Esperanza Psychic Review - Is Esperanza Psychic Really A Scam?

During my quest to discover and weed out fake psychics who make a living by scamming unsuspecting victims, I came across a pretty well-known “psychic” who goes by the name of Esperanza Psychic. I wanted to learn more about her and see if she is legitimate or just another con artist with a website.

First things first. I’m usually able to gather a lot of information about a psychic on their website. After all, that is the first thing her new customer will be seeing, right?

I couldn’t find an actual website based on her name, but I did come across a Facebook page for her where she provides a website link. Her link reads ‘’, but I followed the link and the website address changed to ‘’ That in itself was really weird to me.

Terrible Website With No Information

It didn’t take me long to discover that her website is terrible! I looked around hoping to find a little background information, short bio, about me page, testimonials … SOMETHING! Unfortunately, her website provided nothing of substance. The homepage just has a box where you can fill in your personal information for a free reading within 24 hours.

There is also a collection of slides that gives some very generic information about her, such as:

  • She has 15 years of experience in Tarot
  • She is a third-generation astrologer
  • She is an expert in Gestalt Psychotherapy
  • She is a “Quartz Citrine Astrology Award winner

It shows three testimonials, followed by prompts urging you to contact her for a free reading.

Her Website Looks Like A Lottery Ticket

ezparanza psychic scam

Within a few seconds of me landing on the website, a big cartoonish-looking box popped up telling me that someone was thinking about me and I should find out who it is and for me to try my luck on a “scratch off” image. It was all very pushy and obnoxious. I can’t take any psychic seriously with these sorts of tactics. It’s just a bad website all the way around.

There Is No Personal Information About Her Or Her Abilities

I always find that very suspicious

Personally, when a psychic claims to be part of a family of psychics, I like to hear more about that. I want to know when she found it she had psychic abilities, how she found out, how she began her psychic career, etc.

I went to her Facebook page to read her “about” section and there she states that she is a ‘clairvoyant psychologist’. She says that she had regular visions and good intuition as a child and that she decided to help others with her gift as an adult.

She claims to be able to help people near and wide now thanks to the power of the internet and that she wants to answer all of your questions. Still nothing of substance to convince me she is authentic.

She’s An Obvious Liar!

Also, I looked into this ‘Quartz Citrine Astrology Award’ because I had never heard of it lo and behold- there is no such thing! This award does not exist, at all. My online searches found zero information on this.

This already tells me she is a liar. She’ll say anything to get money from trusting individuals. I tried looking elsewhere online for information about her, ratings, reviews, complaints and I really couldn’t find anything, which is really odd to me. She basically only has a presence on her Facebook page and her very basic website.

Esperanza Psychic Facebook

Nowhere was I able to get a phone number where I could call and talk to her in real time for my psychic reading, or to chat with her instantaneously. She does her readings solely through email which has always been a huge red flag for me.

I cannot trust that my psychic reading is genuine if I can’t speak directly to the psychic who is supposed to help me with big life questions and decisions. I need to be able to talk on the phone, chat through via instant messenger, or video call through companies like Skype.

Emails are so impersonal and generic. This was proven to me when I requested a reading twice, each time using different information and a different email address. I wasn’t surprised when I got the same exact reading both times with only the names being different.

Everything else was word for word exactly the same. She tried to tell me that we have a special connection to each other and she wanted to help me with my suffering. She also tried to convince me that I have had a negative presence with me since childhood that is greatly affecting me.

I was already convinced she was a fake at this point but I decided to read the terms of use on her website anyways. I learned that it is owned by a marketing company called “Dynad Services LTD” based out of the United Kingdom. That was good in at least that her company wasn’t based off of a personality marketing company like Maria Loren’s is.

They also aren’t based out of Gibraltar like Esmeralda Psychic, Extraordinary Chris, William Guardian Angel, and many others. There are a lot of psychic scams that originate in Hong Kong as well, like Medium Maria, Angel Medium Angela, and Tara Medium.

So many popular “psychics” that are actually fake are based out of those countries so I automatically don’t trust them.

Regardless of the fact that this one is based out of the United Kingdom, I kept reading the terms and all my suspicions were confirmed once I read this:

“The characters, places, situations and events that are mentioned in the texts issued to users may be fictitious and not necessarily related to people, places, situations and events existing or not. All the characters involved in the site content and messages sent, are fictional characters.“

That would explain the lack of personal information, the readings done only through email, the generic website, and the even more generic “readings” I received. This also explains why “Esperanza” is more active on her Facebook page and does her advertising there. Scammers don’t have to disclose their terms and conditions on Facebook.

The audience that she interacts with on there have no idea that she is a totally made up persona, which is very unfortunate! Hopefully they do some research or read this article before they actually pay her anything.


Long story short, I urge you to stay away from Esperanza Psychic, both her website and her Facebook page. She is a psychic scam created by a marketing company designed to con you out of your hard-earned money.

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