Psychic Joy Brisbane Hid Her Psychic Gifts Until Her Skeptic Husband Passed Away And Now She Communicates With Him Daily

At only seven years of age, Joy Brisbane discovered her ability to see things that other people around her were not able to.

The now 68-year-old trained nurse and grief counselor says that for most of her life, her psychic gift was not something people would accept so she had to hide it away to keep from hurting her relationships with friends and family.

“Back then it wasn’t something you could talk about because people thought you were losing the plot- including your parents- but it never went away,” said Ms. Brisbane to the Daily Mail Australia.

“My father got very upset with me and I went through people disbelieving me and saying I was lying so I learnt at a very young age to just shut up,” she added.

Ms. Brisbane, who is from Victoria, says that she would constantly see spirits, both physically and in her mind and that her psychic visions were always ‘exquisitely beautiful’.

Ms. Brisbane says about the spirits; “It came with a sense of peace and calm and the spirits became my dear and close friends.”

Having dealt with lots of skeptics along the way, Ms. Brisbane decided to become a nurse and counselor because she felt that her gift gave her an advantage in that field and also that it ‘awoke a compassion for others’ inside of her.

Throughout her entire life after she discovered her unique gift, Ms. Brisbane had many unusual and fantastic experiences with the spirits who have passed on but it was not until she was 54 and her husband passed away that she finally decided to wholeheartedly accept her abilities and go for it.

“My husband was a disbeliever in all of this… for many years I hid my abilities or tried to communicate them and then close them down,” says Ms. Brisbane.

“After he died it was quite traumatic because I loved him dearly but in the midst of it I promised myself that I would never close it down again- I didn’t want to hide, this is what I came here to do and even if people criticize me or think I’ve lost the plot I would continue to do this.”

Ever since that day, Ms. Brisbane has continued to use her ability to make contact with the other side to help people and get them closer to finding inner peace and closure. She recently wrote a book in the hopes of reaching and comforting more people titled ‘Walking With Spirit’ in which she talks about her experiences and what she has learned from the other side.

“I’m not here to convince anyone of anything, I simply share my truth and if people don’t wish to believe me then that’s absolutely fine by me, we all have the right to believe or not so it never upsets me,” she says.

“The spirits do all kinds of things for me like find lost goods for others and myself and I’ve had many experiences where they have prevented me from having car accidents and things like that… it’s a constant process.”

Ms. Brisbane has helped people with all sorts of things both over the phone and in person. One of the odder things she’s helped someone with was actually finding a phone for them!

“A woman had thrown her phone into a box during some nasty bush-fires and rang me to see if I could help and it was like I was walking through her house- I described this to her and although I had never been there or met her, I could see it,” Ms. Brisbane says.

“I talked her through the house to a cupboard and on the second last shelf there was a box and in there was a phone… it was her old phone but she said it would do and apparently the whole thing sent her husband into a spin.”

It is Ms. Brisbane’s belief that everyone has psychic abilities and feels that loved ones who have passed away send signs to us constantly.

“Our spirit beings work hard to come through, especially loved ones, and they want to help!” Ms. Brisbane says.

It is her belief that the easiest way for spirits to come through to us is via our dreams. There are other harder to notice things such as words that stand out on a page or messages in songs.

“Sometimes they do physical things like drop a feather in your path or if a butterfly appears to stay around you or lands on your hand or shoulder… that’s likely to be one of your loved ones trying to make contact.”

Ms. Brisbane’s husband passed away 14 years ago but she states that they talk every single day.

“He’s still with me… and he totally believes me now,” says Ms. Brisbane.



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