Jose Laparra Allegedly Broke Into Psychic’s Home To Get Back Over $200,000 On Failed Love Spell

A woman in Spain who claims to be a psychic did foresee one thing correctly: she was correct in her prediction that she would have a previous customer be angry and break into her house to get the money he paid her back; the money was to pay for a love spell that she did for him but it ended up not working.

According to, Magellon, Spain police arrested Jose Laparra last week because he allegedly broke into the psychic’s house, a woman named Lucia Martin, hoping to take back the $212,000 that he gave her as payment for the unsuccessful love spell.

Laparra is the manager of the very popular Spanish soccer team, Club Deportivo Castellon. The New York Daily News reports that Laparra arrived at Martin’s house and planned on forcing Martin to give him his money back but Martin foresaw his arrival and as Laparra and four of his men knocked on the door, Martin was already on the phone with the police.

The police responded very quickly to the phone call and arrived to the house within minutes and arrested Laparra and the four men that were with him. They also took the money from the house, which Martin had rolled into a newspaper, so that it can be used in the upcoming court case as evidence.

It was already known that Laparra suffered from heart problems and while he was being arrested, he had an anxiety attack and was taken to a hospital in Zaragoza.

He and his men were let out on bail the following day but according to El Mundo, Laparra is currently awaiting a different trial to begin for his involvement in the Gurtel case, a business and political corruption scandal that is related to contract awards.



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