Full Life Psychic Review

Life Psychic tries to set itself apart from the rest by matching you with a "lifetime" psychic who will guide you through life. While this sounds great, psychics all have different strengths and weaknesses and no one psychic can guide you your entire life.

They do have a great selection of psychics to choose from, but when I tried to email Life Psychic's customer support (several times) I never got a response. This type of poor customer service is unacceptable for any business.

The quality of the psychics was hit or miss here. I did find one fantastic psychic which is why I gave them 1 star. Due to their apparent lack of customer support, and having to hunt and search to find a good psychic reader I can't recommend Life Psychic.

If you're looking for real psychic advice check out my recommended psychics link below. Each one is owned and operated by Psychics and they only hire certified psychic advisors.

Screening Process For Psychics

Life Psychic's screening process is poor in my opinion. There was a large selection of psychics but finding a good one ended up costing me a lot of money and time which tells me they don't screen their psychics very well. I also noticed that several Psychics who were fired from more reputable networks were now working there under a different name. I stopped using Life Psychics because of this.

Life Psychic's Website

Life Psychics website is what attracted me to them at first. It's clean, easy to use and is easy on the eyes. I have to say Life Psychics website is fantastic, and finding a psychic or checking a psychics schedule was as simple as clicking.

Deals For New Customers

Life Psychic offers $10 for 10 minutes for new customers. Despite what their website says this offer is good for all new customers no matter when you order. I thought it was a little "shady" that the Life Psychic website tries to hurry you into buying minutes by putting a fake counter on their page telling you that you only have 10 minutes to purchase or you won't get the deal. Rest assured though if you decide to use Life Psychic you can get the new customer deal today or tomorrow.

Customer Service

In my experience Life Psychic's customer service was poor. On several occassions I had to contact support, I recieved no reply. They do not provide telephone support and my emails were never answered. Basically don't expect any customer support from Life Psychic.