Tara Medium Psychic Review – Is Medium Tara A Scam?

I recently came across a psychic who calls herself “Tara Medium” and since I didn’t know anything about her, I decided to look into her. Throughout my journey to tell real psychics from fake ones, I’ve come across a lot of fake ones that have been created by digital marketing companies.

These include companies such as New Lotus Web, Ltd., Kandinsky and Partners Ltd., Internet Offers Ltd., etc. They are responsible for the most popular fraudulent online psychics like Psychic Esmeralda, William Guardian Angel, and Extraordinary Chris.

All of these marketing companies that are churning out “psychics” have their finances registered in the country of Gibraltar. That fact is my first clue that they are just a money-making scam. As I explained in my review of Extraordinary Chris, Gibraltar is a tax haven for dishonest companies thanks to their relaxed laws.

Their laws allow them to get away with a lot of things they wouldn’t be able to in other countries. This makes it the perfect place for companies such as Internet Offers Ltd. and New Lotus Web Ltd. to get away with unethical business practices.

Tara Is A Creation By A Marketing Company

tara medium scam marketing company

Ever since I discovered the connection between Gibraltar and fraudulent psychics, my first step when researching a psychic is to check out their website. Lo and behold, what I found on Tara Medium’s website is that she too is run by a marketing company based out of Gibraltar called Astroway Ltd.

They list two addresses for themselves, the Gibraltar one and a Hong Kong one, which I’ve noticed is the case for several other fake psychics as well. Here are the addresses they list for her:

Astroway Ltd.
Unit 2605 Island Prince Tower
510 King’s Rd, North Hong Kong
Astroway Limited
8A Pittmans Alley
Main Street, Gibraltar
tara medium scam address

I’m beginning to feel like all of these companies are actually the same company even though they have different names. The reason I think this is because they all have the ‘8A Pittmans Alley’ address in Gibraltar, which is so strange to me!

Either all these online psychic scams are the same company, or all the companies creating these fake psychics just share an office here! I guess that saves money on overhead! I kid, but I do find it really odd and it’s the #1 sign all these Psychics are FAKE!

I didn’t want to automatically rule out Tara Medium as a fake psychic just based off of her address though, so I kept digging.

Some Background Information About Tara

Her website has a little biography section telling us a little bit about herself. In it, she calls herself a “special case, even in the occult field,” because of how she can “see” without requiring any support. She says that she can just focus her psychic thoughts on someone or someplace, and that very few other psychics have this ability.

Next, she claims to have been “conceived” on a boat in the ocean between the United States and Brazil. She says that she was born at 8 months instead of the normal 9 months and that she already had the gift as a newborn. How would she even know that she was psychic as soon as she was born??

Most great Psychics I’ve spoken with remember learning about their Psychic ability as a child, but none of them will have the audacity to say they remember having the gift as a newborn baby! She tells us about how her gift was first unearthed under dramatic circumstances.

Her godfather was a pilot and one day he took off across the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. His plane then sent a distress call and went missing. Three days went by and nobody could locate the missing plane. She was 5-years-old at the time and didn’t know what was going on with her godfather, but says that on the third night she was jolted awake and her godfather was standing right next to her.

He had a broken arm and he told her that he would see her on Sunday. Sure enough, he was found two days later, banged up, bruised and with a broken arm. Her and her family went to visit him at the hospital and wouldn’t you know- it just so happened to be a Sunday when they went to see him!

She says that ever since that fateful day, her visions have remained with her and have only gotten stronger. She claims to see things further away in the future than most and can tell a whole person’s life story just by meeting them. I’ve met some amazing Psychics in my life but none that claimed they could tell my whole life story just by meeting me! This is dishonest and a lie.

She tells us how she was 19-years-old when a “great Western Spiritual Master” came to her. She never mentions the name of this Spiritual Master, so we’ll just have to take her word for it. He wanted to know all about her gifts and visions and told her that having the gift meant having to use it for good to help others in need.

She agreed and decided to travel all over the world, meeting other great Masters and learning from them along the way. She feels that she has now perfected her craft and has mastered psychic tools such as numerology, oracles, tarot cards, talismans, and runes.

Just a few sentences ago she claimed “she can see without requiring any support,” however all of the tools she claims to have mastered, like talismans and runes, are support tools Psychics use! She claims she is such a great Psychic but doesn’t even know how Psychic tools work?

Why is Tara Medium Giving Away Free Psychic Readings?

Free psychic readings

Tara claims that she is so grateful to the internet because it has allowed her to fulfill her biggest wish; being able to act on time and letting people know quickly what she feels about them. She ends her bio by saying that her greatest reward and her reason for doing all of this is the feeling she gets knowing how much she is helping people and reading all of the happy testimonials people leave her.

It couldn’t possibly be the $49 she charges you could it? Nope! It’s all for the warm fuzzy feeling she gets from helping people! Several things in her biography and on her website reminded me of a different marketing company created psychic I reviewed before called ‘Exceptional Ron’.

I guess it makes sense that you would swap ideas and interchange them for all the different psychics you’re making up. It makes it easier to come up with a new name and persona for your next scam too. Just like Maria Medium, another fake psychic I reviewed, Tara Medium has an online store selling eBooks.

She charges the crazy price of $49 per electronically downloaded book! I think that’s extremely high for some short books about ‘Mental Power,’ ‘Astro Force,’ and ‘The 7 Secrets of True Happiness.’  I would rather talk with an actual psychic either by phone, chat, or video to learn about topics such as these.

She Only Gives Email Readings

free email psychic readings

I am not a fan of getting my readings through email, which is the only way Tara Medium offers them. When I go communicate with guaranteed and verified psychics such as these highly reviewed ones either by messaging with them, talking them over the phone, or talking to them over video messaging, I get that psychic-to-person connection I believe is needed in order to read me correctly.

When you talk to a psychic through one of those methods, there is a real human connection. Everything is immediate, and you have a real-time conversation, instead of waiting for them to read your email and then have time to make something up to tell you. That’s what I mean by a real psychic-to-person connection.

Also with emailed readings, a lot of times they’re not even written by a real person but rather by auto-bots programmed to say generic things. Most of the time these fake Psychics just send the same email to everyone, there’s nothing even remotely personal about them.

It might sound like I never have anything positive to say about any of these independent psychics I review but the truth is, I’m just extremely picky with who I trust after having been scammed by fake psychics before.

That experience made me look really hard at all these psychic services and, as I mentioned previously, I now see a pattern that all these online psychic scams all have in common:

  • They all have a little “biography” that sounds tremendously made up/too good to be true and is designed to “wow” and “amaze” you into believing they are special but they never provide traceable information or a way to verify what they’re saying.
  • They are all based out of countries with lax laws and business practices like Gibraltar. They are owned, managed by (and possibly even created by) digital marketing companies.
  • They all only have one picture of the so-called psychic, which in some cases have been discovered to be stock images available for sale to the public.
  • Almost all of them have an online store with eBooks that they supposedly wrote themselves and that they charge a lot for.
  • They all offer a “free” reading to trap you and get your email address from you. After the free generic psychic reading, they will hound your email address day and night trying to scare you into buying a reading with them.
  • They all claim to do this work ONLY because it makes them happy to help people, or in the case of William, Your Guardian Angel, because he claims it is his “duty” to help you.
  • They all only offer readings through email and never over the phone, via chat, instant messaging, or video messaging.
  • All of the free emailed readings are very generic sounding and they always use scary and threatening language, frightening you into paying them to remove a supposed “curse” or bad luck in your life.

Tara’s Horrible Online Reviews

Tara Medium scam bad reviews

Real reviews by people who were tricked into paying Tara Medium for a reading are not good at all! Out of 400 reviews on one website I found, 312 of them were all 1 stars. They all said basically the same thing- that Tara Medium is a scam and a rip-off.

There were numerous complaints of people who were unhappy with their generic reading they paid for and wanted a refund but never received it. Some people never even received a reading at all after paying her the $49.

You don’t need to pay $49 for an authentic psychic reading. You can speak with a genuine Psychic, live right now, as low as $10 at one of my online trusted psychic services.

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Ad Disclosure

A lot of people were mad because they had money withdrawn from their bank account without agreeing to it, and some were double charged when they agreed to pay her in installments. There was one review in particular that caught my attention.

They felt that Tara Medium used to be a real person but passed away and her business was taken over by a company that does nothing but scam people ever since. If that is true, then this whole Psychic scam just got even more sad. I suppose it is possible that Astroway took over her name and image in an effort to keep selling her services.

Since she is gone however, that makes everything you would receive from Tara fake. After signing up for my “free” reading from her and seeing how it is almost identical to what others online have received, and none of it was personal to me, I’m sorry to say that I agree with all the negative reviews.

I cannot recommend Tara Medium to my readers and please avoid her at all costs! Stick to the ones below for the best experience possible.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Hi: I have been contacted by both Tara & Maria for sometime. I believe Tara wanted to give me all of the lucky no’s to win lots of money, but it never happened. I was supposed to have a call from Maria on11/29/19 at 9:00PM,but it never happened. She told me different things I needed for the reading but never called. I wrote her website & have not heard from her regarding our phone meeting. However, I got another email since then & nothing was even mentioned about the call or message I left her. Thanks for the info on both of these impostors.

  2. I would like to provide results of 4 online mediums after one year.
    Top players.
    Christian, Maria, Angela, Chris the Extrdnair.

  3. Angela I really appreciate your advice here as have been getting an increasing volume of emails from Maria, Padre and Tara all saying similar things end ending up more pressing.
    I am curious as to your opinion on one I cannot find any reviews on, Magellan?
    The pattern seems similar but curious if you had heard of this one too?
    Your guidance is appreciated

  4. I spent $20 with Tara an am so disappointed. What bs. Glad I only wasted 20. She keep asking for more. The numbers weren’t even right. Got concerned when I had to many numbers to play. Please don’t waste your money. Tried to get my guaranted refund. Can’t get it. It’s all. BULLSHIT!!!

  5. Really this is the 2 time I’ve tried this. Is all of this a scam? I’m sorry I was so stupid. Don’t trust her. I’m thankful it only cost me 20. Be careful.

  6. Scam scam all of them.they need help god have mecy on there souls.

  7. Tara is a fake ! Also her website is not secure !! Thank you 😊 everyone for your help with your reviews !

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