Celebrity Psychic Thomas John Being Sued For Non Payment By PR Firm Who Fixed His Image After His Craigslist Scam Emerged

A former scam artist turned celebrity psychic is acting shady again according to a PR firm he hired. ‘Manhattan Medium’ Thomas John hired a public relations firm based out of California to help him out and give his image a whole new makeover but the firm is claiming he never paid for the services.

The shady self-proclaimed psychic hired PR firm ZTPR to fix his image last year after the Daily News reported on his history of scamming people on Craigslist. According to court documents, the company complied with their part but John never paid them the $3,046.12 that they billed him for their work.

The court papers read, “ZTPR completed all the services of helping him build and exaggerate in the press his public profile as a believable psychic medium.” John Thomas Flanagan, his full name, used to be really well known in Chicago as a drag queen named Lady Vera Parker.

In 2009 he was caught making and posting fraudulent ads on Craigslist for apartments for rent where he would steal the security deposits from hopeful renters. The scamming psychic told The News that he and ZTPR have worked out a settlement but according to the company, they have yet to finalize anything and are still working out a deal.

“The matter has already been settled out of court,” said the fraudster in a statement. “I’ve worked with a number of publicists with great success and respect the profession tremendously.” Zach Teperman, president of ZTPR, states that the company’s lawyers are still in the process of reviewing the matter.

“Our legal team is currently finalizing an out-of-court settlement with Mr. Flanagan,” he said in a statement. “We will have no further comment.” John, who was born in Massachusetts, claimed to have foreseen Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce, as well as Whitney Houston’s death.

There are several websites where John’s cellphone number is shown and where a large number of people state that they were affected by his security deposit scam that ran in numerous states. After he pleaded guilty to theft and computer fraud, John dropped his last name and got a new start as a psychic medium.

Last year he did an interview with The News in which he said, “It was basically something I did out of necessity. I’ve turned my life around since then.” Now 32-year-old John claims to be able to communicate with spirits and works as a traveling medium.

Earlier this year he made an appearance on “Extra” where he made 2016 celebrity predictions. He was doing this while he was still working with and under contract with ZTPR. Last month he did an interview where he claimed to have communicated with deceased Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith. He states that she told him she blames Howard K. Stern for her death. Stern was Smith’s agent and former lover.


Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. I’ve had he privilege of meeting some of the top psychics in the world & Thomas is the real deal! I don’t know many people who didn’t do something stupid when they were younger & I’m not sure why bring a drag queen was added to the story. Was the implication that drag queens are wrong or bad? Shame on whoever thinks that! In any case, he is amazingly accurate every time with info he could never get online or anywhere & he is a good soul, too, so I’m disturbed to see this negative information on him.

    • Good souls don’t scam people out of money. I worked for this loser. He’s a fraud.

      • My husband and I were scammed out of our hard earned money by this very dishonest and conniving man. He has not changed, he just has a new scam calling himself a psychic. The irony here is that 3 months prior to this crook ripping me off, I had a psychic reading from Caribbean Psychics. I was given his description and the exact month that the ripoff would happen and I didn’t believe it. Unfortunate for me and my husband. I know better now. Beware of Thomas John.

        • I’m so sorry to hear this Diane. Lesson learned though right? Unfortunately, Thomas John has been scamming people for years. 🙁

  2. After having had a reading with this “medium” I am sure he is a fraud! I have had many readings from reputable mediums and notice his methods to be suspicious stating a lot of names but not personalized emotional type statements. I had heard after my reading that people had stated he uses obituary and Facebook to retrieve info so I googled my sister’s name who bought the tickets and my father’s obituary appeared. Thomas John basically read it verbatim fining up just the names in it and worked the room so he would start to talk to you then come back to you. I think he’s probably got a microphone feeding him some of the information he never walked around the room! I say this sadly because I believe in mediums just not this scam artist!

  3. Saw him last night at a platform event….was not impressed. He shared the event with Suzane Northrop who is definitely the REAL DEAL. But I digress. My friend and I are convinced his first few readings were plants in the audience… practically answering his questions before he even asked them. He come on after Suzane and a woman who was not there for Suzane came in and sat down and he went right to her. As far as stage presence, he has none. Flat affect and closes his eyes and keeps them closed to communicate with spirit. Now I just read up on him and it validates my opinion.

  4. I work with a group of psychics who are also very good & read for a living. They all adore Thomas & many get mentored by him as much as possible. He is a psychics psychic. It sounds like we are speaking of two different people. Thomas John is VERY good & he is NOT scamming anyone.

  5. Thomas John Flanagan (aka drag queen Lady Vera Parker) is the most unprofessional person I’ve ever dealt with. You’re better off seeking someone with a better reputation. My daughter & I have paid for readings months in advance, & even after waiting so long, the bum cancelled 2 days before. We then both waited another several months and he did the same thing again!! So ridiculous! It’s obvious the guy only wants your $$$. & now I see he’s stooped to the new low of having his boyfriend write a phony review on his behalf (Raymond from San Diego). Their pix are on FB & Instagram. What a joke! If you do some research, you can easily see that he has a blatant pattern of rescheduling almost EVERYBODY, ALL THE TIME, LIKE 5-7 TIMES each on average!!! What is he doing that he cannot honor an appointment, like, ever?! I also have friends who consulted him and while they were owed refunds, they WAITED MONTHS TO FINALLY GET THEM. He’s all about the Benjamins, baby!

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