DNA Test Proves Salvador Dali Not The Father Of Tarot Card Reader Maria Pilar Abel Martinez Who Won Case To Have His Body Exhumed And Tested

This is an update to a story we covered before, Spanish Psychic Wins Court Battle To Have The Body Of Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali Exhumed In Paternity Suit

Salvador Dali Not Related To Tarot Card Reader Maria Pilar Abel Martinez

A DNA test has recently proved that the Spanish tarot card reader who strongly believed Salvador Dali was her father was mistaken in her belief.

61-year-old Maria Pilar Abel Martinez has claimed that her mother and Dali had an affair during the year before her birth.

Martinez was able to convince a Madrid judge to allow his body to be exhumed from his resting place so that they could DNA test him for her. His body was successfully exhumed on July 21st of this year, it is worth noting that his iconic mustache was fully and perfectly intact.

The Dali Foundation states that the tests that were carried out have conclusively proved that Martinez is in no way related to Dali.

“The DNA tests show that Pilar Abel is not Dali’s daughter,” read a statement given by the foundation, which manages his estate. The statement was given about six weeks after the exhumation of the body from a crypt inside of a museum dedicated to his life and his work in Figueres, Spain.

Martinez Cannot Claim Any Part Of Dali’s Estate

If Martinez would have been correct and they actually were related, she would have had claim on part of Dali’s estate. He left his estate to the Spanish state after he passed away at the age of 85 in 1989.

The initial claim by Martinez had a number of Dali experts raising their eyebrows before the body was exhumed. Ian Gibson, biographer, noted Dali’s own claim of “I’m impotent, you’ve got to be impotent to be a great painter”.

How Martinez has responded to this news is unknown at the moment, she has not made a statement regarding the issue. She has been under the impression that she was Dali’s daughter from a very young age because she claims that is what has always been told to her.



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