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Asknow is a terrific psychic network and employs some of the best psychics and tarot card readers in the nation. Ask Now is the only network we reviewed that also offered readings in Spanish as well as English. They are so sure you'll be satisfied with your psychic reading that they are offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied simply contact their customer support team and they will refund your money, no questions asked.

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Great Value! 4.5

Asknow is a terrific psychic network and employs some of the best psychics and tarot card readers in the nation. Ask Now is the only network we reviewed that also offered readings in Spanish as well as English. They are so sure you'll be satisfied with your psychic reading that they are offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied simply contact their customer support team and they will refund your money, no questions asked. I use Asknow frequently for advice, and I've found that their prices were the fairest and the best deal overall.

AskNow has been in business for several years and was one of the first Psychic services to start offering services online. Currently they are owned and operated out of Florida so you can be sure you are getting a company you can trust, and not some overseas company. Customer satisfaction is high and they have recently updated their system so that you can speak to the advisor you want, even if they aren't available right away. You enter your phone number and the system will call you back as soon as they are available. They offer many small benefits that other psychic services don't like free horoscopes, and online chat readings.

Screening Process For Psychics

AskNow's screening process for psychics is fantastic. About 1 out of 10 psychics that apply are hired. New psychics that apply are given several interviews and then their psychic abilities are tested. Psychics are encouraged to keep customers happy, and if they get too many complaints AskNow won't let them give readings anymore.

AskNow Website

Recently AskNow updated their website and I have to say it's even better than it used to be. They added a new feature called "call back" that I really like. Let's say your favorite psychic is online but not available. You can put your phone number in and the psychic will automatically call you back as soon as they are available. Sure beats waiting on hold for your favorite psychic. The new website is easy to use, fast and really does help you find a good psychic.

Deals For New Customers

AskNow has a great deal for new clients. Get 15 minutes for just $10. They also offer free email readings on the website, although it does take a few days to get a response it's a nice touch. I recommend signing up for their weekly newsletter for coupons and some really insightful horoscopes.

Customer Service

AskNow's customer service team is great. They have a money back guarantee so if you aren't satisfied you can request a refund. They do not provide a customer support phone number which is disappointing, but their email support team responded to my problems within just a few minutes, and they were always able to solve my problems quickly.

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191 Customer Reviews

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      Review By: mike and ann Thu Jul 27, 2017 star

      The customer service here is the worst. The psychic was way off . Psychic Dana who is a 13.00 per minute did not get one thing right. For instance she told me that I would never get married because that time had passed and I lost the opportunity. However, I have been married for thirty years and am very happy. I just wanted answers about business. I complained to customer service and wanted my money back. I never got my money back and I am disgusted at this company. They are rude and liars

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      Review By: Yalanda Knowles Sat Mar 11, 2017 star

      I truly wish I had read some reviews before calling. I first spoke with psychic Brian who is no more gifted than a fish in a bowl, he goes on to tell me some things that did not make sense or was true. Every time I said no he kept telling me thats what he was picking up. So I had 9 minutes left after paying 30.00 so I thought I would pick someone else to use my nine minutes and 5 free master psychic minutes. I ended up talking to some lady who used tarot cards and kept telling me stuff about myself that yet again didnt make any sense. The phone hung up after the 14 minutes I had. Then I ended up being charged 110.00 for this bullshit that I was told. I was furious. I was told they would refund me if there was no recording telling me I would be charged the full price per minute. I didnt hear that but yet I am still to get a refund. Do not use these people, they will charge you more money and will not tell you anything that you already know.

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      Review By: Alicia Tue Jan 31, 2017 star

      Ive read with multiple psychics on asknow and the most accurate for me has been Cristina. i spoke with her back in 2015 and she told me about my now finance. Jozette was too confusing and too vague, and Clarissa told me a great story that never actually panned out. for the person asking about Tawny, i spoke with her also back in 15 and she started telling me about my now finance, and hung up on her, so she does pick up on things. hope this helps

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      Review By: Maha Fri Dec 23, 2016 star

      I cannot give a rating less than 1 so m doing so.... Horrible customer service.... Shut, close and lock this company and save some customers..... User experience sucks!
      Horrible Customer service agents who dares to shout at their loyal / new customers. Help yourself and use other services like keen... they are very good.

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      Review By: Lalaland Mon Nov 14, 2016 star

      Has anyone had a reading with tawnya? she was really nice and informative, gave me all the details i need and options available to me. Im just waiting to see if things come true.

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      Review By: emily Mon Oct 24, 2016 star

      Dear anyone who might be concerned about this company. I have been a devoted customer of Asknow for many years. Some psychics are accurate and some are not, but i must say it has the worst customer service ever. Once they have got you in it will only take them a few years before they jam your account and bar you. Customer service is absolutely awful, if i could give it below 1* that would be an absolute overstatement. The women are especially rude and sarcastic, many of them telling you to avoid

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      Review By: Terri Tue Feb 23, 2016 star

      The reading I had with selena #226716 was just ok. Her repetition of her thoughts took up way too much time. She was somewhat helpful but then when tried to hang up I expected more important info. Only given a meditation to do and then to call her back....the next day! Also had asked cust. serv. if had accent, said no but did again my fault for staying on and never again as soon as you can't understand someone I recommend hanging up immediately.

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      Review By: Crystal (The Bahamas) Sun Dec 13, 2015 star

      Today was the first time ever receiving a psychic reading and I must say that I was impressed with I was setup as a new customer by Laura who was very friendly and informative. I was then asked to call the actual number for the psychic Hotline as I had dialed Customer Service instead; and used the extension for Psychic Selena. At first, I answered her questions regarding my name and DOB, and did the same with my lover. She was awesome and knew things no one else knew.

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      Review By: Val Sat May 09, 2015 star

      THANK YOU C.SERVICE REP.FOR(COLETON).HE ASK FOR THE B.DATE/NAME.HE'S VERY GOOD,Don't Waste ur Time at all.Try him! THANK HIM ALOT.Add him too my Fav's List.

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      Review By: Val Fri Apr 03, 2015 star


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      Review By: ladykin Wed Feb 18, 2015 star

      I had a bad experience with Asknow website I tried psychic Lucian I think hes Japanese and he used my religion as evil is the reason for my man's distance I found myself spent 555$ with prediction didn't happen he said my man will contact me Sunday or Monday, and he sent 3 minutes free to give feedback, but at the same time customer service blocked my credit card and never reply to emails I decided to cancel my account
      not recommend

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      Review By: VAL Sun Jan 04, 2015 star


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      Review By: Riki Thu Dec 04, 2014 star

      Thank you sooo much Love Raine for being my trusted adviser for several years! She is very accurate with predictions and has been a comfort to me on several occasions when I needed clarity.Love Raine is really worth every penny as long as she is working for Asknow I will be a loyal client. -Riki

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      Review By: Jayson H. Thu Dec 04, 2014 star

      I had a reading with Psychic Seth and I was pleased. I would definitely recommend the site.

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      Review By: Ace Wed Dec 03, 2014 star

      customer service staff is very friendly and helpful in explaining service and recommending Psychics that were perfectly match for my needs. My reading was detailed and I had a good connection immediately with the first psychic given me. I would definitely recommend Ask Now as a 5 star site!

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