New Mexico Psychic Swindled Thousands Of Dollars From Customers Then Disappeared

A psychic in Artesia, New Mexico allegedly scammed thousands of dollars from her customers, and then fled before she could be arrested, according to police.

The victims say that the psychic told them to give her their money so that she can bless it for them, and then return it to them, that however, did not happen.

“You would trust anyone that you know, if you hear it on the radio why not give it a shot,” a police officer said.

One victim from Artesia wishes to remain anonymous but says that everything began when she heard a commercial for the psychic on the radio one day.

“They say she has 25 years of experience and if you’re having problems money wise or anything to just go see her. So, I decided to go see her,” she says.

The woman says that she made an appointment with the psychic business and was told to come to a house for a tarot card reading. When she arrived, a “psychic” introduced herself as Maria Adame.

“She read the cards and she said that there was a lot of envious people around me and somebody did a witchcraft on me. So, she’s like all I need is this money just for you to bring it to me and we’re going to do something to it.”

The victim states that in a matter of about three weeks, she brought the psychic a total of $16,000 so that it can be “cured” by her.

“Supposedly you have to keep it a secret and not tell your husband, so I tried to tell her like I need my money and she’s like “oh no, the spirits marked that you can’t have it until Friday”.

Then Friday finally came…

“ I called her and her phone was disconnected so right away I went to her house, and I looked through the window and her furniture was gone,” she says.

During their investigation, Artesia local police learned that three other people had also given their money to Adame before she disappeared.

“What I want, really what I want is I know I’m not going to get my money back, but I want her in jail. I want her to pay for what she did because if they don’t stop her she’s going to be doing that to other people.”

The police believe that the supposed “psychic” did not use her real name, and Maria Adame is just made up. When a New Mexico news agency reached out to the radio station that was playing her ad, they said that they stopped playing the commercial and that the woman paid them cash for the ad and they never heard from her again.



Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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