Fake Psychics Who Have Now Been Linked To Psychic Scamming Empress Maria Duval

Although Maria Duval is one of the most infamous phony psychics, that certainly doesn’t mean she’s the only one. An entire network of scamming psychics wants to trick you out of your money.

I can’t stand scammers and like to bring them to light on my blog. A lot of these other scamming psychics can be linked back directly to the Duval organization,

One of these supposed ‘psychics’ is an elderly lady named Laetizia. She claims to come from a long line of psychics on her family’s little Mediterranean island. Then there’s a young woman named Alisha who wears bright saris and states she’s helped thousands fix their problems.

The last one I’ll discuss is Rinalda, a young woman who claims to have received her psychic abilities after suffering from a terrible case of appendicitis and falling into a coma.

The websites of these three self-proclaimed psychics state they can help anyone find love or win money. These claims are exactly like the letters Maria Duval would send to people in the $200 million mail fraud case.

Another significant thing they all have in common is that all three websites can be traced back to a man named Martin Dettling from Switzerland through domain registrations. Dettling happens to be a defendant in the U.S government lawsuit that helped shut down the Maria Duval scam.

The Plot Thickens

It turns out that Dettling isn’t the only individual connected to the Duval scheme who operates their own psychic business. Further digging revealed there are a large number of strangely similar psychic companies.

Even though the languages and faces of these fake psychics are different, they all follow the same business model. Some of them even use nearly identical letters and websites. Most telling is that many of the business people involved in these schemes worked with the creators of the Duval scheme at one point or another.

The U.S government named another group of psychics, Sandra Rochefort, Nicholas Chakan, David Phild, and Antonia Donera, in a lawsuit filed the same day that they filed the alleged mail fraud case against Duval.

According to the lawsuit, the company behind these scams has a connection with Duval. The New York company’s business filings list Niels Christensen as the CEO and the director of Astroforce in the U.S. However, he isn’t involved in the lawsuit.

When investigators questioned previous Infogest employees about Christensen, they said he was a top official at the company years ago.

Authorities called the only working number found for Christensen and a male answered the phone but refused to either confirm or deny that it was he. Whoever it was that answered did clarify that he was not involved with Infogest or Duval’s organization.

Lastly, there’s “world famous” French psychic Anne Chamfort. Interestingly, the Russian company listed on the Annechamfort.com domain registration is the same company that owns Duval’s Russian website domain.

An Anonymous Tipster Comes Forward

Chamfort’s website isn’t currently active, but her name has been around for decades. A former Astroforce employee who investigators questioned stated that Chamfort was one of three psychic personas Mailland created.

Like the Duval scam, a lady calling herself Chamfort is traversing the world with her supposed psychic predictions. It seems that she is currently focusing on scamming Vietnam. Media reports state that she showed up there last week.

After the Duval scam was exposed and was all over the Internet, an anonymous woman came forth with information. The tipster claimed to work for a direct marketing company based out of Moscow. She said part of her job was sending letters and psychic readings signed by Chamfort.

The woman stated the Chamfort letters were an identical copy of the Duval letters and that they’re currently sending them out to Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Additionally, she states they’re using different names in some of these countries.

“Anne Chamfort’s letters are just copy-paste versions of Duval’s letters, translated from French in Moscow I believe,” said the tipster. “Take out Duval’s photos and stick in Chamfort’s.”

According to investigators, Duval’s letters have allegedly brought in hundreds of millions of dollars from the world’s most defenseless people- those who are sick, financially struggling, and the elderly.

I fear that one of these psychics will luck out and become the next international psychic sensation and scam even more unsuspecting people out of their hard-earned money. Please stay away from any of the ‘psychics’ named here.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Anne chamfort is using one the shopping online – the home catalogue shopping. I ordered and paid through bank to send me her readings and a piece of crystal worth 1,300 and another pendant not 1300 also worth of total 3,600. Her readings not happened. Fake

  2. There should be more articles like this one out in the world-wide web (Thank you to the author)! … I have had an exceedingly strange experience with such online psychics, however… Rinalda is one of five who have contacted me randomly somehow… To tell you the truth – they have all been amazingly, astoundingly, remarkably accurate in some of their readings!! I am a private, skeptical athiest and am overly wary of scam artists in all forms… Yet I can’t help concluding that some of these psychics are real and profoundly gifted, even though they do definitely seem to be a part of a larger conniving, greedy, dispicable organisation. Nonetheless – psychic or not – Do we really need someone to tell us about ourself and our very own life? Do you need others to make life choices and life changes on your behalf? No! We all have untold intelligence and insights; we all have the ability for extra awareness and forethought. My advice for anyone trapped in the temptation to succumb to these questionable psychics: Keep your head held high, your feet on the ground, believe in your own abilities and write your own destiny. That is the most self-assurance you can get 😉

    • Excellent advice Carrie. Psychics are merely guides that can help you on your path, help you see where your current path is taking you. Its most certainly up to you to choose a path. No one knows you better than you!

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