Class In Colorado Teaches Children How To Develop Their Psychic Gifts

Boulder, CO- Psychic Courses For Children might sound like a place you’d take your child to learn how to become psychic, right? It conjures images of young children learning to tell fortunes, using crystal balls, and communicating with spirits. However, it is not like that at all.

Not all 5-year-olds in this class claim to have a “sixth sense” or to talk to ghosts and “monsters.” Some of them do though. In Stacia Synnestvedt’s opinion, the word “psychic” has become misconstrued. She states that most of the students in this class are typical kids.

Synnestvedt teaches the classes on the third Friday of every month at Boulder’s Psychic Horizons Center. They are available for children aged 5 through 10. Aside from these classes, she also runs a psychic camp designed for older kids and a children’s “healing clinic” recently.

If you didn’t know the title of these classes, you’d think they were the same as any other class. The things she teaches them are the same they’d learn in a typical children’s class. Here they learn how to sing songs, discover their creative side by making art, and spend time practicing being quiet

The point of these classes is to listen to them, validate them, and encourage them to connect to their intuition. She also teaches them valuable life lessons. Things like giving people their personal space and drawing relational boundaries.

She coaches them through this by teaching them how to stay their ground and not get wrapped up in other people’s emotions, like a parent or friend, if they don’t see eye-to-eye on something.

Synnestvedt states that these activities help children sleep better, positively channel their energy, and help them feel more confident. “It applies to everything,” she states.

Synnestvedt Teaches Children About Spirits And Energy

She uses the words “energy” and “spirit or essence” to explain these concepts to the students. She says that these words are the true meaning of “psychic.” Ultimately, she is teaching them an awareness of energy.

“You learn tools like grounding to the earth, letting go of energy that isn’t yours, and then refilling and calling your energy back. It’s a way to sit in the observer place without getting sucked into the drama of it. That’s when you become intuitive. You tap into a neutral place because intuition is basically observing,” Synnestvedt said.

This may sound like a meditation or yoga class, but Synnestvedt takes it a step further when they are ready. She does this by teaching the children how to set energetic boundaries, set intentions, meet spirit guides, and read auras. “I don’t expect a 5-year-old to grasp all of this right away, but it’s like we’re planting a seed,” she says.

She decided to enroll herself in psychic classes because she was unhappy, sick, and tired. She wanted to learn how to take charge of her life. “You start to peel away more layers of the stuff you pick up as you move into adulthood,” she says about taking the classes. In her opinion, it’s best to teach these lessons to children at a young age.

She wants to reach them before their “true selves” get covered in layers of society’s influence. If you teach them before this happens, there will be fewer layers to peel away. She has been teaching these drop-in classes for about a year and a half now. The number of children who attend her class ranges from a handful to up to a dozen per class.

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Her Clients Love The Classes

Vicki Smith is a frequent attendee at the Psychic Horizons Center. She commutes from Arvada to Boulder to attend classes and channelings. She has also taken four of her grandchildren (ranging in age from 9-16) to courses offered to children. The youngest two of her grandchildren attend the class every month.

Smith states that every time her grandchildren leave class, they cannot stop talking about it. She believes it is helping her older grandchildren deal with peer pressure. She also feels it is teaching them how to exercise their “right brain,” which strengthens their creativity.

According to Synnestvedt, teaching kids how to ground their energy has the effect of calming their bodies. It can also give shy kids the tools needed to feel more confident and empowered. “Kids don’t learn intuition unless you have some exceptional teacher or an exceptional school.

They need to learn to go with their gut. Our education system is failing a lot of these kids because they are not going to learn in the same way my generation did, or my children’s generation did,” Smith states. “We need to learn how to help them.”

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