Lindsay Lohan Acquitted Of Assault Charges In Case Of Punching Psychic

Manhattan, NY. – It appears that Lindsay Lohan’s future does not include a criminal prosecution from the city of Manhattan for allegedly punching a psychic last year.

Florida psychic Tiffany Mitchell’s claim was rejected by the Manhattan District Attorney early Friday morning. Mitchell accused 26-year-old Lohan of punching her in the head while they were both attending a nightclub named Avenue on November 29th of 2012.

According to a law enforcement source, there was no sign of any physical contact that took place between Lohan and Mitchell shown in the club surveillance footage that was viewed.

However, there is surveillance footage from outside the building that shows Mitchell falling and suffering injuries that substantiated her claims of where Lohan hit her.

From the very beginning of all of this, Lohan and her attorney Mark Heller have denied all of these claims.

Mitchell’s lawyer, the well-known Gloria Allred, released a statement in which she said, “Tiffany is very disappointed.”

Allred states that Mitchell had a couple of witnesses who spoke to the prosecutors and the District Attorney never seemed to show “any issue about Tiffany’s credibility.”

“It appears that the District Attorney’s office feels that the case against Ms. Lohan cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Allred. She also made mention of Mitchell contemplating a civil lawsuit against Lohan.

Meanwhile, Heller made a statement to The News saying; “An alleged gypsy fortune teller tried to grasp her 15 minutes of fame by claiming that Lindsay Lohan assaulted her. Unfortunately, she was unable to see in her crystal ball that I would come to Lindsay’s defense.”

He said that he is not at all concerned about a possible follow-up civil lawsuit because these types of “unfounded” allegations are just an “occupational hazard” for Lohan, as well as other top celebrities.

He also said, “In fact, there’s probably a very strong legal argument that Lindsey could bring her own civil litigation for the false claim. I’m not saying we’ll bring civil action, but I think the conduct of the complainant was actionable.”

The press attempted to reach the Manhattan District Attorney spokeswoman but she did not comment.

“I am so grateful to Mark Heller and relieved as Lindsay’s mother that we can put this behind us,” Lohan’s mom, Dina Lohan, commented to the Daily News.

Lohan was not so lucky in court for other misconduct however; earlier last week she was also in court for lying to police about a car accident that occurred on a Californian highway in June of 2012 and was found guilty. She was given 90 days of lock-up rehab, 18 months of non-optional psychotherapy, as well as 30 days of community service.

Lohan has until May 2nd of this year to begin her rehab in New York.

“It doesn’t have to be locked like a correctional facility. It doesn’t have to be that hardcore. But it has to be a place where if she leaves, they notify us,” said Terry White, the Santa Monica City Attorney.

The judge stated that if Lohan does leave the facility, she would go to jail.

“Our understanding with the court is that as long as she’s in a facility meeting her rehabilitative interests and doesn’t leave, she’ll be in compliance,” said Heller.


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