Former Model Sally-Ann Jones Sues Restaurant Over Fire That Was Foretold By A Psychic

Chelsea, London – 40-year-old ex model Sally-Anne Jones is in the process of suing the restaurant below her flat for a fire that originated there. She states that a tarot card reader she had gone to two weeks before the incident had given her advance warning of this fire. She is seeking £300,000.

Her reason for seeking such a large payout is because she believes that she is suffering from post-traumatic stress due to the fire. She also states that ever since the fire broke out on January 1st, 2010, she has been left with serious health issues. She says that the only reason she managed to escape with her life is because of the tarot reading she had received. At the time of her tarot reading, she picked the “tower” card- this card indicates that there is danger and it shows people jumping from a large fire.

“I was moving in circles with some big names and some quite important people before this happened,” said Jones.

“I don’t feel in any fit state to make decisions in my life. It’s not just the flashbacks and the fear, it is the devastation of the aftermath, not being able to work and sleep. Yes, I lost all of my possessions, but I also lost my relationship, and my confidence. It feels as if I have had a personality transplant. Some part of me has gone,” she adds.

In the legal documents that were presented to the High Court, her legal advisors declare that the raging fire has caused Jones to be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. They also state that the insurers of the Little Bay restaurant have made an admission of liability that is “subject to causation being proven”.

Jones, who used to be a glamour model, is living in Chelsea and was working as an IT entrepreneur and consultant before the fire. The incident has caused her to cease working and she is unsure how much time she will need before she can begin working again. “People say to me, ‘but no one was killed and you didn’t die’, but I was getting engaged and that was my world. A fire like that is about what is left behind; you have to rebuild your life. My friends try to make me go out, but I just want to lock myself away,” she says.

The man who opened the restaurant in 2003, Peter Llic, made a statement saying, “The matter is being dealt with by Fay Ltd.’s representatives who are in negotiations with Miss Jones’s solicitors in relation to her claim.”


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