Extraordinary Chris Psychic Review- Is Psychic Chris A Scam?

Just like there are true, authentic psychics who were born with gifts and abilities, there are also loads of fake psychic scammers. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get tricked and fall victim to them- I would know because it happened to me before.

I’ve written before about other fraudulent psychics that New Lotus Web Ltd. are responsible for (and possibly created by) such as Psychic Esmeralda, Medium Maria, and William, the Guardian Angel.

Extraordinary Chris Was Created By New Lotus Web, Ltd

new lotus web scam

Well, I want to review another supposed psychic that goes by several different names including ‘The Extraordinary Chris’, ‘Chris the Psychic’, ‘Chris Voyance’ and ‘Psychic Chris’. Like the other “psychics,”  I mentioned, he is also owned and operated by New Lotus Web Ltd. His website is https://oraculum.psychic-readings-for-free.com/

This company is extremely questionable to me since they “sell digital marketing solutions” to people who want to make money as a psychic. Not to mention the fact that they’re based out of Gibraltar. In fact, I am 99% sure that they are just fabricating these psychics and they don’t truly exist as people.

This is the address listed on ‘Extraordinary Chris’ website for New Lotus Web Ltd:

World Trade Center

1st Floor- Unit 1.02 Suite 253

6 Bayside Road

GX11 1AA Gibraltar

You may or may not know this, but Gibraltar is a well-known hub for companies that evade taxes and launder their money. They were at the center of several money laundering schemes unveiled in the famous Panama Papers. They also don’t follow the same rules as most countries, nor do they extradite criminals to the United States.

All of this makes it is extremely difficult to get any kind of guarantee or refunds. If a “psychic” based out of this country were to scam me, they wouldn’t have any repercussions. This is one big red flag to me when looking for a legitimate psychic.

Truthfully, there’s no good reason for an authentic, law-abiding psychic to do business from there. I believe that if a psychic is authentic and has nothing to conceal, they wouldn’t be hiding behind a shell company in a far-away country.

Even considering all of this, I could possibly look past it if I truly believed he had a genuine gift or psychic abilities.  While I can’t prove 100% that he isn’t psychic, there are a lot of indicators that tell me he isn’t.

New Lotus Web Is A Marketing and Advertising Company

New Lotus Web Psychics

I covered the first one already, which is the fact that his whole website and all his emails are planned and written by the digital marketing firm New Lotus Web Ltd.

It’s upsetting to know that his words, videos, messages etc. aren’t original or heartfelt in the slightest. These are all things the marketing firm tells him to say in order to get customers.

Also, I don’t like how his readings are only done through email. I enjoy a more personal connection when getting a psychic reading.

I like being able to talk to my psychic directly on the phone, through video calls or by instant messaging.

It’s more intimate and fulfilling when they are interacting with me then and there- not having to wait for an emailed response.

Psychic Chris’s responses are all very generic sounding and nonspecific. They could apply to anyone and aren’t personal at all. He even has a standard email response he sends to those who don’t respond to his emails, saying certain things to trigger them into buying a reading. This is all part of the skillful marketing team’s scheme.

Now let’s talk about the actual content of his messages. Just like Psychic Esmeralda, Chris tries to convince people to purchase readings from him by using scare tactics. He frightens people by making them believe they’re about to experience bad luck, love problems, financial issues, and curses.

His emails are also really good at using reverse psychology, subliminal messages, and emotional manipulation. He convinces people that he chosen to help them for free or for a small donation because they are special to him. This sounds nice and all, but it’s never actually free. He gets his customers hooked deeper and deeper, and then asks them for payment in order to continue.

Another red flag is the fact that there’s no way to verify him

The psychics reviewed on my trusted psychic networks page have been tested and background checked, unlike Chris. Also, with an online psychic network, you’re able to get a refund if you’re not satisfied- you can’t with Chris. As mentioned previously, the company is based out of Gibraltar where a lot of companies choose to run unethical businesses out of.

This also makes it to where you can’t complain to the banks about the money you’ve paid and you have no way to get help. Add in the fact that he never gives any personal information about himself, his location, his past, and that there is no way to trace anything back to him and you have a really suspicious scenario.

Even though he can’t be traced, his marketing team has no problem tracing the location of the people they send emails to. They can see what city and state your computers IP address is in, who your email provider and ISP are plus any personal information you give him in order to get your reading. They then use this information to try and convince you they know where you live thanks to his psychic abilities.

Chris Does Not Offer Refunds Or Guarantees

Unfortunately, this works on a lot of unsuspecting victims and they get taken to the cleaners with no way to complain once they’ve figured it out. Some people never figure it out and they truly believe what Chris is telling him, which could be the source of any positive reviews you might find.

However, there are A LOT of negative reviews for Chris and this is another red flag for me. Sure, not everyone is going to love every psychic they talk to, but Chris has an alarming amount of people sharing negative experiences about him. They are all pretty similar too.

There are complaints that he would take money out of people’s accounts without consent, that they paid for readings they never received, that he refused to refund them even though he said he would- the list goes on!

One reviewer stated that he got sucked in to Chris’ ad and paid him for a reading. He then received a message after paying that said the old link would no longer work and that he would get his reading through an email.

extraordinary chris scam

Well, he never received it and when he went to request a refund, his emails would not go through, as if he were being blocked. The first and only message he received from Chris was one “thanking him for his donation” had a UK address on it.

I decided to do some digging and discovered that this address is the location of a business called ‘Reichmann & Wing Limited’ and they are “company registration specialists”.

I’m not sure why their address was given instead of Psychic Chris’ but of course no one replied when he wrote to that address requesting the refund he was guaranteed if unsatisfied!

There are also a lot of people complaining that he would make them feel guilty by accusing them of not caring about themselves if they didn’t pay him for a reading.

People also stated that his readings had a very degrading tone to them. The company prays on peoples’ feelings and vulnerabilities.

A lot of reviewers shared that he would tell them he could cure their anxiety and depression, but never did or said anything meaningful to them and just kept charging them money.

At the end of the day, I’m not even certain if “The Extraordinary Chris” is an actual person. For all we know, he could just be a digital presence created by New Lotus Web Ltd. They could have hired someone to pass themselves off as him in photographs and videos.

As I mentioned before, he is unverified, no information can be found on him, no way to contact him or talk to him in real time. The generic and canned emails and responses, along with the emotionally blackmailing emails are something that can easily be duplicated by the use of “messenger bots” and an actor.

While I can’t prove this beyond doubt, his “services” and “talents” just don’t sit well with me. I would only trust genuine psychics with my personal and intimate issues. I would want Psychics that have been tested, verified, and can be reached or refunded if needed.

Online psychic networks such as Psychic Source, Ask Now, Path Forward and the others I review on my reviews page are trustworthy. They test and verify their psychics, and you can choose a different psychic if one isn’t a good match for you. They also stand behind their psychics with a satisfaction guarantee.

You get to read actual reviews by other customers and you’re able to interact with them on a more personal basis. Because of these reasons and more, they’re the only ones I trust when I want a psychic reading.


For all the reasons mentioned, I cannot recommend The Extraordinary Chris. I would even go so far as to warn people against falling into his trap. Once his company has gotten ahold of your email address with their promises of a “free” reading, he will do and say anything to separate you from your money.

Even if I had an inkling of faith that he is honest, there are just too many unknowns. I would skip right over him and instead contact a network that has a far better reputation for my reading.

There are plenty of other sites to choose from like the ones below that employ genuine, humble, and honest psychics. They offer their services at a fair price and without any of his unethical marketing strategies.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. I do believe at one time Etraordinary Chris was a real person – about 12 years ago when I contacted him and received personalized responses. Unfortunately, about 14 months ago, I contacted the site and am still receiving weekly “reports” that are copies of the ones received approx 12 years ago, but with absolutely no response to any personalized inquiries. Best to use your time and resources for legitimate contacts and information.

    • Thats very possible BJ. Thanks for the insight. As of right now I’m going to say Chris is no longer at the helm or he doesn’t care about his business anymore.

      • Angela, THANK YOU!!! ”Extraordinary Chris” looks to be about 40 years younger than the male voice on his contacts. He even swore at me, said I’m out of touch with the reality of my situation (I MUST be…I considered sending him money!!!). But he KEEPS telling me I’m in VERY serious danger and calling me the fake name I gave him despite I’ve emailed him the CORRECT one and he NEVER uses it. But, THEN there’s THE question…would you want to make a REAL, bona fide psychic MAD AT YOU!??? The answer I believe is TRUE PSYCHICS aren’t evil. As for the scammers’ bully tactics?? BEWARE!! These guys are GOOD at spending YOUR money in HIDING. And look at it another way…they have EVERYTHING to lose if they get busted. THINK ABOUT IT people…is THAT the person you want to have know where you and your loved ones can be found???? They’re ONLY a plane flight away from your safe haven called YOUR FRONT DOOR!!!!!

        • Laurie you nake some good points. I noticed too the difference between voice and pictures of Extraudinary Chris. Now he emails me to celebrate spring, I live other side of planet earth where it’s now fall.
          I’ve been scammed too.

      • personaly I believe there is a MAN Chris because I dreamed him before knowing of him and I would wake up wondering who is that hero in my dreams! And after three days I got his email and got to know who he was and the reason GOD placed him in my life!
        But sad the Chris ROBO came into play as a means of income security because every man deserves pay for his upkeep but yes there is a lot of applied pyscology in the emails! thank you!

      • personaly I believe there is a MAN Chris because I dreamed him before knowing of him and I would wake up wondering who is that hero in my dreams! And after three days I got his email and got to know who he was and the reason GOD placed him in my life!
        But sad the Chris ROBO came into play as a means of income security because every man deserves pay for his upkeep but yes there is a lot of applied pyscology in the emails! thank you!

  2. Firstly I need to urge anyone reading this stay away from Chris if it’s you or someone you know in contact with him GET THEM HELP. My mother was realised from the physiatric emergency care centre after being admitted in a panic she believed Chris was telepathically speaking to her and told her she would go crazy. He has ruined our lives my mum sent him inconsistent amounts of money for generalised PDF files (which in my opinion leads me to believe he’s not even a person rather a computer) telling her she had powers. she isolated herself from her family, she wouldn’t sleep, and was not herself. It’s truely something unsettling to look into your mothers eyes and not see her anymore,, she wasn’t there,she didn’t show emotion for her kids any more her husband of 28 years. She is now on anti-psychosis meds and anti-depressants. Chris to some degree does understand human psychology and that’s how he gets you in but my mother can now admit she believes she was hypnotised by images and videos sent to her. Please if Chris is incontact with someone you know get them help even if your not sure he is truely a terrible person and takes advantage of lonely people and drags them down to a dark horrible place. I am 19 years old and am now caring for my mother our lives will never be the same thanks to this ‘man’.

    • As a general rule of thumb, all people named chris on the enternet are ********. Just the way it comes off the the tongue…. chrissssss!!!. Like a snake. Thought is was just me, but now a patern seem to be emerging. I’m a bit clairvoyant myself, Marlow keeps coming to mind. I say we form a good old fashioned mob, i say apache license, will beet em at there own game,on there home turf and get these ******** good. I’

      • I say we form a good old fashioned mob, i say apache license, will beet em at there own game,on there home turf and get these ******** good. I’!!!!! We are watching you because we are in your ceromonii after when Chris openad ceremonii with his coworkers in 2015 and now is in a jail soo is so funy that somoone is soo naive that he would openly confess on the internet for committing a kriminal on a daily basis and he is still at large but it’s not so long time for everyone, but thanks to the fact that I have this evidence for my case, it’s called black witch hunting!!!! Best regards for Angela

    • Hi Olivia, I’m sorry to hear that about your mum, she had a lucky escape, I’ve just been in contact with him since Sunday, and I can’t afford the readings, I told him, but he keeps bothering me, I’m trying to get away from him, so I blocked him, I knew it wasn’t genuine. Thanks for telling us your story, it’s made me realise what an ass he is. I watched the video here sent me, and I kinda felt a bit strange while watching it. Hope your mum’s ok. liz

    • Wow! Olivia I am so sorry to hear this. I don’t think people really understand how serious theses scams are! How these Internet con-men can ruin real peoples lives. I really appreciate you sharing this, I’m sure it was difficult to do. I hope your you and your mother get the help you need.

  3. I consulted Chris and he will won me over immediately. Unfortunately, the rate at which he makes proposed offers began to get ridiculous. He then lost his temper with me a few times. The first time he seemed to be losing his center as he kept going on about how he didn’t think I trusted him. This was my first red flag as it seemed to insinuate to me that he was outing himself by going on about it as such. This in effect had the opposite outcome he as intending as I had totally trusted him up to that point. I will say that he felt real to me. But I do believe that barring he is in fact not a bot of some kind and a psychic who lost his way or a psychic won over by business and tainted, that the universe and the celestial realm can honor a person’s offerings made and faith and still help that person. At least to a certain extent. But I appreciate this review as my spirit seemed to speak with me about my dealings with him and I have kept away. He is emailing me right now and trying to get me back into responding to him.

    Honestly, I felt some connection with him and still do. I’m not so sure he is a bot, at the very least. But I do have a bleeding heart. To my own detriment even. Thank you for these reviews for all the negative ones are the exact psychics I’ve been dealing with or who keep attempting to get into contact with me.

    In my small experience just started this year I have talked to all the untrustworthy seers it would seem. How interesting and also deflating. I must say though, the universe I do feel honors a sincere hearted individual and I believe can still speak in ways through any half boiled scam artist for I have garnered a new sense of hope and faith in the future from looking to my stars. Even through mediums that are apparently sketchy at best. Thank you so much for the insight! Peace and Love.

    • Stephen, once you start with him a real person does take over but only after they’ve hooked you and gotten some money from you. After that they put a live scam artist on to reel in you in for thousands more. Its all part of the scam.

      • Yes. I believe you are correct. I have spent close to a thousand dollars on some of these individuals or entities in the last half year. I seem to have a similar story as you starting on this path of consultation. I have made a deal with myself that I owe it to myself to pick and consult a reputable one point post haste. Thank you , dear. Its a good thing what you have been doing here. And no doubt you have transformed your experience and have been blessed from having made it through the treacherous waters.
        The universe and life force sees us and honors us despite untrue vessels proclaiming to be forthright. I do believe this to be true. I don’t answer to or put my faith in psychics. I answer to and put my faith in the Angels. And I’ve used my best discernment to avoid feeling pressured beyond escape from any outright blind snare from any one of these I have conversed with. Unfortunately, it would seem that even being in contact with almost ten separate “seers” I have not met a single one worth the reputation and uprightness tgt they so readily claim.

        You are a champion. Thank you for using your experiences and excavating this information for us all. Bless your heart


  4. Chris is real. You can find him online. He is the only one in the line of individuals that was correct on some things early on in our talks. I’ve felt his presence and it was extremely positive. I don’t think he is always right or “in a zone” all the time. He isn’t perfect. I’m sure none of the psychics in the world are batting a hundred.

    I’m not sure or one to speak on his methods but I imagine one can get what they put in. With many there may not be the best connection made. But that has to be at least somewhat normal. I guess my point is that he has helped me and he has garnered, at one time, some acclaimed spotlight and media attention. I don’t know. In all good conscience I cannot say he is a fraud. I have witnessed his help manifest in many positive members. Especially early on. But I started talking to others and less invested in the track him an I were on. hence, the magic was lost some or dampened. But, by all means, folks should go where they feel most comfortable.

    • You are correct Stephen! I have many email messages personally written to me from Chris. He even recorded some video messages where he addresses me personally. He has some older TV clips on YouTube from the days he had a TV show in England. He is a senior citizen now and I believe he lets the company in Gilbraltor handle his online personae “Chris the Extraordinaire”. Nonetheless with as many hits that
      an international website for Psychic advice would get, it leaves me shaking my head that people deem someone as a fictitious character because he doesn’t take clients phonecalls 24/7..he has a ph # on his web page and I have successfully made contact on one phonecall to it last year. I’d rather have my readings printed in an email, so I can reread anytime and always have a copy saved. People still wanna see and talk to a fortune teller with a crystal ball it seems, like a fun time at a carnival or circus.

    • Maybe Chris was real at one point Stephen, but now his website and his online operation are owned by an unscrupulous company.

  5. hi – I can honestly and seriously vouch that Chris is a real person – hes been around for years and he helped me years ago. Now he’s connected to a sort of online psychic team and I think his energies are scattered so far ad so much – the results are touch and go.
    I would like to point out tho that Chris is real. I have felt his connection and seen him/his image when he connects with me – he is most def real
    Chris is a real gifted psychic and a very good one at heart His mission/life is dedicated to helping people. prob too much so – as I personally think hes trying to hep too many people and the results are touch n go if they work.
    I just wish he wasn’t connected with the company hes with as his energies are too scattered helping too too many people. The mans real tho and kind and full of goodness. His psychic ability is real and he uses it to help people in need. Maybe 2nd time round for me – I was deemed as not worthy or more people inn more need than myself why the help didn’t help me. Neither here nor there – I must be grateful for the past help. Chris is a disciple of goodness. Please don’t knock him – he really doesn’t deserve it.

    • Jenny, Whatever ”Extraordinary Chris” once was he is no longer. His goal and intent ARE driven by GREED and ANONYMITY and his tactics include intimidation, shame, losing his temper trying to get you to LET HIM save YOU (blaming YOU if he CAN’T), swearing, bullying, using your fear and exploiting emotional trauma, and bringing in”friends”with whom he discusses you who are even HAPPY to split his last-resort fees to hook you into staying subscribed via $$. And LOTS OF IT!! Amazingly for all the thousands of people for whom he supposedly reads exactly how does he spend ALL DAY days in a row for weeks where he is up day and night working on ONLY YOUR READING?? WHAT?? He has more than 24hrs. in a day?? His ”proteges” as he calls them are special. And MAYBE he HAS done reputable work in the past. But if he’s REAL wouldn’t he know when he’s ”speaking” to a TRUE medium, parapsychologist or Clairvoyant?? You’re a perfect target and I wish you well.

    • Chris is real, you might need to be patient do the work he gives you,read and really think about what he is telling you. This universe is much more than what you see on the surface. We truly are spiritual beings having a human experience. My experience is a much better life full of joy peace often shaking my head and asking am I really hear? Can this life be real? It is truly heaven here on earth. And it is because of sticking with Chris and not giving up. Yes sometimes he misses the mark,and feel that maybe he is stretched himself to thin . I too have felt his presence. Unfortunately we live in a society that is very quick to judge,and yes he has left himself wide open for judgment. But if you put yourself in gods hands he will show you that Chris is for real. The universe truly does speak to us. Try to listen to your heart before passing judgment. I never new anything about extraordinary Chris before I clicked on to his sight,but my life has gone from run of the mill to much joy and full of energy sense working with Chris. I hope someday he will make his presence known.

      • Yes Darlene, Chris is real and he’s not as young looking as he appeared in the photograph because it’s an old picture of him going back as far as 1995/96. Chris should be in his 70s now. Chris would have sold this Website just like Maria Duval who is caught up in this Scam. These takeover Companies are able to use the details of the previous owners for which gratuity pay!ments are !are to them. These Scammers are Gypsies and Mark who claimed to be Chris’s assistant is also on the game as a Scammer. Those responses are not from Chris so stay well away. It’s only a matter of time before this game is Up ! The investigations for Maria Duvall who got caught up in this are still on going in the United States.

      • Yeah sure Chris is real. It’s hard to imagine people fall for these scams! Why don’t your foreign freaks get a real job? Your sooooo weak. i’m bringing a real curse on these scam artists behind the great Chris!

      • Darlene, I’m guessing you work for chris too? It says, plain as day on his own website that he isn’t real, and he’s just a made up persona. If you’re getting value from his readings then great, keep on contacting him. For most they’re just going to get ripped off because he’s not a real Psychic … and he’s not even a real person.

  6. Chris is an amazing man. I am a great skeptic yet stood by him for years. We are closely connected and will forever have an extraordinary bond. I can not even begin to tell all the incredible things he has done for me. I do understand that he too has gone through some very trying times and gone through some incredible changes himself. He is a very tough yet gentle man and besides an other-worldly understanding about people and events, his unique strategic skills are designed to bring out your best gifts and talents. Many love him dearly and there are the many who do not. He accepts that and will tell you the same. You either love him or you don’t. I would copy and paste a biography about him, written years ago, yet at this time I sense I will write another review about later and post it then. When you really need a good person to help you and are able to donate for all his various services , over time you will see what it is you actually gained. Even when some of the emails are the same as others, that is not where his real service lies when it comes down to his in-depth studies that he can exact and for the select few, those who understand him. Some things change and some things never do. Chris will always be an exceptional and as for extraordinary does not even come close to the gifts he has been given yet also taken away …. as all things are alchemy meant to be refined.

  7. Hey Angela, I myself am starting my own Psychic services soon. I like to do research on doing this kind of service because like anyone I don’t want to be scammed and I certainly understand how people feel and the fact they work hard for their money. I often had trouble with my own confidence in my own abilities. So, I came across Chris’s website and in honesty have come across a few others like his. And you are right – The services or he himself is a scam. I signed up for his free-readings and immediately started noticing that the so-called good stuff and great things were going to happen for me were put off with what I call filler information. He always says he will get to that in the email in a moment while you end up with a headache after reading about 5 pages of fluff.

    So, I decided to verify my suspicions. Since I have more than one personal email address I decided I would sign up as 3 different people for his readings. Three different identities etc. And sure enough, two of his responses were identical to each other only with my names replaced. The third one had some other type of the same B.S. I didn’t have to go far into the posted reply to see it was a scam. Everyone promising important dates yet, when I didn’t act upon them or respond to Chris I would get an email within 3 – 4 days telling me that it’s not too late even though the time and date had expired for the original offer. I never spent a penny for any of his services and all I had to do was unsubscribe from his emails. I have not been bothered since. I pride myself in fishing out a scam when I feel one I guess you can call it street smarts? However, is good as I like to believe I am at avoiding being taken I have to admit – Had I not thought of verifying my suspicion I think I would have come very close to being ripped off by this man/service (?)

  8. Hi I have just fallen into the Chris trap! I am very vulnerable at the moment. I’ve paid £19.50 so far and they are taking another £19.50 next month. I don’t know how to stop it. I don’t want or need this stress I’m in a bad place already.

    • Hi Lorraine,

      If you can’t reach the company behind Chris to cancel the auto-billing you can contact your bank and explain to them that you did not want to be billed the recurring charges. Request that they issue you a new card with a new number and reverse the charges. Once you have a new card with a new number he can no longer bill your old one.

      • Kevin…You hot only FIVE pages of ”fluff”? He must like me more (lol) as I got 26 pages of fluff!! Oooh la la! I feel SOOOO priviledged!!

  9. He/She/ It /They
    definitely scam
    Back in 2006 I got letters from these people in one state.
    In 2007 I moved. And I got the same introductory letters at my new address.
    And once I got a super long letter where I was called by my name the first couple of pages. Then 2 pages I was called “Janine”.
    Then the final page I was called by my name again.
    Its all crap. Been going on for over 15 years.
    No thanks.

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