Psychic Bethea Review – Is Bethea Jenner a Psychic Scam?

The name Psychic Bethea or Bethea Jenner may or may not be familiar to you if you’ve searched for online psychic readings before. If so, you may be wondering whether you can trust her to deliver honest and genuine readings or not. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but the truth is, in my opinion, no, she cannot be trusted!

In fact, after hours of research, I’ve learned that she is one of the worst psychic scammers I’ve ever looked into. She has made quite a name for herself in the psychic world with her lies and fabrications and unfortunately, a lot of people have believed her.

She’s done a good job of making them think she’s authentic and can be trusted for guidance. I hope that my review reaches anyone thinking about contacting her for a reading first so that I can stop future victims from being ripped off.

Bethea’s Website Is Terrible And Uninformative

When I first landed on Bethea’s website, the first thing I noticed was how empty it felt. There was really nothing of substance in there that drew me in. In fact, it made me extremely skeptical from the moment I landed on her site.

The reason for this immediate distrust is due to the fact that the first thing shoved in my face is being asked for my astrology sign. Not only was it the first thing I saw but it’s also practically the only thing on there!

There was absolutely nothing about the “psychic” herself, her skills, her talents, her experience- NOTHING. There isn’t even an about me page. The fact that she’s instantly trying to get my date of birth from me is unacceptable.

Since I wasn’t able to get much information from her website, I did some more digging and realized that she actually has several websites, at least four that I found! The first one I checked out that was lacking in so many ways was but then I clicked on and was taken to something different.

I also found another one of her websites, along with and This last one stands for “my health, wealth and happiness” and it’s apparently a site where she hawks her “special jewelry,” “precious talismans,” and even an overpriced purse?!

I checked out her catalog and let me just say that I am shocked how much she’s asking for cheaply made items!! None of it is real gold or silver but she charges as if it were. I don’t know if anyone is actually buying her products but if they are, she is definitely gouging them! She is charging up to $160 for flimsy bracelets and necklaces!

Bethea Jenner

I found the most fragile looking bracelet that is supposed to look like gold for $99.75! She states that it protects you from curses and brings about luck and protection. It’s absolutely a rip-off! The fact that she even mentions needing protection from curses already confirmed to me that she is a fraud.

The Claims She Makes About Herself Cannot Be Verified

Unlike the first site I landed on, her other four websites actually do have a little more information about her on them. They all say the exact same thing on the “about” section. On it, she first talks about how she co-authored a book and is the author of another book.

I looked them up and one of them was nowhere to be found for purchase or reading, the second one I could only find on Amazon and there were no reviews so I wasn’t able to see what others thought of it or if they felt it was real or helpful.

She also mentions that she is a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. This sounds fancy and I’d never heard of it before so I decided to look it up. Well, to say it it was pretty disappointing is an understatement.

bethea jenner Psychic scam

I guess I was expecting it to be a group of psychics and astrologers who could only get in thanks to their record of experience or level of expertise but it’s nothing like that. Turns out, all one needs to do become a member of this group is pay 35 British pounds a year. They’ll literally take anyone in who pays.

The only thing that being a member of this Astrological Association means is that you get six journals a year and access to their research archives in return for your yearly membership dues. I can become a member today if I want to. In fact, I just might out of curiosity.

Another thing she mentions is having been a contributing writer for The Daily Mirror and the BBC Television and Radio in Great Britain. I tried to look that up and find something she wrote for either of the two but I came up empty-handed no matter how hard I looked.

Granted, I’m not British and I live in America so I’m definitely not the authority on this subject whatsoever. I just thought that thanks to the internet, I would be able to find news links or articles that she wrote or helped with but I couldn’t.

She states that she discovered astrology by accident and that she decided to enroll in the “Faculty for Astrological Studies” in London and hasn’t looked back since then. I looked that school up and while I didn’t find that exact name, I found the “Faculty OF Astrological Studies” so I’m guessing that’s what she means. It’s easy to forget the school you attended that changed your life, right??

She claims that her goal is helping people throughout difficulties in their life and to lead them towards success and happiness. That all sounds good but I can’t take her seriously when I read about how she sends threatening, alarming, and frightening emails to people!

Her Business Model and Content of her Emails Are Deceitful

When it comes to shady business practices, Bethea has that covered. She seems to have taken her moves out of the same playbook as so many other scamming psychics. Psychic frauds such as Psychic Esmeralda, Angela Medium, The Extraordinary Chris, Celeste Angelic Medium, and many more have a lot in common with Bethea Jenner.

Bethea Jenner fraud

They all do a great job of enticing their victims with the promise of a free reading and then they ask you all kinds of personal questions. Once they have your email address and some information about you, they email you relentlessly until you pay them for other “more in-depth” readings. They love telling their victims that they are the only ones who can keep their life from falling apart.

Bethea’s sign up process makes it seem like you can choose not to get the tarot reading but if you want to proceed any further, you’re forced to get the reading.

The reason for this is because once you start the reading process, she asks you a lot of revealing questions. Your answers to these questions then give her the ammo she needs to make you feel like she is psychic and predicted things about you.

She asks you things like your birthday for starters, as well as if whether or not you’re concerned about money, what you’re hoping to get out of a reading, whether you’re in a relationship, etc.

We give scammers way more power than we know when we answer these types of questions and they know how to use it against us.

If you let her know that you’re single then she’ll play on that vulnerability. If you tell her that you’re hoping to get a better job then she’ll know how to get to you better.

If you gave her your email address but changed your mind about paying for additional readings, you will get bombarded with menacing emails.

She tells unsuspecting victims terrible things

Here are a few of her tactics:

  • You are in impending danger of forces which are looming over you.
  • She needs to exorcise a malicious act of vengeance from you by selling you an overpriced talisman.
  • A curse has been placed on you that she has to remove.
  • That her over-priced jewelry can make you rich.
  • That purchasing her trinkets are the only way to better yourself.

This is just a small example of how shady her tactics are, there are plenty more. Authentic psychics don’t do things like this at all. Curses aren’t real so they never try to scare you with them.

They also don’t ask you for so much information from the get-go. You ask them the questions and they are just there to answer them based on their gifts and intuition.

The only good thing Bethea does have going for her is that, unlike a lot of other fake psychics I’ve reviewed, she is actually a real person. She’s not the creation of a marketing company and does really exist, even if her powers don’t.

I also appreciate the fact that she has a satisfaction guarantee which is really important to me.  However, I read tons of complaints stating that they reached out to her for refunds of readings, jewels, and books but never heard back from her so I’m not sure I can trust her guarantee.

The Overwhelming Amount Of Negative Reviews And Complaints Against Her

I don’t know if I’ve ever read more complaints about any other psychic as I have about Bethea. Everywhere I looked there was a mind-blowing amount of horror stories regarding her. There were a handful of people who felt they benefited from consulting with her but for the most part, most everyone agreed that they’d been ripped off by her.

Some complained about paying for expensive jewelry that they never received, others shared that they were charged multiple times for the same product and had to cancel their cards, and others said they tried to get a refund once they saw how cheap and tacky the items were and were unable to.

Others truly believed her promises of a better life and more money once they received the talismans and were upset that no such thing ever happened. Their lives hadn’t improved but had actually worsened since they gave her a lot of money and placed these hopes on her.

One review site I visited stated that the average loss per victim was $137.00. Some lost less and some lost more but they all lost their time and their ability to trust her.

Bethea doesn’t try to hide her address where you can contact her at so that’s a plus. I found two addresses for her, one in Connecticut and one in London. The Connecticut one is actually just a postal mailbox (a PO Box) and not an actual psychic shop she works out of.

That makes sense considering that an actual building would be useless to her since she only does her readings through email. She does not do consultations with people in person or over the phone. I don’t trust any psychic who can’t talk to me and give me a reading in real time.

If I’m going to share personal information about myself to a psychic, I need them to be authentic and to be able to respond to me immediately. That can be done over the phone, through instant chat, or by video messaging services like Skype.

Emails are so impersonal and cannot replace human interaction! Not to mention the fact that she sends the same exact emails to everyone and only changes their name and birthday.

In a nutshell, while I can’t make anyone believe me and save their money, I do hope that anyone thinking about contacting her takes all of this into consideration first. I don’t like seeing people give their hard-earned money away to con artists. It happened to me before and it was terrible.

Please know that nobody has curses that only she can remove, no one is doomed with bad luck, and ridiculously priced jewelry, trinkets, and talismans cannot change anyone’s life in any way possible.

Don’t just take my word for it, do a web search for Bethea Jenner Psychic Complaints and experience the overwhelming amount of negative reviews, complaints, and warnings of thousands of others firsthand.

Once you’ve done this you won’t want to contact her at all and you can find authentic psychics that actually can help you improve your life by checking out my reviews page or clicking on the box below. These readers have years of experience, amazing abilities, spectacular reviews, and are backed by a trouble-free money back guarantee!

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Bethea is an astrologer. She only asked my full name, birthdate, time of birth and location. I bought a 7 chakra healing necklace on a silver chain for $79. Maybe pricey? But it is a Sterling silver chain and a well made pendant. She sends a weekly horoscope and includes biorythm info in it. This is free, so buying a piece of jewelry is how you would pay or make a donation for her time spent on your reading ngs. I researched her astrological readings and advice and it is accurate as to what I found online from various sources. She is a real person that will answer email messages, warm and friendly, and offers some insight into her life and past. I choose her anyday over any of the One named ( Tara,Diane,Padre) computer generated characters that a company in Hong Kong has fabricated.

    • Ken if you saw value in her reading and products then hats off to you. For most people it is a waste of money. She uses the same tactics that the “computer generated characters that a company in Hong Kong has fabricated” to sell her items. This is a shady business practice at best and fraudulent at worst. Regardless of where her business is setup, her methods to try and scare new customers into buying things from her is down right despicable.

      • Sorry to hear that about her, for myself ,in all honesty, this is not the experience I have had during the 2 yrs of knowing Bethea. I purchased a nice quality Moonstone set of jewelry(necklace,earrings,bracelet) to give my sister before the covid pandemic began. I opted for her payment plan, and she even suspended payments during this pandemic for me. The moonstone set is a better price than almost all other places I compared it too. Her predictions are always close to what I get from other sites (Keen,Astrology Answers, and the complaints about online psychics not taking personal phonecalls…well I think time is a factor and the large amount of clients that would consume her time, since she is a one woman show, unlike ‘Keen’ that has headquarters with phone agents, and dozens of advisors standing by on a big switchboard. It is a fairness issue, as she told me, as she gives all clients equal treatment, and couldn’t realistically take everyone’s call.

  2. You are 100% spot on Angela, with the pen name Bethea. I’ve been a licensed Investigator for years from New Jersey, and I have been getting emails from her myself because of a survey/gaming site. When you click on the do you feel lucky she gets your email and then sends an email to you based on the questions they asked you on some of the surveys? So she is connected with many others and also a place called ESPCHAT that she points you to after you buy a trinket from her. At this time I’m building a civil case been working on for four weeks and willing to turn it into a class action for others to be apart of. We have a few Attorneys willing to go after her as well as the AG office from DC. Hope she sees this in her cards or crystal ball and maybe her talismans will represent her within the courts. We need all the affidavits we can gather based on how they were swindled and scammed because it is truly time to put an end of this madness a playing on the emotions of the lost hurting people.

    Let us get CIVIL action mad about this now.

    That for entertainment only is not going to work at all.

    • You’ve got an uphill battle Frank as most of these corporations are formed over seas in countries that don’t play nice with the U.S. I do hope you get ’em Frank! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!

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