People Gather As Medium Gives Live Spirit Readings

Several dozen people last week sat near the stage, all eyes, and ears on the featured speaker, RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello. They occupied the Bloomfield Public Library’s Little Theater for live spirit readings.

Even with all the excited energy in the room, it was still darkly lit and silent. The audience members were all anxiously awaiting the first name that would come out of the psychic medium’s mouth, and seeing how Cappiello looked to be in deep thought; nobody dared disturb her.

“I’m getting the name Millie. I’m not sure if this is someone in the room, somebody in spirit, or somebody connected to this name,” Cappiello finally says. “I have a woman, and she’s smoking a cigarette.

I have the name Millie with her. She’s showing me a pendant- like a baseball pendant- and I really want to say it’s the Yankees. It’s blue and white. Anyone know this lady yet?”

There was a guest in attendance who did happen to know a woman named Millie. A woman sitting in the back row raised her hand and told the medium that her neighbor’s name was Millie, and she had recently passed away, though she was never a smoker.

The woman was worried that perhaps Millie’s spirit was having a hard time letting go of her home, which has been for sale on the market but has not yet sold.

“She wants me to tell you she’s resting peacefully,” Cappiello told the neighbor. “Also, she wants you to know that she doesn’t have a problem with her house being sold and isn’t haunting it or anything.”

Cappiello Wowed The Audience

The medium then proceeded with the rest of her readings, which included a heavily built man with a lethal stomach issue named Billy, a Doreen who actually turned out to be a Donna, a man named Joe, and even someone’s pet cat.

The audience members recognized each name coming to Cappiello, and they found closure in her readings. “I thoroughly believe everything she said tonight. I feel connected, I really do.

You don’t need a medium, because I feel your loved ones are with you. But to have a medium to translate- that is comforting and peaceful,” said the woman who knew Millie.

Her name was Joanne, but she wanted to remain anonymous because her family disapproves of mediums. “I think it’s for people that believe in it. A lot of people don’t. Everyone has their own beliefs,” she said.

At the beginning of the event, Cappiello made it very clear that she was not there to “make a case for mediums” or prove any skeptics wrong. She was simply there to present her services as an author and a medium.

However, it didn’t seem like she needed to convince anyone, and the 30+ audience members were very responsive to the questions, comments, and names that Cappiello was relaying.

Organizer Pleased With How Many Came Out For Spirit Readings

“Usually there’s not much demand for local authors, but when the author is a psychic everybody comes out. I think we got about 35 people for that,” said the librarian in charge of the event, Lisa Cohn.

“It’s the first time we’ve had her here. We have had another author who was a pet psychic so we’ve done that before. And she drew a crowd, but not as much as this one.

Psychics are in. We get a demand for that. Usually, if it’s a psychic, we book it, because they bring a lot of people into the library and that’s our goal.”

Many people, like Joanne for example, come to see Cappiello for a familiar experience. Joanne says that well-known psychics such as John Edward have read her. Other attendees were first-timers, such as Matthew Lawrence, and Cappiello perfectly-identified his cat during the event.

“I had curiosity about the spirit world, and I really wanted to find out about spirit animals. I would go to another one, absolutely,” he says. “She definitely made the connection. I mean you heard the thing with my cat- it was completely out of nowhere.”

The psychic medium did come up with more than just names though; she described in great detail habits and physical characteristics that the spirits would provide her with in an attempt to reach someone in the room.

She even asked if anyone in the audience had a connection to steak and it happened that Joanne did. “We had just went out last night and had steak. I don’t eat red meat. I just said to my girlfriend, ‘I could go for a steak and baked potato,”’ says Joanne. “So it was cool; I’m glad I came.”

The Medium Talks About Her Book

After the show, several audience members purchased a signed copy of Cappiello’s book, “Speaking From Spirit.” Cappiello describes it as an uplifting account of people who’ve passed onto the spirit world. She states she had help in writing it from a spirit that everyone knows.

“I call on them all. Anybody that’s got expertise that I can think of. For years, I used to meditate and I’d see Benjamin Franklin. I’d say what are you here for; to tell me ‘a penny saved is a penny earned?’ I have not learned that,” she says. “Then I thought he could help me publish a book, and I said, ‘so that’s what you’re here for.’”

Cappiello says that the stories in her book are very similar to the stories at the event. They’re about the messages that spirits send to the living world after they’ve passed. She says spirits want to communicate with their loved ones and let them know everything’s alright with them.

She’s found that the most popular part of her book is where she explains her reasoning for becoming a psychic medium to begin with.

“The reason why is because I’m finding out everybody has some kind of mystical experience, or needing this medium experience or psychic experience and not everybody has understood that- or worse, felt really wrong or bad about it, and have locked that part of themselves away,” she says. “I can ease a lot of people’s minds.”

Cappiello adds that it has never been easier than now for people to access mediums in today’s day and age. “Everyone is looking for a medium right now. Every medium I know has never been busier in their lives,” she states. “Everybody on this planet has lost somebody they love and wants to know they’re OK.”

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