Lying Psychic Busted For Stealing $200K In ‘Psychic Curse’ Scam

Irvine, CA- Psychic Lisa Debbie Adams, 36, of Los Angeles, pleaded guilty to theft last week. The court found her guilty for using scare tactics to steal money from the victim.

Adams lied to a woman from Irvine about inheriting a curse from her mother while in her womb. By the time it was over, the woman ended up paying her about $200,000 to supposedly remove the curse.

Adams pleaded guilty to grand theft with a sentencing enhancement for white-collar crime exceeding $100,000. She cut a plea deal on Thursday. The court agreed to let her remain free if she repays all the money she stole from the victim.

The fraudulent psychic met the victim while passing out fliers for her services in West Hollywood. Adams noticed that the woman was holding a flier for a different psychic and approached her.

She told her that she was a much better psychic and sensed a “darkness” surrounding her. She convinced the woman to make an appointment with her to be “cleansed.”

Adams managed to pry financial information from the woman and learned of the $100,000 she had in a retirement account. Armed with this information, she organized various meetings with the client between June 2008 and August 2009.

These meetings would take place either at her West Hollywood apartment or at the woman’s job. Adams kept having the woman withdraw large amounts of money to “cleanse” the curse and the “evil” surrounding her. These amounts were as large as $96,000 at a time.

At one point, the victim advised Adams that she no longer wished to participate in these meetings. She tried to tell her that she didn’t need her assistance anymore, but Adams would not listen. She told her that the curse would fall onto her family if they stopped.

The Victim Was So Frightened By The Lie That She Decided To Keep Paying Her

Fake Psychics Love Using The Curse Scam, Don’t Fall For It!

She kept withdrawing money from her retirement accounts to give to the con artist. Adams even convinced the woman to purchase $30,000 worth of gold bars to make a “shield” for protection.

She also had her open different credit card accounts. Adams used these credit cards to purchase over $100,000 in gifts to “ward off evil.” These high-end gifts included things like accessories, jewelry, electronics, clothing, and furniture.

Finally, the victim caught on and became increasingly frustrated. She reported Adam’s actions to the Irvine Police Department in August of 2009. This report prompted an investigation into Adams and ultimately led to her arrest. The court charged her with 36 felony counts as follow:

32 Felony counts of ‘Second Degree Commercial Burglary’

2 Felony counts of ‘Credit Card Fraud.’

1 Felony count of ‘Grand Theft.’

1 Felony count of ‘Dissuading A Witness.’

They also added enhancements for ‘Aggravated White Collar Crime Over $100,000’ and ‘Property Loss Over $200,000.

Adams made the wise decision to start repaying the stolen money before the court could file the charges. First, she repaid her $50,000, followed by another $70,000 not long after.

She has promised to repay the remaining $128,000 in installments. She will pay her $30,000 every six months until the debt is clear.

Prosecutors stated that Adams would be sentenced to community service and probation if she made all the payments on time. However, she will be incarcerated for a considerably long time if she doesn’t.


Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Hi Angela, I didn’t realize how scammy some psychics actually are until reading this. Gives a bad name to the age old practice of psychic reading as a whole. Sadly people like this have no consciousness in the first place and prey on people whom are unaware that such confidence tricksters exist. It saddens me to read this although at the same time I feel more aware. Thanks for publishing this story. I will be following your blog more often now. K

    • Yes unfortunately it happens every day. =( This one just got lots of news coverage because of the large amount of money. Fortunately she got her money back, it doesn’t always turn out that way. Thanks for reading Kristine!

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