Christine Sheddy’s murder solved with assistance of Psychic sisters

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Snow Hill, MA- Karen Hurley did not hesitate to reach out to two sisters with psychic abilities when her niece, Christine Sheddy, disappeared in November of 2007.

Hurley heard about the Psychic sisters through someone in her family who had previously worked with them on a different case in Pittsburg, PA. After six weeks of searching for 26-year-old Sheddy and coming up with nothing, Hurley decided to give the psychics a call.

“Right off the bat, they started telling me things that had happened. I didn’t even have to say a word- like her having a tattoo and what had happened. Christine was coming through and talking to them, guiding them. It was eerie, because of how much they did know,” said Hurley.

The first Psychic sister that Hurley talked to, Suzanne Vincent, says that from the very first phone call, she began getting a read of Sheddy’s situation. She could tell that Sheddy was a blonde with a thin build, and that something very bad had happened during a struggle between a woman and two men.

“Then I heard the name, as vividly as could be- the name, Tia, shouted from my spirit guides,” says Suzanne Vincent. “I said, ‘Tia has dark hair and she has a connection with the short male. They’re cousins, and he’s the meanest.’”

It would be over two years after that phone call that detectives would track down a woman by the name of Tia Johnson, her cousin Justin Hadel, and her boyfriend Clarence “Jr” Jackson.

Johnson’s cousin and boyfriend were later found guilty of Sheddy’s murder in the first-degree and Johnson was jailed on accessory charges. It was discovered that the two men gave Sheddy a fatal beating.

Suzanne Vincent described the feeling she got from those two men; “ I was actually fearful of those guys. Their energy was the worst I’ve ever felt. They were some pretty dangerous people.”

Suzanne and her sister, Jean McKenzie Vincent, spoke with Sheddy’s family of the visions that they had received. This valuable information assisted the authorities to solve the case and convict her murderers.

Sheddy’s mother, Lynn Dodenhoff, feels that the sisters’ visions were a very helpful tool in uncovering the truth of what happened to Sheddy. Dodenhoff believed in the sisters, regardless of the fact that both the prosecutors and the police were uncertain about the information that they were giving the family.

“As far as the information they gave me, a lot of it was spot-on, especially as far as where she was found. Two males, Hispanic, one of them having light eyes? You don’t just pull that out of a hat. I believe they have a gift; I really do,” said the mother.

When they are approached for assistance in missing persons cases, the sisters do this of their own free will, they do not accept payment for their services.

“I know there are people out there that take advantage of the families of missing people. They give them false hope. But these ladies never asked for a dime, ever, and that really means a lot. They genuinely just want to help,” said Dodenhoff.

For those that doubt them, the sisters keep proof that their special abilities provided paramount information about what happened to Sheddy before police started to assemble their case in the way of email correspondences that they sent to each other early on and that contain important clues that came to them while they used their remote viewing and clairvoyant skills.

Suzanne and Jean McKenzie Vincent both live in Butler County, Pa and are both in their early fifties. The sisters work as a team, with Suzanne being the one who hears things and Jean being the one that receives visions, as clear as if she is watching a movie. They state that their gifts are with them around the clock, and that they are constantly capturing auras around them.

Jean compares their gifts to that of a musician’s talent; while some musicians have incredible natural talents, others can become professionals by constantly practicing. She believes that their gift is not rare, and that a lot of people have this gift but may not know it or have not mastered it by practicing.

“What we’re doing, it’s working,” says Jean. “We’ve been told by police many times, ‘what you just told me was privy to only the killer and to us.’”

Prosecutors discovered the motive behind Sheddy’s murder. Apparently, Sheddy was sleeping with Tia Johnson’s boyfriend, Jackson, but started wanting more of a relationship with him. When she advised Jackson of this, he rejected her, and Sheddy threatened to tell Tia of what had been going on between them. Authorities believe that Jackson killed Sheddy to keep Tia from finding out what he had been doing behind her back.

Hurley received a lot of valuable information from the Vincent’s from her very first phone conversation with them. She states that the sisters were able to correctly describe Sheddy and that they were able to tell that she had two sons. They also told her that they had a vision of Sheddy getting stabbed with a knife, and then being rolled into a rug.

In a different reading three days after the first, the sisters gave Hurley even more valuable information. They told her that Sheddy was buried in a shallow grave located near a group of bungalows. They also told her that the grave was near a body of water where there is a boat dock, and that there was some sort of sign in front of a main building.

Suzanne Vincent states that in the beginning, investigators ignored the information the sisters provided them with. They believed that Sheddy had just decided to run away, and they pursued that possibility instead.

“If the police would have done their job with the notes we gave Lynn, they could have found the suspects; if they’d just done a little background research,” Jean McKenzie Vincent states.

Suzanne Vincent adds, “you still need law enforcement to get the suspect, we’re just another tool.”

Police finally found Sheddy’s severely beaten body in a hole only 18 inches deep on the grounds of a bed and breakfast called River House Inn in February of 2010. It is believed by police that Jackson picked this location to bury her body because he had previously worked there on a landscaping job.

The first member of law enforcement that Suzanne Vincent ever talked to, and that actually listened to her instead of dismissing her, was Detective Alex Kagan, of the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation.

Even though Kagan was only being given general information about Sheddy’s body by the sisters, he still wanted to keep an open mind about what they were telling him. However, he feels that they were never really able to specify exactly where she was located, only things such as the fact that her body was buried near water, or that her body was located near an A-frame house.

Kagan doesn’t believe that the sisters’ information provided any direct assistance to the case.

“I don’t want to make it seem as if it’s some kind of scam- they’re sincere in what they believe,” says Kagan.

“It feels like having a weight lifted off my shoulders,” says Dodenhoff about her daughter’s killers being caught and convicted.

“They didn’t solve the case, I mean, I know that,” she says, “but if law enforcement had just sat down to listen to them, maybe they would have found her earlier.”

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