse. She was running that until she got arrested this latest time on June 11th.

Both police departments are urging former victims of “Mrs. Lisa” to contact the local authorities and give them their story so that they can build a larger case against her.

They are requesting that anyone with any information about her, or victims of hers, call the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Bureau at 504-392-1652.


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