Massachusetts Man Is Both A Lawyer And A Psychic

Steven F. Macek is a lawyer out of Norton, Massachusetts. Growing up in Providence, he recalls always wanting to be an attorney in order to help people. He accomplished his dream and worked mostly on probate work, as well as in juvenile court.

“My mother went to a psychic when I was little who told her I’d be a lawyer,” says 44-year-old Macek. “And now I’m a psychic, too,” he adds with a laugh.

Macek Now Has More Business As Psychic Than As Lawyer

Macek got certified through Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts Institute in Arizona as a “past lives reader” and he is now busier doing his psychic work than his legal work, both which he does out of his office in Mansfield Massachusetts.

“I do it more than law,” says Macek. He began doing private readings back in 2013 and bigger events with larger groups more recently. “It’s getting bigger and bigger.”

Aside from not wanting to visit his father’s grave at the cemetery, Macek doesn’t remember any signs of psychic ability as a child. His father passed away when Macek was only 8 years old.

“When I was 17 or so, my mother and brother would get upset when I didn’t want to go,” he says. “There was something inside me; I knew I just didn’t have to. In hindsight, I guess I felt a connection already with my father.”

Medium Told Macek About His Gift And He Embraced It

Macek says that he was at a large venue when a medium came up to him and told him, “You’re a medium and don’t know it” back in 2010.

Though he was very intrigued by this, he didn’t act on his feelings until a couple of years later when Elix, his husband, signed him up for training through the institute. Macek then began loving and embracing the training, and could not get enough of it, wanting to learn more and do better so that he could begin to do readings for people.”

Much of Macek’s business has been generated by word of mouth he says. “I’ll do a party, they’ll tell friends, and it goes from there.”

Macek gets satisfaction from “seeing the effect it has on people, whether they’re in grief or burdened somehow. Even to lessen that just a little by communicating with their deceased loved ones- that’s the most satisfying thing for me,” he says.


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