Why Do We Seek Psychic Readings And How Do We Benefit From Them?

Have you ever wondered how people can benefit from speaking to a psychic advisor? Or maybe you’ve asked yourself why every single day thousands of people all around the world get psychic readings? Well, despite our individual differences, the reasons we reach out to psychics are all pretty similar worldwide.

We may have easier lives now than we used to, but we still have our fair share of problems. Our modern-day lives can be demanding, frustrating, and stressful. We face daily challenges that test us and push us to our limit.

It doesn’t matter if we’re mega-rich or dirt poor, we all experience negative periods in our life. With all of the pressure put on us comes confusion and doubt. We might have our own ways of managing these demands, but sometimes they pile up higher than we can handle alone.

Some issues are too difficult and overwhelming that we just have to seek guidance and insight from a gifted psychic advisor


Authentic psychic readers have unique extrasensory senses and highly developed intuition. They vibrate at a higher frequency than the rest of us and have a special connection with spirits and the Universe. Some people are skeptical of psychics, seers, mediums, and anything else related to the metaphysical world and that’s okay.

When needed, they seek guidance in more conventional ways such as prayer, counseling or meditation.These methods work great for some but not all. There are others, such as myself, that prefer the services provided by energy workers, mediums, intuitives and psychic readers combined with the traditional methods.

Sometimes It Helps To See Things Through A Different Set Of Eyes

seeing world through others eyes

Those who have mastered the metaphysical world can provide us with new and fresh perspectives. These new outlooks give us a better understanding on the events that take place in our everyday lives. They help us understand the situations that trouble us on a deeper, more spiritual level.

Nothing in life is just black and white, sometimes there are different shades that we just can’t see with conventional methods. Psychic advisors can help us work through our problems, answer our deepest questions, and assist us in moving forward with more confidence and wisdom.

Some people falsely believe that a single psychic reading can magically transform your life. They have been told by fake scamming psychics that if they pay them, their life will automatically change for the better. Unfortunately, this is not true. There is no magic solution to our hardships and problems.

Steer clear of psychics who try to tell you they alone can fix your life


What psychic advisors do offer is compassionate and energy based wisdom along with intuitive guidance. They work with us to figure out the best solution to our problems. They use their extrasensory perceptions and heightened vibrational frequencies to help us find the answers to our toughest questions.

Mediums are gifted with an extraordinary ability to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. This helps us ask our departed loved ones important questions whose answers only they would know. They knew us better than anyone else and can offer us priceless advice.

Relaying messages to a spirit through a medium can also provide us with much-needed closure. This is because the spirit of your loved one gets to tell you things they weren’t able to before.

We don’t just disappear into nothing when we pass away because energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred. Our spirits exist on a different dimension and function at vibrational frequencies that only authentic mediums can reach.

The goal of a reputable psychic advisor is to empower us and provide us with conscious understanding

psychic understanding

They help us see the flipside of our problem and identify the silver lining in it. They encourage us to find the “gift” at the heart of our problem and either fix it or make the best of it. Everything happens for a reason and they can help us make sense of what we’re experiencing.

Those in the metaphysical field help us explore the problems we’re facing and guide us towards the best course of action but the choice is always ours. They cannot force us to do something one way or another.

They cannot predict what will happen if we choose not to heed their advice. This is because we all have free will and the ability to change their course of our life at any moment. Reputable psychics know this and don’t try to make us believe that only they can change our life.That’s only something psychic scammers try to convince us of.

Don’t Fall For The Traps Psychics Scammers Set Out For You

psychic traps

Fraudulent psychics try to scare us into believing that something bad will happen to us if we don’t contact them. They try to convince us that we have a curse placed on us and that they’re the only ones who can remove it.

I see this all the time with frauds like William Guardian Angel, Magellan, Esmeralda Psychic, Extraordinary Chris and many others. Nobody has the power to to change our life except for ourselves if we choose to follow the advice given to us.

Psychics and seers have existed since the beginning of time and there are thousands if not millions of them. Unfortunately, for every genuine reader there are hundreds of fake scamming ones as well, such as the ones I’ve listed above.

I’ve personally encountered these con artists and it’s a mistake I will never make again. It nearly ruined me financially and almost made me lose faith in all psychics. Fortunately, I spoke to friends who had had great experiences with their psychic advisors so I didn’t give up.

I researched day and night and finally found the ones I could place my trust in. I’ve rated these psychic networks and have broken them down in detail. If you’re searching for the guidance and advice a legitimate psychic can give you then I invite you to check out my reviews page here.

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Most of the networks I reviewed offer various options for speaking with them. They are available through webcam sessions, instant messaging, and of course over the phone. Each of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages so it’s a good idea to decide ahead of time which method you feel is best for you.

Although I have thoroughly researched several psychic networks for you, there is no better tool than your own intuition. Listen to your gut instinct when looking through different networks and reading psychic profiles. This helps you choose the one that is most closely matched to you and your needs.

Some people stick to one psychic service they’ve used and trust and others switch it up by trying different readers. Speaking to multiple readers can add different perspectives and points of view which can be very helpful.

On the other hand, sticking to the same reader helps you establish a stronger connection with them. This builds the relationship and provides for a deeper and more in-depth reading every time you speak to them.

Whatever you do, make sure you know the signs of a fake psychic and avoid them at all costs. My psychic scams and how to avoid them section offers valuable tips and identifies known scams you should stay away from.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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