Proof That Some Psychics Can Be Valuable In Criminal Investigations

Earlier this week I wrote about a psychic named Pam Ragland who led the authorities directly to the body of a child named Terry Smith, who had been missing for several weeks. Ragland’s story became an instant sensation and it had lots of people wondering about the psychic; who she is and how she was able to discover his body so that his family can at least get some closure.

Although this was an amazing feat, truth of the matter is that Ragland is not the first psychic who has successfully assisted the police in finding a person who has been missing or murdered, and it is highly probably that she will also not be the last to do so.

There’s A Lot Of Fraud’s Seeking Fame

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Unfortunately, supposed psychics start pouring in when a missing person’s case becomes a high profile case and they all claim to be able to get information by “dowsing” or they claim to be able to “speak with spirits” but more often than not, they are not actually able to help in anyway or their claims are even completely untrue and they are just trying to get some media attention.

These cases cause the police and the media to never believe in them or to write all of them off as being liars but they are not always just cries for attention; sometimes psychics or people with highly tuned intuitions are actually able to help; take these cases for example.

Aside from the psychics whose visions helped in a direct way, there have also been many who have made significant contributions to investigations both in a direct way as well as from the sidelines

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Psychic Carla Baron is one of these people who have assisted in many ways on high profile missing person’s cases, as well as on homicide cases.

Even though psychic Pam Ragland helped Terry Smith’s case significantly, she has for the most part kept pretty quiet about the whole thing, not wishing to make this case about her, just being satisfied with the fact that he was found.

However, it is highly probable that she will be assisting the authorities with more crime cases in the future. Though there are many skeptics and naysayers, Ragland has proven that consulting psychics for cases similar to this one is not a bad idea and could prove to be very useful.

She proved that as long as people are willing to give them a chance and listen to them, you might find what you are looking for. The same skeptics could argue that she just happened to get lucky this time but even if that was so, what matters is that she was willing to help, the police were willing to listen to her, and the young boys body was found.

The police did not dismiss the information she gave them because of the fact that she was a psychic and she knew this information thanks to her psychic visions. Thanks to Ragland and the authorities that listened to her, Smith’s alleged killer will have his day in court.

Due to the evidence found on Smiths’ body, prosecutors have a higher chance of finding him guilty and therefore justice will be done for Smith and his family. Even if 9 out of the 10 psychics police listen to turn out to be of no help, it is worth it if that 1 can help them solve the case or at least provide information that helps them.


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