Did Unknown Psychic Ability Save Logan Dryer From The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, Or Just A Coincidence?

Newtown, CT. – 5-year-old Logan Dryer’s life may have been saved by his own psychic powers, according to his mother, Karen Dryer. Karen states that Logan began having panic attacks that caused him to be taken out of school before December 14th, the date the school he was attending- Sandy Hook Elementary- experienced a fatal shooting.

Karen Dryer noticed that Logan became extremely apprehensive and full of anxiety when he would arrive at Sandy Hook Elementary.

This fearfulness and angst eventually convinced Karen that she should needed to withdraw him from the school; this decision was made by her two weeks prior to the fatal shooting.

“Logan started kindergarten in September 2012. He was perfectly fine in September and October, and then in November he started acting strange. I got an email from his teacher saying he was a little weepy and then I started getting phone calls that Logan was crying and wanted to go home. Eventually it got so bad that I took him to the doctor who ran tests, saying that Logan was perfectly healthy,” Karen recalls.

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The doctor made the suggestion that she should home-school Logan for a few weeks and Karen agreed. She still took him to the school one day per week so that he could interact with his friends. Karen states that during those visits, Logan would get very sad, almost as if he knew something bad was going to happen there.

Karen feels that his worrying and uneasiness is his gift of prophecy showing itself

“My mother, Milly, who passed away a couple of months ago was very psychic, and I know now without a doubt that my son has the same gift”

Karen Dryer, Mother

Even though Karen may be correct in believing that her son has psychic abilities, there is also a possibility that she may just be reading too much into her sons’ behavior.

It would make sense that the fear her son felt was prophetic; that logic even has a Latin name: “after this, therefore because of it”. This happens because the human mind has the innate need to find connections between actions.

For example, “B happened after A did, so A must have caused B.” In this case, Logan showed dread and uneasiness about school which caused him to be taken out of that school, then just two weeks later, one of the worst school shootings in history happened at the school he just stopped attending. It seems logical, except that it doesn’t always work that way.

That would be like saying “roosters crow right before the sun comes out, therefore roosters must be the ones that make the sun come out”. The fact that Logan experienced fear and anxiety about his school right before the horrible event doesn’t mean that he was aware that it was going to happen.

If Logan had been more descriptive about what he was feeling, then it would have been a lot easier to validate his psychic and/or prophetic abilities.

If he would have mentioned a shooting, guns, a fatal attack, or that he felt/saw people getting killed or injured then it would have been hard to dismiss his gifts.

Karen could be 100 percent correct in her beliefs about her son, especially considering that his grandmother was blessed with gifts of that nature and they could have been passed down to him. Karen is comforted by her belief that her son foresaw the tragic event and felt he wouldn’t be safe there.


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