Astrologers Study Biden’s Birth Chart And Predict He Will Win 2020 Presidential Election

I recently watched a TikTok video (which has since gone viral) where an astrologer named Maren Altman predicted Joe Biden will win the 2020 Presidential election. In the video, Altman says that it’s all written in the stars. I found her prediction and analysis of Biden’s birth chart incredibly interesting.

It also made me wonder what my favorite astrologer from Psychic Source thought about it so I spoke to her and asked her to weigh in on Altmans predictions. She said that despite what the skeptics and non believers think, there’s a lot of truth to Altman’s claims.

I asked her to explain the charts Altman cites and to break them down for me. She pinpointed what main piece of information on Biden’s 2020 chart Altman was basing her prediction off of. The former vice Presidents chart showed multiple eclipses in store for him. Altman based her predictions upon the chart and said this about it:

joe biden birth chart

“Eclipses indicate powerful transformative periods, and the fact that he has them in both his first and seventh houses indicates that transformation will be taking place in both his sense of identity (first house) and his relationships with others (seventh house).”

Maren Altman, Astrologer

I asked my astrologer if she agreed with Altman’s assessment. She said, “It makes sense for the most part and I do agree with overall with Altman’s analysis of his chart. However, I feel like she’s giving too much credit to the role that eclipses play in astrology. I think she may be giving them more influence than what they really have.”

When asked about the combination of Saturn and Jupiter that Altman referenced in her prediction, this is what she had to say:

“I do find it extremely interesting and spot-on because Saturn represents hard work and restrictions. Jupiter represents government and structure. The concurrence of these two opposing energies will most definitely increase the transformative power when it comes to policy and structure.”

The stars have spoken and they are pointing towards a win for Biden. My psychic may have felt that Altman put too much reliance on the eclipses present in the hopeful president’s chart, but she does agree with Altman on everything else. I asked her if she also believes Biden will win this election.

“I do agree that he more than likely will win after studying his charts. But even if he doesn’t win, he’s still going to be responsible for a huge transformation to the country and to the political climate.”

I was curious how astrologers can make predictions based off of astrological charts, especially when it comes to things like political elections. She told me that astrology is one of the best tools for predicting events like elections because it shows us the relationship between the placement of stars and the events that take place in a person’s life during any particular year.

“Studying and analyzing the projected circumstances a person finds themselves in can have an enormous impact on things like election results because both of them are up to fate and are quite literally written in the stars.”

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