Michigan Psychic Dianna O’Grady Is In Touch With The Spirit World

You would never know that Dianna O’Grady sees a dead person behind you just by looking at her.

Nor would she let you know about it, as to not freak you out.

O’Grady is a psychic medium who has the ability to see and talk to those who have passed over to the other side. The messages from these spirits that she brings back to their loved ones provide comfort and closure to them.

She says that her ability to communicate with “a spirit realm that is around us all the time” and dive deep into the souls of the living is a gift she has had for at least 30 years. She made it into a business about 22 years ago and now has a shop located in Howell, Michigan.

“I was a closet psychic for a long time,” she says while being interviewed in a reading room inside a spiritual gift shop called Kokopelli’s Korner. “I was trying to keep it under wraps. To me, people think either you’re a freak or a fraudulent,” she adds. “Today, I don’t sit around talking to spirits unless I do a reading.”

O’Grady also helps people who are having a hard time making sense of events in their lives. She teaches them how to live from their soul outwards as opposed to living from the outside in. People also come to her looking for direction and insight.

Every reading with her begins the same, she asks for your name and holds your hand. Then she senses the aura that surrounds you and starts hearing messages for your life or seeing images, sometimes this happens in a matter of seconds.

“Everything I do, I do for the purpose of healing, awareness, insight, perspective. I don’t do this for entertainment purposes,” says O’Grady.

“The goal for me is for you not to need me. For you to not come back to me.”

Cindy Perks is a client of O’Grady’s who has accepted messages from the spirits of her loved ones. She vouches for O’Grady’s gift.

“She’s amazing,” says Perks. “She uses her gift to help people.”

“She doesn’t scare them and she doesn’t think of the dollar part of it,” she adds.

O’Grady’s journey into the paranormal began when she was just 5. At such a young age, she already knew that the things she was feeling, seeing, and sensing were not things other people were experiencing.

For years she resisted her calling and tried to ignore it but she finally came to accept it when she was 17. By the age of 25 she was ready to open her own business and she did so in her hometown of Fenton, Michigan.

Despite the fact that O’Grady does not advertise, she has clients in the thousands who come to her from around the state and country. She gives readings at various places, such as Kokopelli’s Korner and Howell Mainstreet Winery, as well as over-the-phone readings.

Pat Convery is the president of the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce and she says; “I know she works with other businesses and has been doing that for a while. It looks like there’s synergy there.”

O’Grady is finally comfortable with her responsibility to others and her role in life at the age of 47.

“I’m comfortable in my skin, and I’m blessed and thankful. I’m very successful and I’m very accurate,” she says.



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