Experienced Psychic Predicts President Trump Will Win Again In 2020 Presidential Election

Psychic Kelle Sutliff has over 18 years of experience under her belt. Not only does she help individuals by giving them personal readings, she also works psychic investigations and missing persons and cold cases. She shared her predictions about the winner of the 2020 presidential election with PR Web.

She tells them that she has always seen President Trump serve two consecutive terms as the US president. The Boston Herald published her first prediction regarding the 2016 elections almost two years before the event.

In that interview, she told them that it was going to come down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the final two candidates and that Donald Trump would be the winner. “I knew at 9:28 PM that election night that the shift would happen in his favor and he would win.” Sutliff said regarding that election.

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Here is what she had to say about President Trump and the upcoming 2020 election:

“For 2020, I see him being elected again, but with some challenges. Mercury is retrograde and is direct with Saturn, which can bring some chaos. Be prepared to have ballots lost, conspiracy and voting not counted correctly. Needless to say, people of course getting mad and taking their ball home and not playing anymore!”

She believes that this is the worst time ever to have a presidential election. She feels like the timing is terrible and the announcement of Trump’s victory will be delayed longer than expected.

“The next four years will have a lot of medical reform, balance in racial injustice and more financial allocations towards healing our environment thanks to the world entering into the age of Aquarius starting in the fall of 2020.”

She adds that along with this new age movement, we’re also going to see some of the same cultural movements from the 1960’s come back.

“That’s okay though, as it’s time to revisit the old so we can learn and the new can come in. The unrest is also from everyone having to focus on themselves, so it’s not really a country problem. It’s a matter of trusting your own instinct and leading within, which is a benefit of this pandemic: everyone gets to figure out who they are.”

She believes that growth can be difficult but necessary. Sutliff concludes her prediction by saying:

“The next four years feels very similar to Lyndon B Johnson’s presidency, with a smidgen of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency thrown into it. There is more ground work to be finished, and Donald Trump will continue his work.”


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  1. I honestly believe Biden will win, though I didn’t vote for him. Truth is, people want to break the law and want to get away with it. I’m told Biden wins PA which is my state. I hope to God, Trump wins again. Need law and order my friend! Police needs our support more than ever!

  2. I do believe Donald Trump will win again. Everyone knows good and well that the election was rigged and all the courts who is tossing Trumps claims out should be checked out to that makes them look just as bad as the far left and it would not surprise me one bit if they was paid off for turning Trump away. I would love to see Trump take down the far left every single one of them and the medias and FB and Twitter love to see him own them and CNN. Prayers for Trump and his family and Pence and his family.

  3. So do you STILL believe Trump is going to “win?” It is now December 15th and Biden has won the Electoral College. Trump clearly has lost, even though it was obviously fraud in MI, PA, WI. So now what??

  4. You are not a good psychic because you thought trump would win. Biden won by a landslide. I bet trump will wind up in Prison.

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