‘Long Island Medium’ Being Investigated For Fraud, Psychics Weigh In

After several complaints, the psychic medium known as the ‘Long Island Medium,’ Theresa Caputo, is currently under investigation for fraud. The complaints come from her previous guests and clients, investigators, and surprisingly even other psychics who question her authenticity.

The psychics were very vocal about their thoughts on Caputo. Hosts of a radio show called The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth brought two psychic mediums and one past life reader to discuss the situation with Caputo. They wanted to get their opinions on what was going on. You can hear the interview in its entirety on RadarOnline.com.

The same Radar Online website reported that a past client of Caputo felt there was a strong likelihood that Caputo managed to gather information about her personal life before they met. “If that’s happening at all, that is bordering on criminal,” said psychic Laura Lyn.

Lyn said that she considers Caputo a “trailblazer” and respected her before the allegations against her. “If there is any research happening before an event such as gallery style or a performance in a large audience, that will hurt not only her credibility but also all mediums’ and psychics’ credibility,” she added.

However, Lyn did state that she still believes in the Long Island Medium. “I 100% do not believe that is happening. The reason I do not believe that is happening is her reputation to this point has been pretty darn good, I would say.”

Other Psychics Feel Caputo Is Taking Advantage Of Her Name

Kerrie O’Connor, a psychic medium, told the radio show that, in her opinion, Caputo is just playing to her audience now. “She knows what the public wants and is pumped up from it. Part of her consciously knows she is pushing the envelope by not being totally ethical. Especially if she has to save face.”

“She’s very well aware and doesn’t want to be in that position. She has to save face, so she does that piggy-backing thing,” said O’Connor. O’Connor also warned about Caputo and how her fame affected her business.

“She’s walking a fine line. The more she gets pulled into the Hollywood version of it, the more she’s not tapping into her gift.” The last psychic to give her opinion on the show was Lisa Caza, and she shared her opinion about Caputo’s “fall from grace”:

“She’s caught up into this as well. She’s forgotten where she’s come from, and she’s forgotten her human side. That’s the ego she’s gotten herself caught up,” she said. Read ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Had Doctors Test Her Brain During A Channeling To Prove Her Psychic Abilities for an interesting look into ‘The Long Island Medium.’

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. is there real people that are physics or is it God that comes to them not sure

    • It’s God. I’m a lifelong natural medium and belong to no groups. I don’t practice, l don’t have clients, l take no money. Every day l’m accompanied by dead people’s souls, and by God. It took decades of fear to accept. And bad, bad hauntings to control. I’ve been declared a medium by a bishop and hit front pages in 1973. I chose not to go there again. God affords my gifts when l need them for others. Privately. I’m 77 rising 78. I met God in a nine month coma aged seven. My life is weirder than words can ever tell. God speaks to me every day. I help one on one, l told him long ago l’m not making myself public. He brings folk in need to me, it’s the deal l struck with God long ago. And in return for helping them as a channel, He has made my life so strange, l chose to live alone these past 22 years.

  2. All are frauds, how she can be charged with something that is self evident?

  3. Used to date one…..a game playing skank who got a masters degree and phd. in Holistic practice from some diploma mill in Birmingham AL. She moved to Washington State where she ran afoul of the authorities and had to move back. Currently continues to ply her trade in Southern California at a pricey $375/hour. Typical scam…do what she tells you and you are fine. The minute you deviate she turns on you……….stay away from her…..she’s not unlike cancer in many ways

  4. I don’t think you need to call people unplesant names to make you’re point It’s just easier and uncomplimentary to yourself. Have a lovely day.

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