Do Humans And Animals Have The Ability To Be Psychic?

Whether you call it coincidence, chance, fate, or having a sixth sense, why is it that sometimes the person you were just thinking about calls you?

Or what does it mean when you feel something will happen and, to your surprise, it happens??

The explanation for this could be something called “collective consciousness.” Scientists use this term to describe the act of telepathically sharing ideas and behaviors by humans and animals.

Scientists wrote a report in 2010 claiming to have proven that this collective consciousness does exist. They may have even proved that psychic abilities in people are possible.

A French sociologist named Emile Durkheim was the first one to introduce the collective consciousness idea back in 1893.

Durkheim, however, didn’t necessarily mean it psychically; he meant it more about humans sharing a mutual understanding of morals and what is socially acceptable.

Also, about how humans tend to copy each other in that regard, even going so far as to pass those manners to other people they interact with.

However, his theory of collective consciousness took on a different meaning in the 1970s.

This shift in thinking happened because scientists began proposing that this collective consciousness could have started and grown within species via telepathic or other ‘supernatural’ ways.

In 1975, an ethologist and zoologist from South Africa named Lyall Watson and author Lawrence Blair came up with an idea they called the ‘Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon.’

Watson And Blair’s Theory

They based their claims on the behaviors and actions of Japanese macaque monkeys. They used studies from the 1950s where biologists observed macaque monkeys on the island of Kojima.

The biologists noted that the monkeys washed their food before eating it. They also noticed that the monkeys passed this behavior down to their young.

Watson and Blair believed that washing food before eating it somehow spread to neighboring islands.

They thought this because soon, other macaques who had never interacted with the original monkeys were performing the same ritual.

The two men attributed this behavior to the idea that the monkeys all share a collective consciousness, also known as a ‘hive mind,’ or a ‘shared mind.’

They concluded that they somehow shared the actions telepathically, and the monkeys didn’t need to physically communicate the behavior with one another.

Instead, the neighboring monkeys just kind of “knew” that this new way of doing things was for the best.

Biologists have observed blue-tit birds doing something very similar. In this instance, the birds taught themselves to get into closed milk bottles to drink the top cream.

Biologists first observed this behavior in the Southampton area in 2011.

They then discovered that blue tits from Europe and Asia had begun to do the same thing despite having never interacted with each other.

It was astonishing because this bird species never migrated away from its home.

Professor Daryl Bem, a physicist from Cornell University, published claims in a science journal in 2010.

He stated he could prove that humans have comparable psychic abilities to those observed in the macaques and birds.

Through nine experiments, Professor Bem began his quest to investigate parapsychology, also known as ‘PSI.’ The experiments consisted of several different tests.

Do Professor Bem’s Tests Show Humans The Ability To Be Psychic?

In one test, Bem instructed the students to memorize a list of words. He later asked them to recall as many as they could and gave them a random selection of the words to type out.

Not surprisingly, the students were able to recall specific words over others.

However, what WAS surprising was that the words they remembered ended up being words Bem later asked them to type!

It was almost like something that hadn’t even happened yet had somehow affected their ability to remember things.

In a different experiment, he showed them a computer screen with the image of two curtains. He told the students that behind one of the curtains was an erotic picture.

According to Bem, ‘more often than could be explained away by chance,’ the students chose the curtain that concealed the erotic picture.

It’s also important to note that the location of the erotic picture was assigned randomly by a computer. It didn’t decide where to place it until after the volunteer had already selected.

To believers of the paranormal realm, this experiment suggests that the students were influencing future events. The odds against chance or a statistical coincidence causing the results is 74 billion-to-one.

Professor Bem conducted nine tests and used more than 1,000 different volunteers. Of all his tests, only one didn’t support his psychic theories.

In a different part of the world, scientist Rubert Sheldrake has been conducting experiments testing this collective consciousness and telepathy theory online and by phone.

In his opinion, it can’t be merely a coincidence that thousands of people worldwide all have similar psychic feelings.

One such example is the feeling of being watched. Sheldrake is currently working on more extensive studies and experiments.

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