Finding Your Passion And Making A Career Out Of It

Some of you may have found your passion in life when you were still a young child and it only grew and expanded from there as you became an adult. Some of you may have been obsessed with a passion as a child but grew out of it as you got older. However, a lot of you may have not stumbled onto your passion yet, and that’s very common.Passion job

The same goes for goals and careers. The ideal situation, in my opinion, is to have a career that involves your passion because that is truly satisfying. I love the old saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

If you’re among the many that are searching for your passion and a career you’ll love, know that’s it’s possible for you and that it’s never too late to discover it. Follow the steps below to get pointed in the right direction and to help you get started.

Examine What Really Matters To You

Start your journey by really looking deep within yourself to see what things are important to you. Examine your interests, your beliefs, and your values. Make a list of all the things that give you joy.

Think about ideas and beliefs that you hold on to no matter what changes are happening around you; things that nobody else can sway you from believing.

Maybe your friends give you a hard time for constantly redoing the look of your home or promoting products on social media but you haven’t stopped because you truly enjoy doing those things. Your passion and perfect career could be a home interior designer or an online marketing manager.

Next, think about all the things you do in your day to day life and then remove the things that you only do because you HAVE to, not because you choose to. Some of the things we do every day are responsibilities that others are counting on us to for, but others are things we choose to take time and do for ourselves because they make us happy.

Let’s look at this day as an example:

  • Workout
  • Give $10 to a homeless man on your way work
  • Help a coworker understand something they’re confused on after you finish your work duties
  • Stop by your elderly neighbors house who lives alone to check on her after work
  • Cook yourself a gourmet dinner

Interior designerHow many of those things did you do because you HAD to?

Did you work out because the doctor told you your health is declining or because you honestly love exercising and physically pushing yourself?

Did you donate money to a stranger because you felt morally obligated or did you do it because helping those in need fills you with joy?

Did you help your coworker because it affects your work or does teaching people new things make you happy?

Did you check on your elderly neighbor because you feel sorry for her or because you honestly love spending time with senior citizens and listening to their stories?

Did you cook yourself a time-consuming meal because you were bored and had nothing better to do or because the process of preparing an elaborate meal from scratch is rewarding to you?

You can learn a lot about yourself by taking time to examine what you do with your time and what makes you happy. Take time to really listen to your hearts’ desires.

This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. If you have tried to look within yourself but are coming up short, it could be because your energies are blocked, your chakras are not aligned, or you’re holding yourself back for subconscious reasons.

An online psychic is a good place to turn to for help if that’s the case. They can give you personalized information about yourself by reading your energy, helping you align your chakras, using astrology and numerology, reading your tarot cards, etc. Click here for a list of genuine and trustworthy online psychics.

Be Patient With Yourself  


Another important part of discovering your passion is having patience with yourself. It can take a long time to uncover your life’s calling- weeks, months, and sometimes even years. In the meantime, the bills will keep coming and you still need to be responsible about working and staying on top of your finances.

It may seem like your friends or family had a career they are passionate about fall into their hands but that’s probably not the case. They probably took time for themselves and were patient in their journey.

If you aren’t patient with yourself, you’re more likely to give up and just stay in a job you don’t like. Don’t be in a rush to discover your passion because that’s a good way to miss out on opportunities and situations that could teach you a lot about yourself. Good things are always worth the wait.

Learn And Develop Skills

Sadly, just having passion and a sense of purpose isn’t enough to land your dream job. You’re also going to have to be skilled at what you would like to be doing. Maybe you’re already good at doing what makes you happy, but if not, you’re going to have to start learning.

Does your ideal career require a certification that you need to go to school for? Do you have a bachelor’s degree but require a master’s degree? Do you need to take online courses to get up to date on the lingo used in that field of work? Look into the requirements and make a plan to meet them.

Get Your Foot In The Door

Chances are, you’ll have to work on some things in order to meet the requirements for your life’s work. A great step to take while you work on those things is to get a “lower tier” job at one of the company’s that does what you’re passionate about. This not only pays the bills but also gives you first-hand experience in that career.

For example, if your life’s calling is to become a teacher but you need to finish school first, getting a job as a teacher’s aid is a great way to get familiar with the environment, learn how the school system works, get some work references for the future, or even be hired once you have a degree!

Teachers aidIf you can’t change jobs, another great option is to volunteer on your personal time. Find companies related to your life’s passion and spend some time learning as much as possible about the job. Volunteering goes a long way towards your future by providing you with knowledge, experience, and fulfillment. It also gives you a chance to look into the work they do and decide if it’s what you had in mind.

After following these steps, you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re passionate about and what you would like to see yourself doing for a living that incorporates your passion. Commit to your future with your whole heart and don’t lose hope, even when it seems like nothing is happening as it should.

It’s normal to begin questioning yourself and wondering if you’re on the right path. Don’t give up though, instead, use it as a reminder to keep pushing forward. Success lies just past the fear and the doubt. Don’t be afraid to consult a psychic if the doubts get to be too much, they can give you an introspective look into what career would be perfect for you. Read Top 6 Questions To Ask A Psychic If You’re Thinking About Changing Careers for some pointers.

No matter what your life’s work is, once you’ve discovered it and done whatever it takes to make it happen, you’ll be much more satisfied and content with your days. You’ll no longer find yourself staring at the clock, hoping for it to speed up so you can leave work. Instead, you’ll be looking forward to your daily contributions and finding happiness in the present.



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