Family Of Deceased Hockey Player Ruslan Salei Enlists Russian TV Psychic To Contact His Spirit

Though there are many television shows on TV internationally featuring psychics and psychic mediums, it is uncommon to come across a show mixing psychics and hockey on these shows.

That being said, there is a Russian version of an American psychic show called America’s Psychic Challenge (which is now cancelled) and it will be featuring a famous hockey family.

The episode, filmed on October 13th, 2013, has Ruslan Salei’s family on it. For those of you not familiar with this name, Salei used to be a defenseman for the Anaheim Ducks, the Detroit Red Wings, as well as the Russian team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl. He was onboard the flight from Yaroslavl to Minsk, along with the rest of the KHL Lokomotiv team, about two years ago that crashed and killed everyone in it. On the show, Salei’s family attempted to make contact with his spirit.

Salei’s mother, Tamara, told the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that Salei’s niece wrote a letter to the television show, in hopes of contacting her uncle.

“’Who’ and ‘why’ was not really important to us. We wanted, if at all possible, to talk to Ruslan’s soul, to find out how he is,” Tamara says. “And one of the mediums got in touch with Ruslan’s ghost. He was right behind our backs. Son asked us to wish his niece a Happy Birthday that she has last summer…

“We were surprised: How could the medium find out about that? Then our son’s ghost sighed and said with sorrow ‘I would really want to light up a cigar right now!’ At that point we couldn’t even breathe: Ruslan actually really loved good cigars!

“The medium also said that Ruslan had a chance to survive, not everything was predetermined. And I remembered that before that game son didn’t want to fly to Minsk, but planned to drive his car alone. He then changed his mind and decided not to separate from the team. Back then Vadim, my second son, tried to convince him ‘Don’t fly. If you don’t want to drive, that’s OK, I am ready to come get you from Minsk…”

A lot of Russian hockey fans questioned Salei’s family’s decision to work with a psychic to try to contact him when news of this got out. Some even called it unethical but Tamara replied with “What’s unethical in it? It’s our right to find out why my son died. What’s so bad about it? It’s not like we are asking for a further investigation.”

The psychics report states that the medium not only made contact with Salei, but also with one of the pilots in the plane that day. They said that the pilot told them that the tragic crash happened due to technical problems and that there was nothing they could do.

However, investigators looking into the cause of the wreck determined that crew errors were responsible for the tragic accident.


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