4 Easy Steps To A More Positive Outlook On Life

Many people think that in order to be an optimist, you have to be naïve or unrealistic. This couldn’t be further from the truth however. You don’t have to lie to yourself about your current situation in life and pretend that it is perfect; you can be painfully honest about things and still be an optimistic person.

Being an optimist really doesn’t have anything to do with what your life is currently like in this exact moment. You can be going through hard times right now and have a lot of things you wish to change and still be optimistic. Optimism has to do with what you expect the future to be like, not what is happening right now.

It is important to know that positive expectations for the future manifest positive emotions in the present. Below are 4 steps you can take that will put you on the path to living a positive and optimistic life.

Planting the Seeds of Optimism

First you need to start by making the committed choice to be an optimist in your life. That means being an optimist not just when things are going good, but also (especially) when things are tough. Once you have decided that this is the type of person you want to be, you can begin the process.

The first thing you should do is plant seeds of optimism in your heart.  Pretend you are planting a flowerbed. You have seed packets of unknown flower varieties that you are going to plant and visualizing your garden full of these flowers makes you smile.

Even though you don’t know exactly what the flowers will look like, you do know that your garden will soon be full of beautiful flowers and that is enough to make you want to plant them. You trust that the flowers will successfully grow and that they will be healthy, colorful and gorgeous. In other words, what you are doing is thinking about the future and expecting positively of it.

Nurturing Your Optimism

Say that you planted your flower seeds and now you are just anxiously awaiting your flowerbeds to be in full bloom. Well, sometimes things don’t go as planned and we have little detours we need to take. It isn’t enough to just plant the seeds and voila- beautiful flowers.

You also have to get rid of the influences that can keep your garden from blossoming. You need to know where any negativity in your life comes from. It can be certain people, certain tasks, certain environments, etc. Recognize these negativity sources so that you can start protecting yourself as much as possible from them.Seedling

For example, say you see the first green leaves of a flower but you notice a pest has been eating away at it. What should you do? Forget about the whole thing and give up? No, you do some research and learn how to remove the pests sooner rather than later.

Once that problem is taken care of, the seedling can continue to grow. Take some time to reflect on the things that are going good in your life- this should naturally take you to a positive place.

Ask yourself this question; “what do I do when I make mistakes in these areas?” Ideally, you should simply learn from your mistakes and continue to walk strong and proud to the next area of your life. You need to trust in yourself and keep an optimistic attitude no matter what.

Supporting Your New Growth

Yay! You planted your seeds, the seedling took and grew, you got rid of the pests, and now you have a beautiful stalk emerging from the ground! Everything so far is going good and you just need some support for your plants. Supporting the stalks makes sure that they grow nice and tall, instead of sideways and crooked.

This is a good time for you to seek the advice of someone who has a great relationship with the future, such as a psychic advisor. Ask them if they can help you on your mission to unearth your old, negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones for the future.

Does the possibility of future failures worry you? If so, ask the psychic how they themselves have come to peace with the future and things that happen in it. How do they trust that everything will work out fine? How do they stay grounded and make important decisions that affect their future?

Psychics are a great resource for learning to be more optimistic because they have mastered the art of dealing with the future, in the present moment. With the help of a psychic, together you can look into the issues that concern you the most about the upcoming months and years.

Enjoying the Life You’ve Made

Seeds optimismSo, you’ve done a lot of soul-searching and introspective thinking and things are looking better? That’s awesome! Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Share the joy with those you are closest to. Let your bright colors be seen. Let people notice the change in your energy and be happy for you. Just as a flower is enjoyed by people by simply being there and being itself.

On both beautiful sunny days and not so beautiful rainy days, flowers always lean towards the sky. They don’t fold over and wilt because that day isn’t sunny, they reach towards the sky because they trust that there will be sunshine again.

You’ll notice that the universe is there for you when you are your most confident, colorful and trusting self.

Though it may be difficult to grasp, there is a connection between our wellbeing in the present moment and our relationship with the future. The way you feel about the present moment will greatly improve if you can learn how to turn that relationship into a positive one.

You will notice yourself being happier and stronger. Positive future expectations=positive living.


Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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