Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer, And A Psychic, Think Lindsay May Not Face Assault Charges

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Usually, when people are going to court for something they did wrong, they hope that they have luck on their side. Lindsay Lohan had more than just luck; she had fortune by her side.

Law breaking Lohan did not have to show up for her court date Monday morning, but her lawyer did. He is defending Lohan against the misdemeanor assault case from November 29th when she allegedly punched psychic Tiffany Mitchell in the back of the head at a nightclub called Avenue and then attempted to flee the scene before police could question her. Her attorney, Mark Heller, made the bold statement that he believes Lohan will be cleared of the charges when all is said and done.

He said that he knows this because of Lohan’s psychic fortuneteller, who actually joined him at the courthouse.

“It may very well be this case does not move forward… ironically a psychic fortune teller has predicted the year 2013 will be an extremely lucky year for Lindsey Lohan,” Heller told reporters before he left the courthouse.

The court date itself was a very short one since Heller didn’t even have to see the judge. He just had to go into a private room in the courthouse. There has not been a criminal complaint drawn up yet and there is also no accusatory document prepared- this is why Lohan herself didn’t have to show up. Heller was only required to sign some paperwork that has to do with the case on Lohan’s behalf.

Heller has been insisting that Lohan is innocent of the crime she is accused of since day one. He told reporters on Monday that Lohan has a new witness who is “not related to Lindsay or the club” and who has come forward as “a good citizen” who will help everyone see Lohan’s innocence.

“Of course Lindsay is pleased with the thorough job that the district attorney’s office is doing,” said Heller. He also said that he hopes Lohan will be “totally exonerated”.


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