Full Psychic Center Review

Psychic Center is a completely online psychic network and is one of the "low end" psychic networks. Psychic Center's core business isn't psychic readings, its selling astrological charts and other items (AstroCenter.com). I could never really find a good psychic at psychic center, but I didn't feel like I wasted my money either.

They're not good, not bad, just so-so. I also noticed the turn over rate for Psychics was high. One day they are there, the next day they are gone. Fortunately Psychic Center is giving away a 10 minute reading for $1 so you can try their service for yourself, but just a word of warning, 10 minutes isn't much time to find an authentic Psychic. They have a customer feedback section just like Psychic Source and AskNow, but I found their rates to be higher than everyone elses.

Psychic Center is owned and operated by Horoscope.com, which also owns AstroCenter.com as well. Psychic Center was founded in 1999 and has grown to be one of the larger Psychic networks online. I believe in recent years their technology has fallen behind the times, and their system is ripe with abuse.

Screening Process For Psychics

Psychic Center provides an adequate screening process. It's certainly not the best but it's definitely not as bad as someone like Keen (the worst). Psychic Center requires that their psychics have atleast 1 year of experience giving readings but I'm not sure how they verify that. They also require psychics to give a "substantial sample reading" to an already qualified psychic reader. While this process isn't the most strict it atleast weeds out some of the scam psychics.

Psychic Center Website

Psychic Centers website was the worst website I used. It's basically the same website they've had for the last 10 years. Now typically I'm the type of person that says "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" but Psychic Centers website needs to be fixed. It's out dated, hard to navigate and just plain ugly. I found it difficult to do anything on the site.

Deals For New Customers

Psychic Center has one of the best deals for new customers. You get 10 minutes for just $1. This is really nice if you want to try out Psychic Center before spending any money. After the 10 minutes are up I found their rates were cheaper than most of the other networks as well.

Customer Service

Customer service for Psychic Center was poor at best. You have access to email support only. I found their email support to be slow to respond (took 2 days) and they weren't very helpful either. Psychic Centers customer support needs as much help as their website does.