Psychic Astrologer Denise Guzzardo Makes 2014 Predictions

Denise Guzzardo is a psychic astrologer based in Rockford, Michigan. She was recently consulted for her opinion on what lies ahead in 2014 and has stated that although she sees a year of losses ahead of us, she also sees new opportunities for personal and developmental growth.

Speaking specifically of the Stateline area, she says that improvements will continue to be seen, and even though there have been a number of difficulties these past few years, it is expected that there will a change for the positive; perhaps in the form of job creation and/or a new company.

“We really have nowhere to go from here but up,” says Guzzardo. “There is a healing process that is in the works, and I think change will come around September.”

She states that even though astrological phenomenon with the planet Mercury made for a very rough and bumpy 2013, she believes 2014 will bring change with it slowly.

“I think the beginning of the year will be bumpy, but more on a higher government and corporate level where there is going to be backlash and some real shakeups,” Guzzardo said.

Guzzardo recently sat down with the Beloit Daily News to give some of her predictions for 2014. While some are of a serious nature, others, such as celebrity predictions, are less serious. Below is what she has to say:

Regarding the government:

She believes that 2014 is the year that the top players in the corporate and government infrastructure will get restructured and that certain “underhanded elements” will be exposed.

“The people who shouldn’t be in the position of power will be asked or forced to step down, and that causes a rippling effect that will gain momentum,” she stated.

She believes that this ‘rippling effect’ is going to aid the working-class citizens in increasing their productivity and therefore become successful during the upcoming two years.

Regarding international events:

When her interviewers asked her about the constant conflicts in South Sudan, Syria, and even North Korea, Guzzardo replied, “Where my heart is and where the truth lies are two different things… it does look like there is going to be a disruption that aligns.”

“It’s going to look quite scary, but it’s going to be nipped in the bud quite quickly,” she added.

She believes that this event or conflict will happen sometime in the summer of 2014.

In regards to natural disasters:

Guzzardo envisions 2014 to be a year of earthquakes.

“The earth will shake this year and in unexpected locations,” she stated.

In regards to sports:

She believes that the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers are both going to have a very good season in 2014, and are both great contenders for the Super Bowl this year, or in 2015.

“The Packers are going to start out rough because of injuries, but they’re going to turn around and come in pretty strong,” she says. “The Bears are going to have a really good year.”

In regards to the royal couple William and Kate expanding their family:

Guzzardo does not believe that they will have another baby this year, but they have a strong relationship and she says that their next baby will be a girl.

In regards to celebrities:

She predicts that once again, Miley Cyrus is going to make headlines this year, but not for anything dance related. Instead, Guzzardo envisions Cyrus having legal issues with another well-known celebrity and that it will be quite costly for her.

About Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, she says, “ I think he’s spooked right now and as much as the family stands behind him, there’s private communication where they want to maintain this show,” she says. “ I think he’ll lie low, but he’s going to screw up again on another politically-incorrect topic in the springtime.”

Guzzardo says that even though she is envisioning 2014 as being a challenging year, she also feels that it will give people burdened with pain and suffering a chance to release themselves of those feelings.

She states that anyone looking to increase their physical and economic strength will do good this year, and people looking to improve themselves will be given a strong foundation to begin doing just that in 2014.

Guzzardo also feels that beginning this year, more and more people will understand the concept of ‘paying it forward’.

“It’s a really good year to take advantage of 2014,” says Guzzardo. “People will be able to go within and reconstruct themselves emotionally and physically because the power in the universe will provide a strong foundation for that.”


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