New Jersey Psychic Arrested For Scamming Woman Out Of More Than $40,000 To ‘Remove Spirits’ From Her Life

Paramus, New Jersey- A self-proclaimed ‘psychic’ in New Jersey has been arrested on a theft by deception charge. Police state that a woman paid this supposed psychic more than $40,000 to have ‘spirits’ that were affecting her life removed.

The accused psychic in question is a 25-year-old woman named Holly Stanley. The alleged theft that she was arrested for happened between March and May of 2016.

According to police, Stanley is a swindler and they are accusing her of exploiting people’s fears and beliefs.

Stanley promotes herself as having special psychic abilities on her website. A desperate woman found her website and contacted her, only to become her next victim.

The victim is a 30-year-old woman and she did not waste any time contacting police after she realized what had happened to her. She filed a complaint with the authorities and they began investigating her claims.

The victim told police that she and Stanley began meeting in March of this year at Stanley’s psychic office in Paramus, on South Farview Avenue.

She stated that she had been experiencing personal issues at the time and decided to seek assistance from Stanley. She initially agreed to pay the psychic $100 for a crystal ball reading when they first met.

Paramus Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg made a statement about the situation, saying; “After the psychic reading, Ms. Stanley, who did the reading, reported to her that she believed there were some evil spirits following her that were causing some of the problems in her life.”

Stanley was able to convince the victim that these evil spirits were the cause of all her troubles and the victim paid her $5,000 to remove them from her life.

Investigators state that several more meetings occurred between the two and then one day Stanley told the woman that if she wanted Stanley to keep helping her, she would need to pay $36,000 more. The woman agreed and paid Stanley this amount.

Police state that around April 7th of this year, Stanley once again told the victim that she would need to pay her more for the removal of the supposed malicious spirit. Stanley was planning to make big bucks off the victim this time.

“Several weeks later, Ms. Stanley said we still haven’t been able to do it, it’s a stubborn spirit here, we need another $90,000,” says Ehrenberg.

This time however, the woman did not give the requested money to Stanley and after a few days she pieced everything together and became suspicious of the psychic. That was when she decided to report her to the Paramus Police Department.

The police did an investigation on the matter and brought her to Paramus Police Headquarters where they arrested, booked, processed and released her on a $5,000 bail after they determined she was guilty of the charges.

Paramus Police Department is asking anyone with additional information relating to Holly Stanley to contact them at 201-262-3400



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