Psychic Karl Lang Being Sued By Client For Sexual Abuse

Update: Karl Lang has been convicted and sentenced to 2 years in prison.

Today a jury listened to a young woman tell her story of a psychic named Karl Lang that brainwashed her into “performing like a porn star” so that she could make contact with her deceased grandfather.

49-year-old Lang is a self-proclaimed psychic medium. He manipulated the 26-year-old woman into stripping naked while performing a séance, telling her that it would increase her powers and her chances of contacting the spirit world. Lang would also sit naked with her, perhaps to make her feel more comfortable.

The woman also told the jury that Lang warned her against telling anyone his training methods. He claimed he was “the reincarnation of Jesus Christ,” and nobody else could know this.

She admits that having allowed Lang to fool her into these sexual acts every week makes her feel “embarrassed and ashamed.”

Since she did not feel comfortable seeing Lang’s face during court, she joined the room via live video link. She stated that she had sought the help of the psychic because she wanted to make contact with her grandfather.

“To get stronger, he told me I had to do things that mankind was afraid of. This meant I had to get naked and perform a bit like a porn star. He said the more outrageous I performed, the stronger I would become”, the victim told the courtroom.

Psychic Sexual Predator Karl Lang

The Victim’s Sister Was Also Abused

“Sometimes, my sister would be there, and we would both be naked next to each other,” she continued.

She told the court that she had taken part in these sessions with Lang for three years. She was just barely 19 when she first consulted him. During those three years, he brainwashed her to achieve higher levels of psychic power.

“Once I passed to level 5, he would be naked too. If you didn’t dance to his tune, all hell would break loose. Bad things would happen”, she said.

She continued by saying, “I’d lose my colors [spirit abilities] if I didn’t do what he wanted. Thinking about it now, it makes me feel sick. I am embarrassed and ashamed about what I had to do, but he completely controlled me. He mentally abused me.”

 “I met Karl at a very vulnerable stage in my life. He said I had a gift, and he made me feel special. His eyes were warm, and he made me feel safe and comfortable in his presence. I saw Karl as my savior.”

This story is just SAD! It’s one thing for a Psychic to steal your money, but it’s another to have them make you perform degrading acts. This is one of the most terrible cases of Psychic fraud I have seen since I started Psychic Review Online. Disgusting! I hope they lock this guy away for many years.


Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. What a bizzare article. Sad to read that people are being taken advantage of psychics in such ways. K

    • Even sadder is how easy it is to take advantage of people. I think I’m going to start teaching self empowerment classes. Classes that teach people the difference between creation and manifestation. There is One Power, (name your God or Goddess) and I am a perfect manifestation of this power, so whatever essence I want in my life is mine here and now.

    • That’s exactly what I thought Kristine … bizarre indeed.

  2. I really wish they throw the book at that fraud. To have done that to a young girl is sick. I am not a very gifted psychic. I see peoples auras, see the spirits around them, and have done some card reading. When I was playing cards with friends and the cards started talking to me I became interested in my talents. As someone who has done about 100 card reading and hundreds of palm reading without charging a dime, I can tell you that people are easily lead and many times I could have done something as cruel as changing money, in many cases lots of money, for removing “curses”, “soul eating demons” and other various manufactured money milking enitites. I did not, I would not and I can not. It has to do common decency.

    Throw the book at that man, put him in jail for the rest of his life. Let him rot in jail. You reap what you sow.

  3. This is an all time low and casts a big shadow over those that practice it the right and ethical way.

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