Customers Say That Their Psychic Didn’t Honor Their Money Back Guarantee

Portland, OR- When Tara and Ashley visited a Portland psychic with the hopes of getting advice on life and love, they were drawn in by a supposed “money-back guarantee.” Unfortunately, they had to fight hard for their money back when they were not happy with the services.

The psychic shop they went to belongs to a lady named Paulina, a self-proclaimed fortune-teller. When Tara stopped in her shop, Paulina’s first move was to play the love card for her.

Tara recalls Paulina telling her, “I see that you are meant to be with somebody.” Tara was willing to give her story to KATU but did not allow them to photograph her or use her last name.

When Tara visited the psychic shop, she was unsure about her future because she was pregnant and separated from the father of the baby. She stepped into the Psychic Cottage shop in Portland mostly because she was curious about what information they could offer her.

Tara was a little skeptical at first, but she became comfortable with Paulina after repeated visits and even started to trust her. She also began to believe in the promises Paulina would tell her regarding her unborn child’s father, who, as mentioned earlier, was no longer with her.

“She pretty much says she knows you are meant to get together with this person. That’s your soul mate, and this is what the cards say,” said Tara.

Tara states that the psychic advised her to give her money to make her energy more powerful and bring her baby’s dad back into her romantic life.

Her fee for this was a steep $600, but Tara decided to go for it since there was a money-back guarantee, and if it didn’t work, she could always get a refund.

“I guess she just preys on your weakness and desires for the moment. If she gets you at a vulnerable spot, she can pretty much talk a good game,” said Tara.

Tara wasn’t the only one to get burned by Paulina; her friend Ashley also consulted with the psychic.

“My life was going really well except for my love life,” said Ashley explaining why she decided to visit Paulina.

“She told me there’s negativity all around me, and I would need to do energy work, which is 100% refundable,” she continued.

Paulina told Ashley that the more money she gives her, the more powerful her work is, so Ashley decided to give her $2,000 in one shot. She figured that she had nothing to lose since there was that money-back guarantee.

“I would get it back after Paulina did the energy work,” she said.

After everything was said and done, both Tara and Ashley decided they weren’t satisfied with Paulina’s work and requested she give them their money back.

Ashley states that when they spoke to her about returning the money, Paulina was full of reasons why that would not be possible, anywhere from “I was in the hospital” or “My husband is sick” to “my sister was in a car accident.”

Tara says that Paulina gave her similar reasons as well, things like “my mother died,” “my brother died,” “I was in a car crash,” and “I have to leave town.”

The women decided they needed help with this issue and contacted KATU Problem Solvers to get their money back. The first thing the KATU Problem Solvers team did was check the Better Business Bureau for Paulina’s Psychic Cottage shop; they discovered that they gave it a rating of “F.”

They then decided to get a tarot card and energy reading done, so they set up an appointment with her.

During these readings, Paulina was unaware she was giving readings to an undercover investigative reporter there to check out how she does business.

After that initial appointment, the team came back armed with cameras and microphones and attempted to ask her questions, but she refused to be on camera or speak to them. Though she didn’t want to talk right then and there, she did offer to speak with them if they called her later that day.

The team did call her later, and true to her word, she spoke to them. “Number one, I’m not some liar, fly-by-night person,” she said on the first phone call. “I don’t work with them, and I don’t do things like that.”

The team made several phone calls to her, and initially, she denied the fact that she had any complaints against her, but then she later admitted that she was the target of complaints. Not long after that phone call, she began screaming curse words at the crewmembers she was speaking to on the phone.

Paulina stated that she never claimed she was able to foretell anyone’s fortune, saying, “Only God can predict your future.”

However, that was a blatant lie because she states that she can predict the future on her website.

Her website mentions a psychic named “Sara.” The team discovered that this is the same name on the credit card receipts for the services. This name is also associated with the address in California that holds her business license.

When the team looked up that address, they found that it is home to a business under the name of “Psychic Predictions by Sara,” and it wasn’t hard to find a large number of complaints online, many of them complaining of the same type of thing she did to Tara and Ashley.

Ashley said, “I don’t feel it’s legitimate. It’s a money game of how much money she can get.”

If you feel that a business wronged or deceived you, it is always a good idea to call the Better Business Bureau and report them so that they can look into them.

This is why it’s so important to only get readings from psychic services that have been proven trustworthy.



Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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