Can Psychics Really Read Your Mind?

Many people who have never used a psychic before, or are not familiar with the way a professional psychic carries out their practice may be curious or skeptical. Both of these are normal responses when presented with the idea that real psychics exist. One of the most common questions asked is whether or not psychics can read a person’s mind. Unfortunately that question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no response. The truth is, it’s a little bit of yes, and a little bit of no.

Psychics can possess different abilities, not everyone has the same ability or degree of correctness

Psychic scam

There are many different areas that a psychic can be gifted in, and each area has very valuable uses. No psychic ability is better than another, it just serves to help people in different situations.

It is highly doubtful that you will meet a psychic who read your mind in the sense that they could tell you precisely what you are thinking at any given moment. What many can do, however, is tell you how you’re feeling about a situation, possibly an exact situation that you may have never mentioned to them.

They may be able to read into whether you have a disease or illness, and they can generally see well enough into your future to give you a good idea on which direction would be the most beneficial.

Some psychics have the ability to see and feel auras. An aura is an invisible light, a field of energy that surrounds every individual. They come in all different colors and energy frequencies that many psychics have the distinct ability to see and feel.

This practice is particularly common and helpful in the alternative medicine treatments known as Reiki. Seeing an aura around a person can give specific knowledge to the psychic, for example, how is your health? Are you sick or tired, or very healthy? It can tell them what kind of disposition you have whether pleasant or sullen, even lend an idea to your Karmic balance.

Still other psychics are born with the ability to see into the future. This is one of the most highly questioned abilities, but if you know anything about the nature of destiny you will understand the truth behind this. Some people will go to a psychic, seeking their future. The psychic answers the question truthfully and correctly, at the time. When the predicted event doesn’t happen, the individual assumes the psychic was mistaken.

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In fact, our future changes all the time, even with every breath we take and every step we make

the future

A psychic can tell you what your future holds, as long as you stay on the path you are currently traveling at the time of the reading. Our futures are not set in stone, so if you change the path ten naturally your future will change also. So what you know from a psychic is not destiny, but rather what will come to pass if you remain the same.

There are some who have been gifted with the ability of telepathy. This is a manner of communicating to another without verbal words, they can simply and effectively both receive your thoughts and send you theirs. While some may find this idea frightening, it is really just speaking without words.

One thing nearly all psychics have in common is their innate sense of intuition. We all have intuition to varying degrees individually, but psychics seem to be particularly adept at hearing their own inner intuition, and with less purpose. While someone who is not psychic may have to tune into their intuitions, for a psychic this happens naturally or as an afterthought. More like it’s always on and in tune without conscious effort, rather like breathing.

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Intuition is extremely important in helping people

strong intuition

It allows the psychic to clearly see and visualize the situation or circumstance, measure that against a person’s emotions or attitudes, and easily perceive natural outcomes. This amazing ability makes them invaluable in problem solving, whether for career issues, home life, or even a person’s intimate love life.

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It is often this intuitive ability that leads people to think psychics “read” our minds

Being able to tune into another person’s emotions can bring to the surface particularly emotional memories from an individual they are working with. Our brain stores memories based upon how strong the emotional response from our bodies was at the time the event occurred. So with the intuitive capabilities of a psychic, they may actually be able to witness memories that do not belong to them if they are stored with very high emotional attachment.

It is this very trait that gives rise to the important role of psychics in the police force. These unique and talented individuals have been relied upon for many years now by some of the world’s largest police forces. Using their intuitive and in depth visualization processes, they have helped to solve cold murder cases and kidnappings among other high profile cases.

An in tune psychic will be able to visualize the scene as it happened by picking up on the high emotions that left behind energy. So while you may walk into a room and intrinsically feel that something bad occurred there, a psychic will walk in and be overwhelmed by that feeling, and may visually see the act that left that bad vibe in the air.

There are many other gifts or talents that a psychic can have. Those who can see or speak with spirits and ghosts are often referred to as mediums. The possible talents for a psychic are nearly limitless, and a professional service made of different psychics will have many who hold different talents.

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True professional psychics are not interested in scamming people

psychic scams

On the contrary, they are doing whatever they can, and lending their unusual talent, in the effort to help people as a whole. By providing their insight and observations they have successfully helped millions of people worldwide.

If you are using a online psychic service, it is important to be connected with the right psychic. You need their abilities to match the information you seek. With a professional service this usually isn’t an issue, and in addition psychics hired by legitimate psychic companies are usually tested on their claimed gifts before being hired on.

If you are consulting a psychic regarding anything that may be happening in your future, remember always that you can change your own future. This can make the use of psychics even more important, if they foretell something negative coming to pass, you can seek ways to change that because you have been made aware.

Whether you have a question that involves choosing the perfect partner, how you can improve your wealth, or where you should relocate to, a psychic can offer their expertise and insight to that situation. Their wisdom and intuition have been trusted since the beginning of time, although they have not always been called psychics.

If you are searching for a professional that you can trust and open up to, remember that a psychic doesn’t have to be able to tell you what number you’re thinking of to read your mind; often their expertise will delve much more deeply than that.

They may in fact be able to tell you exactly what you’re thinking, but regardless of whether or not they can, a psychic will be able to enlighten you on things and situations in your life of much greater importance.

Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. some people can talk to a person when they are asleep–not with the mouth but with the mind–and actually have real converstaions with them. sometimes we are not speaking to the mind but instead we are speaking to a persons spirit…and boy, would you be surprised to hear what the spirit has to say–lots of truth there..
    i would write more about this at another time….but you have brougtht up ANOTHER subject that interests me…as are good at what you do!
    hugs, my dear, Angel messenger,
    Rev. Karina

  2. I’m a Psychic and I tend to laugh in my head when a client says “read my mind!” Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. I wish it did but this isn’t the movies! Thank you Angela for bringing clarity to this subject.

    • You’re very welcome Mona! I’m glad to hear a real Psychic agree’s with me on this one.

    • I think a lot of people have a misconception about psychic abilities. When they think “psychic” they think “mind reader” because of movies and TV shows. 🙂 Glad to hear you’re being honest with your clients Mona, keep up the good work.

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