Milwaukee Psychic Janet T. Adams Charged For Scamming $23,000 From Victim

A woman who claimed to be a psychic in Milwaukee is being accused of scamming more than $20,000 from a client of hers.

34-year-old Janet T. Adams was charged with theft by fraud this past Tuesday. According to the criminal complaint that was filed against her, she began scamming the woman in April and took more and more money from her over the course of three months.

This is what the complaint states:

The victim, who is only being identified as P.W., heard about Adams’ psychic business from her hair stylist one day. Her stylist referred to Adams as “Isabella”, and Adams told authorities later that Isabella is her ‘spiritual name’.

The victim had lingering questions about her father’s sudden death in a car accident so she decided to contact Adams. After contacting her, they decided to meet at Adams’ house for a private reading.

During the initial reading, Adams chronicled P.W.’s personal life to her and told her that she was picking up energy from her mother, and that her father was trying to make contact with her.

Adams told P.W. that if she wanted to hear her father, she would need to be ‘cleansed’ first. She offered to help P.W do so, but that it would cost about $400 for the tools and that P.W would have to pay for them. P.W told Adams that she wanted some time to consult with her mother about it and think about it but Adams quickly warned her against doing that, and was able to convince P.W to go forth with it. P.W went to a gas station ATM and gave Adams $240 that day.

P.W called Adams the following day and Adams told her that “terrible things” were happening and that she needed to come over immediately. P.W arrived as quickly as she could and was told by Adams that her stepmother was the one that killed her father, and that she also paid $10,800 for ‘bad spirits’.

Since P.W already had some suspicions about her fathers death, she believed everything that Adams told her, which was that she needed to pay at least $10,800 or more in order to combat the bad spells that her stepmother had brought forth.

To make it more convincing, Adams pulled out a large stack of money that totaled $7,000 from her closet and told her that she would use her own money to protect the victim’s family from her stepmother, but that it would only work if P.W matched that amount. She was promised that after Adams was done ridding the bad spirit from her life, which would take place at a Greek church in Menomonee Falls, the money would be returned to her.

P.W ended up giving Adams $23,000 over the next three months. This is money that she took from her business and retirement accounts, as well as borrowed from her friends. Adams eventually gave her back $5,200 but refused to return the rest. This is when P.W began an investigation and realized that Adams had lied about a lot of things, including the bit about a Greek church in Monomonee Falls.

P.W then contacted the police and when they interviewed Adams, she did admit that she owed the victim some money but that she had used the funds to pay for her father-in-law’s funeral.


Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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