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March 9, 2010

Questions You Should Never Ask A Psychic

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Written by: Angela
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More people around the world rely on psychics to help make business decisions, improve their personal lives, and add a little extra ‘oomph’ to their romances. Psychics can be a tremendously powerful tool for finding out information about the future, and finding out who we are as people. Like all power, it’s possible for psychics to provide dangerous information.

There are some questions that one should never ask a psychic.

The human mind isn’t designed to comprehend the supernatural, and the information that many psychics carry can be a Herculean mental burden.

Imagine knowing the exact day you were going to die. On August 17th, 2022, you’re going to be crossing the street on the way to a coffee shop. You look both ways before crossing, as you always do. There’s a car in the far lane, heading in your direction. You begin to cross, knowing that by the time you get to the middle, that car will have passed.

A dog wanders across the road, from the other side. The driver swerves into the opposite lane, not watching where she is going. The last thing you feel is your body flying through the air, before it lands on the cold asphalt, broken and bleeding.

How would you live your life if you knew this would happen? It’s impossible to change the future, so why bother doing anything if you know you’re going to die? What’s the point? Would you quit your job, divorce your loved one, abandon your kids?

There is some information that humans aren’t supposed to know.

Professional psychics are trained in proper communication: they are morally obligated to provide information that people can use to help them in their lives. When we talk to psychics, whether over the phone or in person, we are talking to someone who knows more about who we are than we know about ourselves. The psychics we talk to know all our fears, our weaknesses, our hopes, our strengths – even our dreams. They know when we were born, and they may even know how we will die.

Every time a psychic meets with a client, the psychic must decide what information he or she should provide. When we look at our lives, it’s like looking out the window of a train barreling down a track at 90 miles an hour. We can’t see into the future, and only vaguely remember the past. Everything we see out the window is a blur, marred by our perceptions about the world. We can only see what is happening now, as time blurs past.

The world through the eyes of a psychic is blind to time. While psychics must function in everyday reality like the rest of us, many can see the past and future as clearly as we see the present. While we can only see what is passing us by through the train window, the psychic can see everywhere the train has gone, and will go. They see the entire track all at once: past, present, and future all intertwined into a reality that our minds weren’t built to comprehend.

Many psychics are tortured by their true comprehension of reality. Imagine having a child, only to know that they will die before their 6th birthday. Imagine knowing that whatever you do, the inevitable march of fate will bring you towards something that you don’t want to face.

When we talk to psychics, we should be careful what we ask them. While most psychics know what information is appropriate to share with people, some psychics share with us the true nature of reality. They provide us with answers to questions that should never have been asked. Our confidence in the world as we see it begins to fall apart, and we lose the ability to benefit from the information they provide.

The following story is a true account of the power of psychics. All the names have been changed, to protect the families and friends who were impacted by this terrible story.

In 2003, Jacob Moorefield called a psychic hot line number he saw on television. He was a skeptic, believing that we had free will over our lives. He taught biology at a local highschool in Asheville, NC, and doubled as a youth soccer coach. He played the trumpet in a local jazz band, and lived a thoroughly unremarkable life.

When he called the psychics hot line, he thought that he would try to confuse the psychic, by asking questions that they couldn’t provide answers to. The psychic knew the moral code behind answers, but Jacob kept goading her. “What, you don’t know even know what color my hair is!” She was doing her best to remain calm, but his constant agitating had sent her into a deep trance. While she was in the trance, she saw the true fabric of reality, and saw all parts of Jacob’s life, past and future. She saw him as a baby. When he was born, he had used the restroom on the scale they used to weigh babies. She saw him grow up, changing from a child into an adult. She saw him going to school, to college, to work, and into his first marriage. She saw his first divorce on the long timeline of his life.

She saw him die. She saw him gasping for breath, with a seatbelt strapped around his neck as his car filled with water. She saw as gasped to keep his head above the water, frantically sucking in every breath of air as the liquid death rose around him. She saw as the water entered his lung, watched his spastic movements as the water extinguished the light that had kept him alive for 44 years.

She told him. While she was in the trance, she told him about every part of his life. He was skeptical at first, but she knew details about his life that no one else could have known. As she told him more and more, he grew fearful. He hung up the phone, vowing to never let himself get into another car. He knew that he was going to die in a car, as it plunged him into a watery grave.

After he hung up, Jacob’s life took a turn for the worse. He avoided any situations where he may come in contact with a vehicle. He quit his job at the local bank, quit going into the local town, and eventually quit leaving him home.

His family found him at his home months later, delirious with hunger. He hadn’t been outside of his home in several weeks, and was ranting and raving about cars. His daughter loaded him into her car, fighting to try to get him to keep still. She was driving him to the local hospital, fearing that his life was in danger. He kept trying to get her to stop the car, but she wouldn’t. When they were crossing a bridge, he grabbed the wheel to try to get her to stop, and the vehicle veered off the side of the bridge. The vehicle plunged into the water, where both he and his daughter drown.

There are certain things about are lives we aren’t designed to comprehend. We must respect the power of psychics, and the gift they offer to mankind.

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