Fraudulent Psychic Arrested After Scamming $800,000 From Two Victims

I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a rough week for a woman who calls herself Psychic Zoe. This self-proclaimed fortune-teller is the latest example of psychic fraud after being arrested by New York Police Department on May 9th. Her real name is Ann Thompson and NYPD arrested her on suspicion of defrauding clients out of more than $800,000!

Police found out about Thompson after two of her victims reached out to private investigator Bob Nygaard. Nygaard has made quite a name for himself in the psychic scam field.

Bob Nygaard

Psychic scam private investigator Bob Nygaard

Both victims chose to remain anonymous when making their report. One of them is a Canadian woman in her late 40’s who was scammed out of about $740,000. The other is a male business professional from the Midwest who is in his 30’s. He met Thompson in Manhattan last year while on a business trip and she scammed him out of $72,000.

The Canadian victim told Nygaard that she made the decision to see the psychic due to relationship problems she was experiencing. What would it hurt to pay Psychic Zoe just down the street $5 to have her fortune read, right?

She couldn’t have been more mistaken unfortunately. Thompson quickly sensed the woman’s’ naiveté, coupled with a broken heart, and did not waste any time taking advantage of her situation. She preyed on the victim’s despair and depleted her entire life savings. She was able to convince the distressed woman that unless she bought Thompson a 9.2 carat diamond ring, the victim would never find love again.

She also managed to convince the woman to spend large amounts of money on building a “golden pyramid” that would protect her and her loved ones from death, as well as on spells that would get rid of demons. Of course, the golden pyramid was completely made-up.

Thanks to Nygaard’s help, Thompson was arrested and is now awaiting sentencing. Nygaard has put numerous scamming psychics in jail, about 30 by his count that have been prosecuted. Thanks to him, his clients have received about $3.5 million back to date.

In spite of his excellent track record, Nygaard still has a hard time getting law enforcement to take fortune-teller fraud seriously. He said that in this particular case, he received “excellent cooperation from a NYPD detective” but that normally, psychic fraud isn’t a priority for the police and they don’t take time to work those cases.

Nygaard firmly believes that psychics conning large sums of money from desperate people is a serious problem. “The prevalence with which these psychic scams are occurring, and the exorbitant amounts of money of which vulnerable people are being defrauded, not only in NYC but all over the USA, is absolutely astonishing,” he said in an interview recently. “Police and prosecutors need to wake up [and] realize that these self-proclaimed psychics are often part of organized criminal enterprises.”

I absolutely hate hearing about this happening to trusting and unsuspecting victims! It reminds me of when it happened to me years ago and it breaks my heart. This is exactly why I only consult genuine, background checked and tested psychics now. Don’t be the next victim, check out my psychic reviews page to be connected with authentic and sincere psychics and to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.



Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. I am a phone psychic and this makes me sick. I have several clients that have told me how much they have pd. to cons’,but I take the time to try to tell them never never pay anyone for services over and above what they are paying for their reading. Extras huh. What a scam and shame on the scammers. They make us look very bad.

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