An Interview With Certified Psychic Medium Laura Lynne Jackson, School Teacher By Day/Psychic By Night And Author Of ‘The Light Between Us’

Were you to run into Laura Lynne Jackson at Herricks High School or even the grocery store, you would never know that she is a certified psychic medium, you would just see an average working class woman. However, she is a psychic, and a very good one at that, but that is not her only job. Her day job is that of an English Teacher but she has been giving psychic readings outside of her regular job for several years now. She helps her clients communicate with their loved ones who have passed on to the other side and offers them closure. She just released a book in October titled “The Light Between Us: Stories From Heaven, Lessons for the Living” and it is definitely worth checking out! It is both an inspirational guide and a memoir.

In light of her new book release, Newsday sat down and interviewed Jackson, asking her about her philosophy, her predictions for the future, and about her history. Below are some excerpts from the interview:

When asked about her first psychic experience, Jackson says;

“It wasn’t a positive one! I was 11. It was a hot August day and I was swimming in the pool with my siblings. My mom came out to say she was going to visit my grandparents and she would see us later. I had a moment of absolute panic. I screamed to her to wait for me. I knew I had to go. When we got there, I spent a really magical day with my grandfather. Two or three days later he was diagnosed with leukemia, and he crossed within three weeks. I never got to see him again.”

“At the time, I felt cursed, complicit. I felt alone in the world and that there was something wrong with me. It took me years to understand what a gift this was, to sense that someone I loved was about to go on this journey to the other side, and I could spend more time with him before that happened.”

Jackson was then asked what she feels is her purpose when she does a reading for a client. What are her clients in search of and what does she do to assist them?

“It differs from person to person. I look at myself as a vehicle for messages to come through. The other side knows what to focus on, without me asking. What’s interesting is that readings are always a source of healing and clarity. I’ve never had a reading where anyone walked away scared and uncomfortable.”

She was then asked about the readings she does for parents who have lost a child and about her volunteer work:

“The Forever Family Foundation holds retreats for bereaved parents. When I read for them, their children are so alive. These children will bring up things that are going on right now, to let their parents know they are present and to help them heal. I remember one mother whose child was murdered, shot. And his message to her was that he was supporting her in her work for gun legislation so this wouldn’t happen to other children. He let us know that together they had already saved two children’s lives.”

The interviewer proceeded to ask Jackson if she believes that anyone has the ability to develop psychic gifts…

“The other side can be highly creative. I tell people who want to begin a dialogue to pick a concrete sign for each loved one who has passed. It can be anything. Someone I know chose the Eiffel Tower and a giraffe as signs, and suddenly those signs started cropping up in the most unbelievable ways, letting him know that the other side was present.”

It is a known fact that for years and years, the psychic did not want to mix her English teacher job with her psychic medium world so the interviewer asked her why she wanted to keep the two separate?

“I was always worried that if word got out about my readings, it would be a distraction, interfere with my teaching, and I might lose my job.”

“I was appearing at an event and some teachers had gotten tickets. So I told the principal. Everyone was a little bit curious, and supportive. When the students found out later, it was interesting. They already knew me and trusted me, so they were very open to what I do, and never disrespectful about it.”

Jackson goes on to talk about what happened when she decided to speak to the principal of her school about her other job:

“I began the conversation by telling her that I had this whole other life outside of work that no one knows about. She thought I was going to tell her that I was a prostitute and was relived when I told her that I did volunteer work as a psychic medium. After a long pause she then asked me, ‘Laura, do you see anyone around me now?’

Immediately, the gates in my mind flew open, and the Other Side started flooding me with information. I didn’t want to ‘read’ Jane — but I was suddenly communicating with her mother, who’d died decades earlier.

When I told Jane that her mother’s name was Margaret, her mouth dropped open. She got up, walked around her desk and closed her office door.

‘Your mother raised you very strictly,’ I went on. ‘She was a strict Catholic and she had all these rules for you — and she knows it was tough sometimes, but she wants you to know that everything she did was for you and your future.’

Jane’s eyes filled with tears. ‘She says you were always asking the doctors questions about how much morphine she should be given,’ I continued, ‘and she wants to say thank you for making the end of her life easier.’

There was plenty more — about Jane’s children and a baby I saw on the Other Side who was waiting to come to her daughter. Before I knew it, 40 minutes had passed and the class bell had rung.

Jane got up, came around her desk and hugged me. ‘Your gift is beautiful,’ she said simply.

It was not at all the conversation I’d expected. For years, I’d managed to convince myself that if my secret got out, I’d be shunned, ridiculed, fired — or all three.

Instead, I felt liberated — and that made me want to use my abilities to help as many people as I could.”

Jackson is officially ‘certified’ as being psychic, and this is what she says about the subject in her book;

“This was it: the rigorous test that would show whether I truly had psychic abilities. There was no chance whatsoever of cheating — the scientists at a leading American research institute had seen to that.

For the first test, I would be asked to contact a dead person who was in some way connected to a volunteer guinea pig whom I wouldn’t even get to meet. I would have nothing to work from except the first name of their dead relative or friend.

Then, after being given the name, I’d be grilled for 15 minutes by a scientist, Dr Julie Beischel, on what I’d learnt from beyond the grave.

Based in Arizona, the Windbridge Institute For Applied Research In Human Potential is run by scientists dedicated to researching phenomena that can’t be explained by traditional scientific disciplines.

As planned, Dr Beischel, the director of research, gave me the name of a deceased person: Mary. That’s all. Then she asked me about Mary’s personality, physical appearance and interests, plus how she had died. As soon as I started talking, I felt a flood of information come through. The words and images came so fast I felt as if I was dictating a novel.

As I told my mother afterwards: ‘The way I see it, there are only two options: I’m delusional and made up an entire life story or it worked.’

To ensure it hadn’t been a one-off, I had to do the test all over again with a second dead person called Jennifer. Then my responses in both experiments were scored for accuracy.

In both cases, I passed.

The next part of the test involved talking on the phone to two ‘sitters’ who had loved Mary and Jennifer while they were alive. I was told nothing about them; I simply had to connect with the deceased and channel more information to them while Dr Beischel listened in.

I told the first sitter that her name was Lisa, she was a nurse and was mourning her grandmother, Mary. Through Mary I also learned that Lisa was single, had a little dog, had looked after her grandmother when she was ill and was with her when she died.

At the end of the reading, Lisa thanked me. It was wonderful, she said, to be able to connect with her grandmother again.

The second reading seemed to go equally well, and once again I passed: one sitter had scored 90 per cent of my statements as accurate; the other 95 per cent.

I asked Dr Beischel what conclusions she could draw. ‘As a scientist, I cannot definitively declare that mediums communicate with the dead,’ she said. ‘But what I can say is the data … supports that communication with the consciousness of those who are dead is possible.’

I had officially become a certified research medium — one of just 19 in the U.S. But, for me, the certificate also meant something else. Never again would I question my abilities. Instead, I’d try to help as many people as I could.”

Newsday then asked Jackson what she says to any and all of her skeptics-

“My parents, who were both teachers, raised me to be a critical thinker. A critical thinker doesn’t just accept things at face value—he or she questions, engages, explores and seeks truths. What I hope for any skeptic is that, rather than dismissing, they question, explore and be open to whatever truths they may find out. The universe is far grander and more magnificent than we can imagine.”

Look for Psychic Medium Laura Lynne Jackson’s book at your favorite bookstore to learn more about this amazing psychic medium!



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