4 Ways To Reinvent Yourself For A Career Change

The Covid-19 pandemic taught me that even established jobs and careers can be lost in an instant. Millions of workers got laid off or even let go after businesses went bankrupt or saw decreased profit. It made me realize how important being flexible and adaptable is when it comes to your job. It’s only natural to want to stay in one specific field but this can sometimes hinder you.

Constantly growing and learning different skills is also important because sometimes jobs are made obsolete. Companies and businesses are constantly thinking of new ways to have the same work done in the cheapest way possible. This means they won’t hesitate to replace a human with an automated machine if it means increasing profits.

Due to technological advancements, more and more career fields are in danger of being taken over. Once I realized this, I decided that I needed to always learn new skills and stay informed. I knew I needed to be able to reinvent myself if I ever needed to.

So many of the products that I grew up with were invented and became obsolete in my lifetime. Pagers have been replaced by smartphones, boomboxes by MP3 players, VHS tapes by streaming services. We never stopped enjoying the services these items provided, just the method in which they were brought to us changed.

Everything became better, faster, more efficient, more reliable, and more convenient. Think about travel agents for example. They used to be the go-to source when planning a vacation. Now thanks to technological advancements, we can plan things ourselves.

Did they just completely lose their job or were they able to expand their knowledge and love of travel to a different career? Did they give up and become something else or did they create a blog and make themselves travel writers? Did they get a different job in the travel field because they were adaptable and willing to learn?

Just like the technology you love and use every day has reinvented itself, so should you.

Being Replaced At Work Is A Real Concern

job replaced by robots

As if I wasn’t convinced enough, Huffington Post shared an article in 2015 featuring the results of global research conducted by SAP confirming this. SAP is a highly regarded software and technology corporation based in Germany. The article stated:

“The number one issue we face as employees is obsolescence of our own skills.”

Statistics from this study showed that 40% of employees were worried about their skills and/or jobs becoming obsolete with a contrasting 18% worried about layoffs and 9% were concerned with getting training educational opportunities.

The numbers don’t lie: people in every career field have similar concerns and for good reason. This doesn’t have to be you though. Keep yourself from becoming obsolete by staying informed of current changes and advancements in your career field. I spoke to a Psychic Source advisor for guidance and advice on preparing for advice on how to do this.

With all the instability the virus has created, I was torn between trying to make it to the top of my current job or completely changing it up and moving on to something new. They helped me make the best choice for me and I’m glad they were they to guide me.

Here are 4 things you can do to prepare for the future and reinvent yourself should you ever need to:


Use Social Media To Stay Informed

social media

As I mentioned earlier, staying current on news and trends in your field is extremely important. The last thing you want is to be caught off-guard and completely unprepared. This is true even if you feel safe and secure in your current position. It’s especially true if you’re thinking about changing careers.

If that’s the case, you need to research and keep track of the current trends in the new career field. Have they had an astonishing number of breakthroughs in how they do things? Is the number of people leaving the field showing a downward trend? Is there a surge in the number of people getting licensed in that field?

These are all important things to be aware of and one way to do this is by using social media. Follow influencers and online personalities on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Follow or subscribe to companies like Money Magazine, Forbes, Bloomberg, Time, Wired to see their latest posts and updates.

Join online career groups and start making connections with fellow users. You never know how you can help each find your next job.


Educate Yourself By Reading

read the news

Reading is and always has been fundamental. No matter how much you rely on technology or how advanced it gets, you should never stop reading anything you can get your hands on. Magazines like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Harvard Business Review are some of your best resources.

New books about the current job market are always being published and can keep you informed on what’s hot and what’s not. Newspapers are an oldie but a goodie; they can be full of valuable information. If your job sends out publications, emails or memos about the business, keep up with those too.

This way you’ll always be in the know and will be able to find a new or more modern version of your current job if it is being threatened.


Attend Conferences, Network, And Take Classes

professional conferences

Aside from staying up to date on what’s happening in the work field, you should also be open to learning new things. This is going to go a long way in helping you reinvent yourself. You can learn new things by attending conferences and taking courses.

These days you can take an online course in almost anything. Even better if your current company offers these as part of their ongoing training. They do this because it’s also in their best interest to have well-informed employees. They know that their business model can change over time and they too want to be prepared for it.

Courses and conferences teach you about new technology and current standards and trends.Having this knowledge can either get you a promotion where you’re at or can make you a lot more desirable when applying for a new job. Create your own job security by making yourself the expert everyone relies on!


Don’t Let Your Age Be A Concern

changing careers old age

It’s a huge myth that only young people can dive into a new career. This is most definitely not true. Anyone at any age can embark on a totally new career journey. A recent article on AARP.org said, “We are among the first generation of Americans who routinely change careers after 50.”

This is because older, more experienced people who have been working for years have something younger people don’t. They have knowledge, skills and qualities that someone fresh out of college does not. This is good news for anyone who has to completely switch careers after middle-age.

View The Change As A New Opportunity

I know the thought of one day possibly having to find a new career seems scary, but don’t be afraid. As long as you’re always taking steps to be more informed, marketable and up-to-date you’ll be just fine. You’ll be able to confidently walk the career path that you’re meant to be on. Instead of being intimidated by the idea, think of it as a great opportunity.

This is a chance to grow, learn, and evolve. Reinventing yourself means you get to experience new things and feel new feelings. If you don’t like the idea of technology possibly taking over your job, stick to jobs that require humans.

Things like cooking, taking care of the sick, teaching, counseling, and any form of art making will always need the human touch. You can decide what path you want your life to take. You should never feel stuck doing something you hate.

If you dread going to work every day, want a better paying job, need something with a greater purpose, or would like a better work/life balance, a career advice psychic reading is a great first step. Talented psychic advisors can help you make the necessary changes to start being fulfilled in your job.

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