Psychic And Investigative Reporter Turn Up No New Clues In Hailey Dunn Case But Searchers Still Inspired

Colorado City, TX: A group of determined volunteer searchers is hopeful despite no new evidence turning up in the case of Hailey Dunn.

Dunn is a teenager who has been missing from Colorado City since December of 2010. The volunteers were working with an investigative reporter and a psychic on the case. 

Kristi Lloyd is a volunteer searcher who has been searching for Dunn since she was first reported missing. She says that psychic Gale St. John and investigative reporter Gary Peterson have 60 years’ worth of combined experience and knowledge investigating missing people cases.

“They decided to start as if this was Day 1, the day Hailey disappeared, and reconstruct her steps,” says Lloyd. “There have been so many conflicting stories that they felt it was best to start from scratch.”

Lloyd informed me that Psychic St. John brought two dogs trained in cadaver searching with her. With the help of the dogs, the volunteers ruled out several “suspicious” areas they had not thought to explore before.

Amazingly, St. John was able to track Dunn down to the Western Suites hotel. Investigators also believe Dunn visited the hotel around the time of her disappearance.

“Gale said she didn’t feel as if Hailey was under duress. She felt Hailey knew who she was getting in a vehicle with,” Lloyd said. Investigators believe a friend may have given Dunn a ride to her house before the disappearance.

Psychic St John and Peterson Brought ‘Fresh Eyes’ To The Investigation

“When you stare at a piece of paper for so long, eventually you just accept certain things about it. They were able to give us a lot of different views. They definitely brought a fresh perspective to the evidence there already is. We’ll continue to build on that fresh perspective and the new ideas they gave us,” said Lloyd.

According to Lloyd, St. John and Peterson are leaving Mitchell County on this day. They are going to work on other cases in which another agency has requested their assistance.

Dunn was only 13 when she disappeared from her house in April of 2011. Currently, the only person of interest is Shawn Adkins, her mother’s live-in boyfriend.

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