Fraudulent Psychic Sued For False “Visions” Of Texas Massacre

There has been an update to this story since this article was published.

In 2011 police raided a ranch house in Texas because of information given to them by a psychic. The tip turned out to be untrue; now the owners of the ranch are suing the psychic, the police department, and even some news agencies.

This all started on June 6th, 2011 when a psychic who gave the name “Angel” made a phone call to the police department and tipped them of a massacre that was happening at the ranch. She gave gruesome details of this, such as there being dozens upon dozens of bodies that had been butchered in a ranch right outside the city of Houston. She informed them they had a mass grave at the ranch full of children and rotting corpses that were all chopped up and decapitated.

When the Liberty County Sheriff’s office received the phone call, they sent deputies out to the ranch to look into the property but they did not find anything wrong or out of the ordinary. However, the next day they received yet another call describing the same thing so this time the FBI, Texas Rangers, and dozens of officials from the Texas Department of Public Safety showed up at the location. They were accompanied by cadaver dogs, news reporters (including news helicopters) and bystanders there to see what was going on.

It turns out that there was no cause for concern, everything was normal and no dead bodies or anything illegal was found. This psychic “Angel” was either mistaken or she was purposely lying for some reason.

This event caused deep embarrassment for the police department and all of the authorities involved; however, they declined to send an apology out to the ranch owners. They stated that they followed procedures by taking action when they received news of heinous crimes. It does not matter where the information of a mass murder comes from, it must be investigated so they were just doing their job.

Joe Bankson and Gena Charlton are the owners of the ranch and they filed a lawsuit in early 2012.

The “psychic” who called in the tip to the police department seems to have just vanished into thin air. Due to no one being able to find her, Bankson and Charlton were not able to sue her at the time so the couple was suing the sheriff’s office for undue search and seizure and the news agencies that showed up for unjust defamation. They later discovered the location of Angel and they set up a suit against her. Her real identity is a woman named Presley Gridley who goes by the psychic name “Rhonda”. She lives in Stanton, Texas, which is located about 800 miles away from the ranch house.

Anna Merlan is a reporter for The Dallas Observer and has been watching the case unfold. According to her, a blogger by the name of Allen Youngblood did some investigating of his own and found a call that Gridley had placed to a nearby county Sheriff’s Department, telling them to look into a rural Texas ranch house, in hopes of finding two children who were missing and who had an Amber Alert on them.

Gridley told the person who answered her call that the missing children were in really bad shape and that they were in a farmhouse near a little town named Hardin. She told them that they were being kept in a cellar along with another young boy. She also told them how she knew this; “You’ll think I’m crazy, but have you ever heard of Sylvia Browne? She’s actually a psychic. And I’m a reverend and a psychic… The spirits talk to me. There were 32 of them that told me they were kids and they’re actually there, and they think these kids are there… These 32 souls are kids, and they said that’s where they were actually killed. They were sacrificed there… y’all would also find their bones there. They said their bones are like in the walls. Also if you’ll look with some kind of light or whatever, there’s stuff written all over the walls in blood.”

Whoever the psychic really is- Angel, Rhonda, or Gridley – could not have been further from the truth. When the ranch house was searched, there was none of that found. No bodies, blood on the walls, bones in the walls- nothing pointing to any kind of foul play of any type. The two missing children were actually found later, unhurt and in perfectly good health by the side of the road. It turns out that their older sister had kidnapped them for some reason.


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