William, Your Guardian Angel Review – Is William Guardian Angel A Scam?

I want to review another self-proclaimed psychic who calls himself ‘William, Your Guardian Angel.’ I’ve heard his name brought up a lot and he has a pretty big following. All the attention he gets and the questions I receive made me want to learn more about him. I wanted to know if he’s a legitimate psychic that I could get behind and recommend to my readers when asked about him.

Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with what I found after doing some research on him. William, Your Guardian Angel is definitely not someone I could, in good conscience, recommend. I’ve been scammed for a lot of money before, back when I didn’t know that there so many fake psychics.

I made it my mission after that to keep the same thing from happening to others. I’ve learned so much while doing this and even noticed certain patterns that dishonest psychics tend to follow. While researching William Guardian Angel, I noticed how much in common he has with Exceptional Ron.

William has a short video recording on his website that gives a little “biography” about himself. I noticed that he, like Ron, claim to give their psychic readings for free. They say they do this because they care about helping people as much as possible.

William Guardian Angel Lies About Being Free

william guardian angel scam

I really dislike it when psychics lie about offering their services free of charge. It’s an outright lie designed to suck people in. They might give you vague, generic information at no cost but they always leave out helpful information. Once they’ve grabbed your attention they ask for monetary payment in order to complete the reading.

It’s a lot easier to separate you from your money once they’ve got your full attention. True psychics don’t lie about being free of cost. They don’t pretend that they’re doing it out solely out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re real people too, just like you and I and they have to live and eat!

You wouldn’t fault a mechanic who asks for payment after they fix your car would you? You know they require money to provide for their family and can’t blame them. Psychics also take payment for the spiritual guidance and advice they provide to those who seek it from them.

Needless to say, I’ve learned to be suspicious of any ‘psychic’ who pretends to do their work for free…

William claims that he’s a true medium and a member of the “Brotherhood of Notre-Dame-des-Sources.” Supposedly, because of this exclusive membership, he has sworn to dedicate his body and soul to the poor.

He alleges that since he’s a “Wise Man” of the brotherhood, he devotes 100% of his time to the needy. He claims to provide his services to those that need him the most completely free of charge. I decided to look up this Brotherhood of Notre-Dame-des-Sources because I hadn’t heard of it before.

I found out that’s it’s a monastery for Benedictine monks located in the Republic of Congo. There are less than 50 monks who live at the community and work manual labor of one form or another. This includes gardening, raising animals, repairing homes, teaching a trade, etc.

It’s very hard to believe William when he says he’s part of this monastery. And even if he was, why is he not there at the monastery doing the work he signed up to do? It’s such a weird thing to claim to be a part of, in my opinion.

William Claims To Help The Needy Through The Internet

helping the needy

If he truly devoted 100% of his body, soul and time to helping the needy, he would be so busy. His hands would be absolutely full with just the people near him that he encounters on a daily basis. How strange that he has free time to take use the power of the internet to help even more people.

He does say that he of course can’t help everyone, so he spends his time on a few select people. It’s up to him to decide who has more pressing and deserving matters worthy of his time. He adds that he’d be honored to study your case if you’re among these people. All you have to do is send him your email address so he can look into your problems!

He then goes on to tell us more about himself. Like a lot of other scamming psychics, he claims to have come from a very special family full of mediums and clairvoyants. Also like all of them, he never gives specifics to back up that claim.

He claims to have traveled the world over, learning sacred skills and techniques by accomplished teachers, guides, and masters.  This is another area where specifics and details like names would be helpful if he wants us to believe him.

He concludes his video recording by offering to read you your tarot cards free of charge. All you have to do is contact him with your name, date of birth, email address and, strangely, your marital status?? That probably lets him know whether or not he should email you about love spells lol.

I didn’t see many reviews of William online, so I decided to go ahead and sign up for his “free” help. I wanted to get the full picture of what he’s peddling and exactly how much he charges. After I submitted my request, he then asked for my physical home address and telephone number.

He said this was so that he can contact me if he “at some point has an urgent vision of my future.” I’m sorry but I’m not giving ANYONE this type of personal information! I skipped that part and just waited for him to email me my free help. I received an emailed reading from him just one hour after I requested it.

Seems like helping the needy isn’t as time consuming as I thought! In the email he told me that he analyzed my natal chart. This is a lie because I never gave him my time of birth or even a rough idea of it.

William Guardian Angel scam

All he had to go by was my birthday but he gave me a huge 8 paragraph description of myself. The things he said about me were so general and they could have applied to pretty much anyone. He told me that now that he knows my expectations, he can help me accomplish them.

I’ve literally never spoken to him or given him any of my personal problems or life expectations. He said that in order to help me accomplish my expectations, he needs to involve other beings on the journey. He told me he works with angels and that he’s convinced they’ll work with me if I ask them to.

I was given a link to follow so that I can get started right away. When I clicked the link, I saw just how much he was charging. He refers to the payment as a “donation” and it is $69 for a “quick answer.” I could do two payments of $34.50 if that’s easier for me.

What happened to helping me at zero cost and just for the pure joy and devotion of helping others?? I knew that wasn’t possible. I’m glad to have confirmed it and find out exactly what he charges. Even if I chose to ignore all the red flags I got from William, I couldn’t ignore what I found out next.

William’s Website Is Owned And Operated By New Lotus Web Ltd

New Lotus Web Scam

This is the address they list for the company:

World Trade Center
1st Floor- Unit 1.02 Suite 253
6 Bayside Road GX11 1AA

New Lotus Web Limited out of Gibraltar is the same exact company behind many other popular psychic scams! These include Esmeralda Psychic, Medium Maria, and Extraordinary Chris. Read about why I don’t trust this company here if you haven’t already. They are as shady as they come and have been exposed as frauds.

There is nothing honest about New Lotus Web or the psychics they own. They are experts at creating, producing, and marketing fake psychics. They’re good at what they do though, I gotta give them that. They are the company behind some of the most popular and widely used psychic services out there. I hate to think how much money they’ve conned desperate people out of.

Getting A Refund From William Guardian Angel Is Impossible

no refunds no returns

Under their “terms of use,” the company makes it very clear that you shouldn’t hold your breath if you’re hoping for a refund. They really don’t care whether you were satisfied with the reading or not. In one sentence they state that you have 14 days to “exercise the right of withdrawal” of your payment.

However, the next sentence says this doesn’t count if the reading was digital, downloadable, or customized specifically for you. This confirms that no one will be getting a “withdrawal of their payment.” The last sentence says:

“This aspect must be taken into account especially given that, unless stated otherwise, all products that, where applicable, are offered by way of this website and/or subsequent communications are sent due to said website, will be digital.”

William Guardian Angel Website Terms Of Service

Since your readings will be emailed to you, this makes them digital, which then makes them ineligible for a refund. You can go ahead and kiss your money goodbye once you give it to him. Needless to say, I wasn’t about to give this conman any of my money. Especially since I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a refund.

Because of this, I can’t be positive about what tactics he uses to pressure people into paying him more and more money after the first reading. However, I’m almost positive it’s the same ol’ “you have a curse on you” type of scare tactic that so many scamming psychics love to use.

The refusal to give a satisfaction-guarantee means exactly that- they know what they’re saying is SO generic and non-specific that they can’t give you a refund if you don’t like it. This is because if they did refund every unhappy customer, they’d be giving EVERYONE a refund and they would no longer make any money.

William Guardian Angel Is Nothing Like A Real Psychic

Removing the ability to get your money back if you weren’t satisfied with the consultation allows them to get away with inferior work. Authentic psychics don’t work this way. They have nothing to hide and they believe in their work so they prefer to provide their services through companies that test and verify them.

They know how valuable the personalized help they provide is and they know how much their intuition can change someone’s life. They’re ok with going through a company that guarantees the satisfaction of their clients, such as these online psychics.

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Ad Disclosure

Thanks to those networks, I stopped wasting my time and money on self-proclaimed psychics who will say anything and everything to take my money from me without giving me a chance to disagree with the information.

The fact that all his readings and communication are through email only is also really bothers me. I feel much more in tune and listened to when I can communicate instantly with my psychic in real time. I don’t trust a “psychic reading” that’s so one-sided. In order for readings to work, there needs to be a connection between the psychic and I.

This can be done through a phone call, instant messaging, Skype or in-person. Because of this and many other reasons, I now only go through top-rated psychics like Psychic Source. They are my number one choice when I want to talk to trustworthy psychics. If you’re looking for honest and sincere guidance, I recommend you do the same.

Check out the box below for all the great psychics you can trust. Whatever you do, please stay far, far away from William Your Guardian Angel!

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Thank you so much for all the info,I was really ready to take a chance,but could not take a chance on being scammed,so thankfull for all.God Bless You

  2. Hi Angela,
    He also took an almost romantic approach with me. Similar to the one mentioned above but it was even more creepy because he mentioned the name of the town I live in and the possibility of running into me! It was very creepy! How did he get that info? I recognized the con immediately as he called me “friend” and said that he is “my friend.” I did not give him any other information than my e-mail address. I e-mailed him back and said no “friend” would ask for a monetary exchange (when offering a “free” reading) and NO FRIEND would use deception and outright lies to manipulate people, who may be suffering from despair or loneliness or serious financial and or other extreme hardships, into handing over money to a person who PRETENDS to be their friend.

    It is a shame that people like this have no shame and prey on people’s vulnerabilities or hopes. They take people’s money but even worse is they wound innocent souls.

    • Good for you for spotting the fraud right away. I believe these companies are using public records and social media profiles to get more information on you to make themselves look authentic. It’s downright terrible!

  3. why even think about paying money for a stupid “service” like this and believe its real, I don’t understand.

    • Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned and you become desperate and vulnerable. You’re just looking for answers Boris. I know because I’ve been there, its terrible that these scam artists prey on people like this but they do. Kudos to you for seeing through it though.

  4. this guy is not for real he ripped me off three times with with his readings which have never come to bear what he said was going to happen,i an still waiting,at$ 79.00 EACH TIME,SAVE YOUR MONEY, BECAUSE HE IS A LIAR,AND WHOEVER HE TALKING TO AND SEE VISIONS ARE NOT FOR REAL

  5. Thank you for this expose of “William-your guardian angel”. In the middle ages he might be burnt at the stake! I was suspicious about him when I said he had a vision of me in Casino. I know of a town by that name but I have never in my life lived there; or did he mean a casino or place of gambling? In both cases he was wrong. So much for his “psychic gifts”! What is a Benedictine monk doing using a website in Gibraltar? The man is an obvious fraud and to be shunned like the plague.

  6. My dear Danielle, First off, I advise you to come and listen to the personal message I’ve recorded for you. You’ll learn lots of things about your personal history. For example, I’ve studied your theme very carefully and seen you’ve got JUPITER AND VENUS in the 4th HOUSE. What does this mean? It means you’ve got a huge potential for luck! You should be experiencing great success, shining in society, living a life of luxury and receiving so much love. But that’s not exactly the life you’re living, is it? IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO BECOME WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE! If you’re wondering how I can know all this, it’s because, recently, while I was in the process of praying for you, Our Lady of the Springs appeared to me. It was a magical moment, bathed in light and love. There in the crypt of the chapel, she spoke to me about you dear Danielle and told me I had to help you. And that’s what I’m going to do! What did Our Holy Lady say to me? She told me the DEEP CAUSE of the bad luck that’s been pursuing you for so long. Because if you look at it, you’ll quickly realize that despite all the effort you’ve made, you haven’t succeeded in the way you’d hoped. And there’s an explanation for this which I’m going to tell you right away: YOU’RE THE VICTIM OF A SPELL THAT WAS CAST ON YOU IN ONE OF YOUR PREVIOUS LIVES. In other cultures, they’d say it’s your karma that’s coming into play. Here’s how it works: When someone leaves the world before being able to live the destiny that should have been theirs, they’re sent back by the higher powers to start a new life again. It’s not by chance you’ve crossed my path! We had to meet for me to be able to help you break the link between you and this spell, but you have to give me your agreement! I can’t send you anything without this. As soon as you’ve replied to me, I’ll send you A RITUAL OF DELIVERANCE WITH AN EXPLANATORY NOTE by return. Don’t worry! It will be very simple to do, and it won’t take you long. But that’s not at all… Because I never do things by half, I’M GOING TO REMOTELY CLEAN YOUR ENERGY SYSTEM. You’ve suffered lots of negative attacks and, for your luck potential to be completely fulfilled, it’s something I really have to do. There’s a fantastic treasure inside you that’s just waiting to be found! I’m going to help you find it. You have to reply to me right away now, my dear Danielle. Come and find me on this link as soon as possible. I advise you not to put it off until tomorrow because you might just forget tomorrow. And frankly, when you find out the source of all your problems, it’s not the time to bury your head in the sand! One click, Danielle, and your problems will be over! I look forward to hearing from you. Let joy be in your heart! William P.S: You know what people always say about me? William doesn’t just predict the future, he makes it possible. And yes, tomorrow, a radiant future is waiting for you because I’m going to guide////////// Hi my name is Danielle everything’ above is what William had sent me via email ! Now I have not given any money because honestly I couldn’t afford that amount . Also I had no idea that once I read so much of what he had to say to me an then watched a video he had also sent, well not video I should say just audio , but I listened to him an it’s been three weeks now an I actually just received another email as I do an have been expecting every day around the same time” Between 9 an 10 am , I had emailed him several times saying I have no money a mb do I’m really upset an if he actually was here to truly help me ? I asked why would you continue to ask for a donation<? 🤷🏻‍♀️. But I still hear back from him regardless of me saying I have no money not even a small amount because he had mentioned something about even a small amount as he was doing this for me.
    I still haven't sent money , He has continued to send me the emails.
    Also I have been truly going through a great deal of sadness an depression, I am 31 and all I am looking for is something more , what I mean by that is I believe there are people an or spiritual / energies some things that cannot be explained, So I was looking for help guidance, I needed answers an hope . So I have been for three weeks now receiving his emails an they were actually making me think " wow I have found someone who has answers also is going to help me.
    But just a few hours ago I decided to google his name an here I am this is what me searching his name lead me to find😩.
    I'm actually really upset an hurt only because I guess I really had believed in this person.

  7. To stop receiving emails from William, Click here

    My dear Danielle,

    Before going any further, if you haven’t already done so, I suggest you watch the video message I’ve made especially for you. Click here to see it.

    I wonder if you’ve truly realized what happened a few days ago? I’m asking you this question because I’m surprised you haven’t sent me your agreement yet!

    My dear Danielle, let me sum up in few words what happened:

    A few days ago, when I was praying for you with the Sages of the brotherhood, Our Lady of the Springs appeared to me.


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    Let joy be in your heart; your worries will soon be over!


    Your Personal

    , Hi I posted earlier about William and how he still emails me every morning! But just now he sent another one! An it’s basically similar to one he had sent me about a week ago!

  8. everyday you will hear from from this scam artist,everyday a new twist in his stories,how you are going to get rich,i had 4 readings which i paid for and they all did nt deliver in any material wealth for me, except fill his pocket with money/BEWARE>THIS OPERATOR IS A SCAM ARTIST<SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.YOUWILL NOT REAP WITH THIS MAN BUT LOOSE.IF ITS NOT TO LATE

  9. Angela,
    Thank you for all your work. You are special, I need no reading to recognize this. Positive energy be with you and your loved ones.
    You saved me from wasting time and money.

  10. Hi I am so glad I found your reviews as I too was curious about the “future” and one day I found an app on my phone which asked you to pick 3 random cards for free and they would tell you your future. I did this and ever since then I have had numerous emails from William requesting money and telling me about all the good things that can happen to me if I send him the equivalent of £30.00, he goes on to say that I am cursed and need him to help me. I am now scared not to send money incase he puts a “curse “on my family. I know rationally that this is just a scam but when my family is involved I can not help but be worried.

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