Michael Jackson Delivers Message To La Toya From The Grave Via Spiritual Medium

Michael Jackson’s older sister, La Toya Jackson, shares the fact that she is still plagued with questions about his death. The “King of Pop” passed away from prescription drug-induced cardiac arrest in June of 2009 and ever since then, La Toya finds herself contemplating the specifics of his passing away. She asks herself questions such as “was it a negligent accident?” or “was it a murder conspiracy?”

In the most recent episode of La Toya’s reality TV show, “Life with La Toya” she decided to meet with a psychic for a session, hoping that she can get the answers she is seeking surrounding her brother’s death. In an attempt to not show her identity, lest the psychic recognize her and know exactly what to say, she covers her hair and face with a scarf and big sunglasses, as well as alters her voice. This assured that A.J Barrera, the psychic medium would not have anything to go by off the bat.

Quickly after meeting La Toya and her assistant Jeffre, A.J begins the psychic session. He tells her “It’s almost like there’s a fate seeker trying to find things and look for things where you’re at right now. Where’s the June significance at for you?”

Naturally, La Toya is astonished that the psychic mentioned the month of June, since this is the month that Michael passed away. After she confirms that it does mean something to her, A.J follows the question with, “Is there like a Mickey or Michael connected here too, please?”

“Yes, there is,” she replies.

A.J confirms with La Toya that the Michael in question is no longer with us and lets her know that he is receiving Michael’s spirit loud and clear. “It’s almost like they’re showing me a bunch of passion and vibrant energy,” he tells her.

The psychic then proceeds to discuss the actual cause of death; “ I feel like there [were] toxins in my body, like drugs or like an overdose. His passing was an accident, but it wasn’t.”

Conveying this information and feeling Michael’s spirit makes A.J very emotional, and he has to pause a couple of times to wipe his tears and compose himself before saying, “He just wants to come alive, as if he [were] alive today, but he also wants to let you know, it’s okay to let things go… he wants to let you know he’s gone… It is okay to let go of him.”

La Toya responds by saying “I can’t, until I find out what exactly happened [to him].”

“Honestly, he doesn’t want you to worry about it,” he says to her. “Continue to honor him and just know the bonds of love are there for you.”

When the reading is over, La Toya decides to remove the scarf that’s been disguising her identity and shows her true self to A.J. Naturally, the psychic is very surprised and shocked to see who he has been talking to. La Toya is also taken aback by her session with the psychic and makes it clear that she believes in the authenticity of the psychic without a doubt. A.J successfully conveyed the fact that Michael does not want her to continue looking into his death and instead relax, be happy, and know that he is in a good place.



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