Nurse’s Psychic Abilities Reveal Themselves While On The Job

A nurse’s psychic abilities revealed themselves after experiencing several ghost sightings while working at the hospital. She decided to switch her calling from nurse to psychic medium.

43-year-old Sally Cudmore was a nurse on the special care ward, and this is where she would often see ghosts and spirits. She decided to use her gift for good and strengthen her psychic skills.

“As a trainee nurse, I quickly got used to death, and I cared for people in their final days. But it was the spirits coming back that I wasn’t ready for,” she says.

Her special gift didn’t manifest itself while she was working at the hospital, though. She’s had this ability since the young age of eight. At that age, she would often see a young girl’s spirit.

Throughout her life, she was able to ignore her gift and go about her everyday life. However, about five years ago, she realized she couldn’t keep ignoring it. Being a nurse who’s surrounded by death made it where she could no longer shut out the spirit world.

“Life in a hospital was harder than I could have imagined,” says Sally. “I trained on a special care ward in Lewisham Hospital where patients were dangerously ill, and I started to see events of the future before they happened in my head.”

Sally Began Predicting The Impending Deaths Of The Patients

“I knew someone was going to die when I saw red and black surrounding them, and it became really upsetting.”

“There was one occasion where a patient’s family were all remarking how well she looked and how they thought she was getting better. I saw the red and black surrounding her, and within the hour, she was dead. I’m only human, and it does get to you- especially when it’s children.”

Since she has seen firsthand the effects of losing a loved one on families, she decided to utilize her gift and give comfort and closure to grieving family members.

“I would see family members that would be coming for their loved ones,” she says. “I was able to pass on messages and comfort people in their grief.”

It only took being a trainee nurse for about a year before Sally realized she needed to make a move and answer her true calling as a spirit medium.

“I felt like I had no choice,” she says. “I’d been neglecting my gift. My time in the hospital showed me all of the good that I could be doing.”

Last year I reported on another nurse who decided to be a psychic.



Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Sally cudmore, is psychic. But has not told the truth to her followers
    She claims to be sick, or moving house. Cancelled her road show

    No refund given, promises reading but backs out at the last minute
    Anyone dare complain, gets blocked on facebook

    I know the alarm bells are ringing, not in her favour.

  2. Ever here of Dr Divine solution? Gannie. He has told me good things, true things but he also charged me for supplies and to get to a mountain.

    He also told me to not refuse any offers of money and then, low and behold, someone emailed me with an offer…nothing has come of it yet, and I will not give them any information…but ?????

    • I’ve never heard of Dr Divine Solution Deb. Is he a real doctor? The tactics you describe sound like those of a scam artist. If he’s charging for supplies and travel expenses then he’s a fraud. Psychics don’t need to go anywhere or buy anything to give you a good reading. Please separate yourself from this man, nothing good will come from it.

  3. I agree with Craig. I paid for a reading months ago and am still waiting. I ask for a refund but she doesn’t reply. I think it’s wrong that she is taking money from vulnerable people and not providing the service she advertises. The women is taking a fortune without doing anything. It shouldn’t be allowed.

    • Melissa please report this to your local police department. File with just about anyone who will listen, it’s the only way to bring these thieves down.

      • Re Sally! I think shes looking for fame claiming to fame finding missing persons and making a name for herself she does auctions on line! But no one knows really were the monies go shes also saying no receipt of payment no will not get your prize unless you have proof of purchase Thank you ! People are panicking Their replies…I have, Im panicking, paid through paypal …but she doesn’t answer

        • I entered a auction for one of the charity’s , I payed my money threw PayPal and received my goods, the money went straight to charity and the charity posted that they had received the money, I’ve had a one to one reading with Sally where she was accurate and I’ve been to 3 of her shows and two of them peoe came threw for me and she was correct, Imy own personal experience with Sally has been a good one

  4. Firstly I would be careful what you are putting as I feel this is slander and unless you can Prove these allegations then I would not comment. Craig Hill My road show was Never cancelled not sure where you have got your information from. I Only block people if they are threatening or insulting so therefore something must of been said for that person to be blocked. And Craig as for “no refund given” maybe you can explain that in more detail, refund for what? And I claim that I moved house and have been unwell. Not that I should have to justify myself to you, but that information is correct I have been in my new home for 4 weeks now. Do you not have anything better to do?? Melissa Walker, I have been told by my PA you received a refund, as you didnt like the wait, im afraid I am very busy and yes there is a waiting list and I have 100s of inboxes to get through, some people are just so impatient. Angela “Bring the thieves down” How dare you, call me a thief you know Nothing about me at all. Jo I have asked people to contact my PA page regarding any prizes purchased from the auction, If you have Paid then you will be more than happy to send us the proof of purchase where your prize will be released. And as for doing Auctions and “No one knows where the monies go” wow that is a big statement, any auctions I have done, for Ruby the girl with cancer, Pat Lamb etc naming a few, I ask to pay directly to the Just Giving Page which is what I always do. Unless I do a personal raffle then that goes through my paypal. I think these comments are disgusting and feel there are alot of jealous people that have too much time on their hands. I dont suppose my comment will be allowed, but I have copied all these comments anyway and will be taking advice thank you Sally Cudmore

  5. I had a reading with Sally at her show and it was amazing – she told me the names of my family members passed, how they passed Ect. She told me stuff no one knew! I don’t believe she is a con. I believe she is someone with a gift that fame found her very quickly and she was very sought after before she was actually prepared. She is trying to keep on top of things but like everyone else life gets in the way sometimes. Give her some time and space and unless you have actually had a reading with Sally you are by no means able to judge her ability.


  6. RE Sally;

    I find these comments unfair, sally has a huge following and a huge waiting list, many people have paid for a reading and are kept aware on Sally’s facebook page that a new PA is getting through the list and booking the clients in, people need to be patient, she is very sought after.
    On the online auctions, this was to raise money before Christmas to use on a trip to London to help the homeless!! Hire of a mini bus, food, drinks, blankets ect, this was carried out a week before Xmas to give some kind of comfort for people on the streets.
    Angela I really think you need to research comments before allowing them to be printed very unprofessional.

  7. The auctions on Sally’s page were for a third party, all money was paid into their just giving page , hence why sally needed receipt info . The money was never in Sally’s possession for a second

  8. Discusting to read such rubbish about sally!!! I actually lived in the same street as her growing up and i can assure u shr is No liar or fake!!! She is one of the most genuine, kind hearted people about…..shame on you ppl

  9. Sally Cudmore is now trying to get everyone on her page to comment on this page to defend her

    • lol omg very childish

    • total rubbish.

    • Sally Cudmore is a brilliant reader but her people skills are very lacking, she constantly double books and acts like she is the victim, she has arguments with people and then gets her followers to attack those poor people, and they do, including businesses that she has a grievance with, she is a bully and gets her followers to bully people for her, shame as she is good at her readings, this will be her downfall 🙁

      • Candy I do not get anybody to Bully !!! I am also a human being and am allowed to put stresses of my day on my private wall. I have a PA page and wall for clients separate. What people comment or reply to my status, I can not control. Under No circumstances do I condone bullying violence in any way. And again im guessing Candy isnt your true name, so unless you approach me as you rather than hide behind a fake name then I also have no respect in your comment. thank you

    • May I just say I’m not told by anyone what to say and at no point did Sally ask me to defend her I have just given my own personal experience , if it was bad I would have written that but it hasn’t been

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